Five Awful Ways You May Be Chasing Your Customers Away Without Knowing

admin July 16, 2018
Updated 2019/12/02 at 9:05 AM
Reasons Customers Leave

Would you love to know about the different things you might be doing wrong that is chasing your customers from your business without any knowledge of it? Yes, there are many reasons customers leave, and we have put together a list of the most popular ideas to help you reorganize to attract yours chosen customers.

A lot of studies have shown that the colors used on a product can influence its use in the market as well, this is not just at the packaging level.  The intensity and environment around your shop may also affect the attraction level of shoppers to your store.

By environment, I do not mean the neighborhood but simply put, the way you have set about arranging your store, from the color tone to the whole deal.

And so here are five ways you might consider uplifting the attraction and environment in your shop.

Five Reasons Customers Leave


  1. Poor showcasing of merchandise

Many high-end shops spend quite a considerable fortune in giving the business a smart look it deserves; you should pick that idea from them. This is because some customers might only decide on the kinds of goods you have just by the outlook. If your shop looks unkempt, dark or dirty, it will push your potential customers long before they can get the chance to sample your products.

Tips:  Give your shop an Aesthetic quality, it remains an essential aspect of your shop it sets ease on the eyes and keeps it for a long time.

You should set your products with great colors to catch the eye but remember,  do not overwhelm your customer. Also, Invest in high-quality images to be placed at the entrance of your shop, so your customers have a taste for your merchandise before coming into your shop.

  1. No Trust Measures

When a customer comes into your shop, you should understand that your Level of confidence must be impeccable. Taking a neutral stance about your product is definitely a wrong idea because your customer wishes to see your level of confidence before committing you should also avoid appearing too flashy and overconfident. This is one of the many reasons customers leave without patronizing your business.

Tip. Ensure you have a business wardrobe and a genuine smile ever ready wow your potential clients.

  1. Painful Navigation

Ever witnessed the flea market sales, It is usually filled with buyers and sellers struggling to have a portion of the market. Your shop should NEVER be the same as the flea market; even if you do sell used items as seen in the flea markets, your merchandise should be displayed in a well-ventilated space.

Even when you do not have that much space in your shop, there are many ways to give a simple arrangement for easy navigation with the help of shelves to keep from chasing your customers away.

Tip.  Keep your shop simple with cabinets, and high-end shelves spend time with the arrangement of your shop. It is a great way to keep your customers entertained and engaged. It is also a great security measure to keep petty thieves away.

  1. Inventory

Inventory is a significant problem many small businesses have in common due to the lack of resources available.

Well here is my rule of thumb: Except you only wish to sell one specific class of goods, for example, hair treatment, you should have at least eighty percent goods in stock. It can be quite a problem for start-ups, but many manufacturing firms have packages that involve providing you with products in exchange for installment payments or payment after sales. Not having enough inventory on hand is one of the reasons customers leave empty handed when they come for purchases.

Tips: Getting too many goods might not also be wise especially when the location of your business is the limiting factor. Nevertheless, you should use my second rule of thumb:

You should have two of each product that will sell better for one of the other product that may be inquired from time to time. This, therefore, means that you should analyze your target market before going to the market.

  1. Payments Options

Some years ago, cash was the only method of payment that seemed convenient. Today your customers do not wish to have that kind of money on them.

You should upgrade and get alternative payment options such as mobile banking, POS or any other methods as this will be one of reasons customers leave your business premises without buying anything.

This ensures your customers stay safe and your business as well is secured since there is little or no cash involved.

Your business is not just a hobby or career; it can be your permanent source of income, it should be thus treated with an utmost care. It is important that you explore all avenues to the maximum, so your customers are treated with the best atmosphere no matter the available resources or size of your shop. By so doing you will not  be chasing your customers away.


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