10 Reasons Why Smiling Is Exceptionally Powerful

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Reasons to smile

Smiling comes naturally when we feel happy, amused, or content, not when upset or in a bad mood. You don’t have to laugh only when in a good mood because a smile could be what you need to brighten your mood. However, if you are not still convinced, then these are the reasons to smile.

10 Reasons To Smile

Smiling makes you happier and lifts your bad mood

Studies show that smiling can be the key to making you feel better, it can make you feel happy. A forced smile can Change the chemistry of your brain; this comes as a big help to those who are experiencing depression,  trauma, and anxiety. When forcing a smile, make sure to use all your facial muscles – you have to smile until your cheeks are lifted and your laugh lines crease – this is very important because this helps pull you out of a bad mood. Make sure to smile even when you are not feeling happy because your body language has the power to influence your emotions meaning a forced smile can eventually turn into a genuine one.

Reasons to smile

Smiling lowers stress

When you smile, your face muscles are relaxed, and this calms your nervous system. Smiling on purpose sends more oxygen to your brain which triggers the release of endorphins which are brain chemicals which makes us think positive. This lowers stress and improves your mood. When you smile, you trick your brain into believing that a situation is exceptional which in turn gives you positivity to conditions. It lowers your blood pressure and relieves stress. When you smile always, you are less likely to develop high blood pressure. So when you are bored, stressed or sad,  sit back,  take a few deep breaths and smile. These are good reasons to smile often.

Smiling helps you connect and bond with others

Just as a forced smile can turn into a real one, so also forced laughter can lead to a real one.  A smile can be infectious; it is like an invitation to others to smile with you because of this, bonding with people is made easy. When you share a smile with a person, your breathing and heart rate sync up bringing great benefit to your health and well being. When you smile at others, you are in turn helping them to be healthy and happy, so don’t be selfish,  smile.

Smiling improves your immune system

One of the good reasons to smile often is that studies have shown that when you smile, your body releases white blood cells than usual. The principal duty of the white blood cell is to protect the body from diseases and foreign invaders that can lead to issues in the body. Smiling makes your body stronger and un-susceptible to diseases. According to studies, hospitalized children visited by people who can amuse them such as storytellers and puppeteers have a higher white blood cell count than those not visited. This can help their body fight the diseases and help them recover faster. So doing it more often improves your health. So smile more if you don’t want to be sick.

Reasons to smile

Smiling makes you more attractive and makes a better impression

Our bodies are designed to be naturally attracted to people that smile so when you smile always,  it builds up positivity in others, and they will always associate you with this positivity that you portray. Smiling makes it easier for people to get along with you, it charms others to want to associate with you. Just laugh when you are around friends or people you don’t know, it implies that you are easygoing and understanding. A smile is an attractive facial expression; it doesn’t scare people away from you as a frown will do. When you smile,  you appear more approachable and kind. Smiling helps you seem much younger which in turn makes you more attractive. It makes you more sociable because people find it easy to approach you, you can meet more people comfortably.

Smiling makes you a good leader

It encourages the feeling of trust in people’s minds,  so when you smile at people tend to trust you more than when you do not. Smiling is an essential and useful leadership skill. A smile makes you trustworthy to others. Leadership doesn’t have to be about fear and intimidation only. Followers, coworkers, and employees are more receptive to leaders who smile often.

Smiling helps you concentrate and be more productive  

Smiling makes you feel good which can aid in concentration and help you focus. Studies show that when you are positive, your cognition is increased. This can give you the ability to think about two things at the same time. Research proves that smiling more often helps you to be more inventive and yield excellent results while working,  which in turn improves your overall performance. A few minutes of smiling and laughter can motivate people to work harder.

Reasons to smile

Smiling increases your confidence

Even if you don’t have enough reasons to smile please note that it does not only make you look confident but also makes you confident in the long run. Smiling often attracts more attention, trust, and respect for you. This makes you also to expect care,  trust, and respect as time goes on which is an on the start of confidence because you believe you deserve it.

Smiling makes you more comfortable

Smiling helps you to be more comfortable in situations you find awkward frequently. It helps you to cope in situations that you might not be familiar with. These are excellent reasons to smile.

Smiling is free

Smiling has a lot of benefits as we have discussed,  it doesn’t cause you anything to smile,  it does not give you any problem but lots of goodies. It brings in positivity, and helps you move forward and grow in every aspect of your life. So smile now.

There are so many reasons to smile. A smile is something you can give out that doesn’t make you weak but enriches you and those around you. Smiling make the people around you happy to make others happy by smiling. Do not be selfish

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