10 Key Qualities Of A Great Salesperson

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10 Key Qualities Of A Great Salesperson

Many people are selling exactly all that you are selling even in better quality. What will make customers keep coming to you and label you a great salesperson is dependent on some factors. Find below qualities of a great salesperson

10 Key Qualities Of A Great Salesperson


This is not just about academic intellect. But it has to do with having a sound knowledge of whatever the person is selling. For your customer to be very convinced of your product, you have to be informed of  the product’s content, usage, effects, precautions or any other relevant information about the goods. This is one of the most important qualities of a great salesperson.

Truthful and honest

Telling customers all that you feel they want to hear even if they aren’t true is not good enough. If you trick any one to wrongly buy the product today, tomorrow when the person realize your lies and dishonest approach, he/she will stop patronizing you as well as discourage others from buying. So to be a great salesperson, you must make your customers have confidence in you by being honest with your sales.


You can hardly make any sales even when you have the best product, if you aren’t friendly. After all it is their money! So for you to make them to release such money in exchange for your product, you must first be able to make them smile, relax and be comfortable around you.

Polite and Respectful

Most customers are not happy at all, having to release their hard earned money for the purchase of goods. Some are angry because of the price which wasn’t easy for them to come up with. After dealing with all these in their mind, and coming up to meet a very rude and disrespectful salesperson is what they can’t tolerate. As a good salesperson, you have no reason to be disrespectful to any customer even if you feel you are right. You only exist as a salesperson because customers are there. So you must treat them with utmost respect.

Good listening ability

This is where many have failed in the field of sales. So many salespersons can talk for long and faster like a rapper. But when it comes to listening, they are not just available. They easily cut short the customer on the wrong notions that he or she already knows what the customer want to say. Listening is an art, which you must acquire for a great sale. Listening makes you to understand the customers’ plight, suggestions, recommendations, and Appraisal.


Dealing with humans generally can be overwhelming. It’s even worse when it comes to sales. So customers actually have some nasty characters which they are ready to throw to your face at all times. This is where patience comes in and it is very paramount if you must be a great salesperson.

Smart and sharpness

This element is really not negotiable if you must be a great salesperson. The market is just too large to cover. Meaning you can’t possibly approach everyone in sight. It takes both physical and mental smartness to know the right person to approach. It takes sharpness in doing a quick survey on the person to know how best to convince the person, the right price that will go well with the person. Sales business is not for dull and lazy people.

Prepared always

One of the good qualities of a great salesperson is to be always prepared because the sale come happen anytime. You must be ready at all times to make a sale. Don’t limit yourself to some certain locations, time and events in making sales if you must be great. Just be prepared to meet up with a buyer at all times. This will enable you to get equipped and not to be taken unawares.

Open to learn

‘Mr. Know All’ can rarely succeed. Be a teachable person who is always open to learning from any encounter with the customer. You might be the producer of the product, still, that doesn’t make you to have the best knowledge of the product. What you learn from one customer might just be what you need to convince the other customer.


Price tagging shouldn’t work in all scenarios. After all, it’s a paper that was placed by someone. Give room for negotiations by not being rigid with your price. Sell it off hence you know you are not in any way shorting. When you meet those that have trusted your products already, they can easily buy it at your said price. A great salesperson is not too quick to drive off a customer.

Arm yourself with these qualities of a great salesperson and go on with your sales.

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