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Reggie Rockstone biography

Reggie Rockstone is a phenomenal Ghanaian rapper and dancer that has spent several years on the spotlight. He is a natural performer, and excellent actor, who has seized and sustained his position since 1991. He was one of the sole pioneers of the Hip-Life Movement in 1994 in Ghana. Want to learn more about him. In this article, we share fascinating insights into his life, family, net worth and songs. This article covers Reggie Rockstone Biography and other facts about him.

Reggie Rockstone Age

Reginald Yaw Asante Ossie, born April 11th, 1964 is a Ghanaian rapper and a dancer. Reggie Rockstone was born in the U.K and had his early life in Ghana, in Kumasi and Accra, Reggie Rockstone is today recognized as the Godfather of hiplife music.

Reggie Rockstone Father

Late Ricky Ricci Osei was the first Ghanaian to produce a hiplife album. He was seen as an inspiration to many.  His father played a very vital role and is a part of his success. At the time, his father was a fashion designer and a very successful designer as well. Reggie talked about his father in his hit album “Makaa Makaa” which was released in 1997.

Reggie Rockstone Biography and Career

Rock stone career began when he joined the hip hop movement early 80’s as a dancer. This made him stand out, and in 1990 he got engaged with a fascinating group; the PLZ who were known for their parables, lingua, and slangs.

Building his career in London was challenging. This made him decide to test the grounds of his hometown, Accra. Getting back, he was overwhelmed to see a large audience flowing with the African American rhythm. They couldn’t help but enjoy the hip hop that was trending on the streets of Accra. When he started the hiplife movement later that year in Accra, he thought of a way to spice things up, to add creativity to the existing. That was when he decided to create a combination of Hip hop b#ats and authentic African dialect.

In the early 1990s after the release of groundbreaking Makaa Makaa album, he grew in the industry and made several other records, some of which include; “Me Na Me Kae,” “Last Show “and so on. Numerous lives have been touched as he has coached and managed many young talents.

In 2012, he was selected to be a judge in the fifth edition of Malta Guinness Street dance Competition and also a judge of the maiden edition of the Glo X-Factor Africa. In 2009, he was made ambassador for Globacom to endorse their brand in Ghana.

Reggie Rock stone path is now a member of the legendary group VIP currently known as VVIP. He first single “Selfie” with the group was an exceptional hit which won lots of awards. Reggie’s excellence and style led to the release of their latest album called “Skolom,” which is making waves in the music industry.

Reggie Rockstone Wife |Reggie Rockstone and Family

Reggie Rock stone got married to Zilla Limann, a trained medical practitioner and the sixth child of the third president of Ghana. Reggie and Zilla happened to have a lot in common, especially in physical looks as they both love dreadlocks. Their love for art and music is also immeasurable. Their educational background is coincidental because Reggie and his wife Zilla attended the same primary education at Soul clinic international school and had secondary education at Achimota School.

Reggie has a son and two daughters for his wife Zilla. However, he also has an older daughter as a result of his previous relationship. He is often described as a strong-willed man with lots of potentials.

Reggie Rockstone Businesses

Reggie Rock stone owns an ultra-modern lounge, nouveau style pub and convertible club. This establishment is popularly known as “Django bar,” located in cantonment behind the Ghana police headquarters in Accra.

As a person that loves hanging out with friends, he thought of a way to have his own hang out spot, and that gave rise to Django bar. It is a place where you could find Ghana’s top celebrities coming to have a good time. Proactive as people would say, Reggie had a successful music career, was a party freak, a fashionista and even rose to be an ambassador for some big companies in Ghana.

Reggie Rock stone is also featured in the 344 paged documentary written by Jesse Weaver, associate professor of Anthropology that got published. This documentary was titled ” Living the hip life: celebrity and entrepreneurship in Ghanaian popular music.”

This fantastic book sheds in-depth knowledge in the production, consumption, and circulation of hiplife music, touching aspects of culture and fashion concerning widespread cultural and political shifts to structure the positioning of Ghana.

In August 2013, Reggie introduced Rock stone Condoms as a contraceptive in the Ghana market. He did this to combat the plague of HIV and AIDS that affected the Ghanaian people.

Reggie Rockstone Songs

  • Ese Woara
  • Eye Mo De Anaa
  • Different You, Different Me
  • No Nam
  • Machine g#n Flow
  • Sweetie Sweetie
  • Woso
  • We Am Phrom
  • Plan Ben ( Which Plan)
  • Koliko
  • Wala2 Walasa
  • Awards (feat. Stonebwoy)
  • Hustle
  • Selfie
  • Alhaji (Red Gold Green)
  • OMG (Oh My Goodness)
  • Skolom
  • Get in da Picture
  • The Book of Hiplife
  • Dogo Yaro
  • Keep your eyes on the road

Reggie Rockstone Net worth

According to net worth stats, Reggie Rockstone is worth over a $100,000

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