Hiding a Recovery Partition in Windows

admin May 27, 2018
Updated 2019/11/27 at 4:59 AM
Hiding a Recovery Partition in Windows

By default, most Windows Pc come with a recovery partition, typically hidden but at times, visible under My Computer / This PC. To prevent someone else accessing your recovery partition, especially those who might not be so knowledgeable in using a computer, it is best you hide it. You can hide your recovery partition by removing the partition’s drive letter but it can be viewed through disk management tools and would not be shown in other desktop applications and in Windows Explorer.

This can be achieved through the graphical Disk Management Tool. To open this utility option on Windows 7, open your start menu and type hard disk into the search box, and then click the Create and format hard disk partitions shortcut. From this, navigate to the partition you intend to hide, which is the recovery partition using the correct drive letter.

And on Windows 10, you can use the shortcut – Windows key + X or simply right click the start button and then click Disk Management option.

Right click on the drive letter assigned to the recovery partition and select the Change Drive Letter and Paths command. Sometimes, you might not see any other option aside the Help option, there’s no need to fret; you will need to use a utility called diskpart command to remove the drive letter associated with the recovery partition as the graphical interface wouldn’t allow you do so. You can do this by selecting the drive letter you intend to remove, in this case the drive letter assigned to the recovery partition, and click the remove button and then click on OK.

Archetypally, each partition has just one drive letter and Windows would normally warn you that programs may not run correctly if you remove the drive letter. You will see a message like, “ If you installed an application on this drive or stored important files on it, you won’t be able to access them while the drive doesn’t have a letter assigned to it”.

Click Yes to continue.

And if the drive is currently being used, you will be warned that you must restart your PC to effect the changes. Click Yes again and restart your PC. The drive won’t be perceptible any longer in Windows after you are done with the process.

For you to make this drive visible again in future, you also go back to the Disk Management utility tool, and select the Change Drive Letter and Paths command, and click the Add button to add a drive letter to it. Kindly assign the same letter it had before and everything would work properly, including all installed application on the drive before you removed its drive letter.

N/B: Ensure you reassign the same drive letter as it had before when you’re attempting to make the recovery drive visible again for the drive to function properly. I hope this helps.

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