Top 20 Richest People in Human History

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Richest People Ever

In human history, significant numbers of multi-billionaires all around the world has been recorded, making them the World’s Richest People ever.

Top 20 Richest People Ever

Mansa Musa with a Net Worth of $400 Billion

He is the wealthiest man in the entire human history. A devout Muslim, the tenth Emperor of the Malian Empire who ruled over 400 cities of Mali for 25 years.

Mayer Rothschild with a Net Worth of $350 Billion

He is the original patriarch of the Rothschild family in Germany and he make the list of richest people ever. The family is involved in banking and finance business and has become one of the world’s richest in the 19th century with an estimated networth of $350 Billion.

John D. Rockefeller with a Net Worth of $340 Billion

He operated a monopoly in the oil industry in the United States and also co-founded Standard oil. He established several universities and was a successful philanthropist. Rockefeller ended up as one of the richest people ever in the world.

Andrew Carnegie with a Net Worth of $310 Billion

He started earning at the age of 13. Andrew founded the Keystone Bridge and The Carnegie steel company and was a good supporter of Charity organizations.

Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov with a Net Worth of $ 300Billion

He was the last monarch to rule Russia and ended up as one of the richest people ever.

Mir Osman Ali Kan with a Net Worth of $230Billion

He was the world’s richest man in the 1940’s. Ali Kan was also a generous king who supported the British with air-crafts during the first world war. He ruled Hyderabad State now part of India as a monarch.

William the Conqueror with a Net Worth of $229.6 Billion

He was the son of Roberts who was the Duke of Normandy. Williams assumed the throne at the age of 8 and became the king of England in 1066.

Muammar Gaddafi with a Net Worth of $200Billion

Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years as a dictator and also co-founded the African Union (AU).

Henry Ford with a Net Worth of $199Billion

He was born in Michigan and the founder of the world famous Ford Motors.

Cornelius Vanderbilt with a Net Worth of $185Billion

He made his wealth from shipping goods and other merchandise like constructing and owning several railways.

Allan Rufus with a Net Worth of $178.65Billion

He was the right arm to William the Conqueror who rewarded him with land holdings. He owns Cambridgeshire and several properties in England.

Bill Gates with a Net Worth of $136Billion

He is the founder of Microsoft, one of the world’s most valuable companies today and this has also made him one of the richest men alive.

Williams de Warrene with a Net Worth of $147.13Billion

He was the 1st Earl of Surrey; the position gave him many land grants and he founded the first monastery known as ST. Pancras in England.

John Jacob Astor with a Net Worth of $121Billion

Jacob was into fur business in the United States but later expanded to Europe and China.

Richard Fitz Alan with a Net Worth of $118.6Billion

He was a warrior who regained his royal inheritance and became the Earl of Surrey in 1342.

John of Gaunt with a Net Worth of $110Billion

He was the Duke of Lancaster and the son of King Edward III. He had over 30 estates and castles in both England and France.

Stephen Girard with a Net Worth of $105Billion

His empire was built from shipping and banking. He bought a bank and salvaged the American financial status.

T Stewart with a Net Worth of $90Billion

He was an Irish entrepreneur who with his inheritance established his dry goods business.

Henry Duke with a Net Worth of $85.1Billion

He was the only son and heir of Henry, who was an Earl of Lancaster. Combined with being a royalty, he was also a soldier and a politician.

Friedrich Weyerhaeuser with a Net Worth of $80Billion

He founded the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company which is still regarded as the largest seller of timber in the United States.

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