Safety Tips for Solo Travelers: How to Stay Safe While Exploring The World Alone

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph April 11, 2023
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Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

Are you planning your first solo trip or planning on taking another solo trip? Then let us be your travel guide. Solo trips have become more popular than ever in recent times. We have both celebrities and non -celebrities going on a solo trip.

If you are an introvert or someone who enjoys exploring things and places all by yourself, you are the best fit for a solo trip.

Solo trips allow you to reconnect with yourself, and develop critical thinking and independent analysis.

For some people, a solo trip is a time to take stock of the events in their lives, reflect on their past achievements and failures, and fashion new ways to overcome challenges. While for others, a solo trip is just simply them seeing the world on their own terms.

You know that feeling of strolling to a strange place where you are not known by anyone, then you could freely express yourself without having to think about what the next person thinks of you? Some people go on solo trips for this reason.

Another category of people goes on solo trips to rest. Yea!  Rest. All work and no play? You know what the answer is. So relax. In Nigerian pidgin …” You no come this life to suffer” loosely translated to mean Your purpose in this life is not to suffer. For these of people, solo trips are the ways to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

So let us hear you, why are you planning a solo trip? Leave your answer in the comment.

Irrespective of what your reasons are, safety is paramount to all. Whether the purpose of your trip is to take a break from life’s hustle, adventure, or visit, it is important to keenly arm yourself with safety tips to ensure that you are not caught up in danger.

Therefore,   in this article, we are going to explore some of the safety tips to note while exploring the world alone:

Start Small And Easily:                                                                             

It can be better to ease into solo travel if you’ve never done it before by starting out small. For instance, before deciding to take the plunge and tour the world alone, I visited adjacent cities and states. 

It can be ideal to travel to a place that is close to home, has a thriving tourism industry, or has a large population that speaks your language.

Beginning small will assist reduce your worries, making the experience more enjoyable, and improving your decision-making.

Communicate Your Travel Schedule to Reliable Family and Friends and Maintain Contact:

Tell a close friend or family member back home about your travel plans, hotel reservations, and any activities you have in store. Moreover,  be polite enough to inform the hotel attendants of your whereabouts and expected return before going on sightseeing.

Join the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), a similar service that enables U.S. citizens and nationals living and traveling abroad to register their trip with the closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate, if you are going overseas. Enrolling in STEP guarantees that you will get critical data from the embassy regarding the level of safety in your destination nation so you can decide on your trip itinerary with confidence.

The STEP service gives the American Embassy more information concerning your whereabouts and contacts in case of emergency. It also makes it easier for your loved ones to contact you in an emergency.

Confirm with your smartphone service provider to find out what skills you’ll have at your travel point of departure to stay in touch with friends, family, or the office while you’re on your own, even sporadically. Whenever you have Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also check inside by email or social media.

Do Your Research On Safety And Make Wise decisions

See which places are the safest on your trip and which ones you should steer clear of. Find out which public transit options are the best and safest to use. You may select lodging with high safety ratings by learning more about the location you’re going to.

Reserving a hotel far above the ground floor that is nonetheless close to the hotel’s lobby and other amenities is preferable. When in your room after checking in, maintain your door locked and the security chain fixed. If you are not anticipating hotel employees or other visitors, do not answer the door.

Protect your valuables:

When you leave the house, only take what you absolutely need, such as a personal smartphone, a bank card, extra cash, an ID, and a duplicate of your passport. Keep these hidden in a bag that is secure and always visible to you. Put bags containing these products up and out of your way, not down.

You ought to additionally keep a duplicate of your passport on hand in case of emergency in the event the original is misplaced or stolen. The original passport should be kept in a secure location, apart from the copy. Consider also sharing a duplicate with an acquaintance or member of your family back home. Whether commuting on trains, buses, or other conveyances, it’s also critical to maintain awareness and keep your possessions close.

Avoid Being Reckless Behaviour And Use Common Sense:

Much of the advice in the list below is applicable wherever you go alone, including your hometown.

Limit your drinking and keep your beverages within your line of vision. Don’t be in a hurry to hangout out with a stranger.

If you start to feel uneasy, go somewhere open like a cafeteria or meet up with a lot of people.

Say you are en route to meet your spouse, a relative, or a friend if anyone queries if you are flying alone.

Acquire Travel Insurance:

Avoid unplanned incidents by protecting yourself and the money you’ve spent on your trip. You may be entitled to compensation for covered losses, such as those brought on by inclement weather, natural catastrophes, certain illnesses, and other problems, thanks to trip rescission and interruption insurance. Different types of travel insurance can assist shield you against unforeseen medical costs, evacuation costs, and other losses like baggage delays, theft, and more.

Endeavor To Arrive Early At Your Destination:

A place might feel very different when the day changes to night.

Don’t make the error of arriving in a city after dark and attempting to find my way to the hotel. This can be frightening at best and menacing at worst. The process of getting to something like a hotel is lot less intimidating in the daylight.

Learn The Basics Of The Local Language:

Being able to speak with locals not only enriches your trip experience but can also increase your safety. When you’re not visiting a popular tourist destination, this is especially crucial. The DuoLingo app is the go-to tool for something like a quick crash lesson.

Embrace Your Instincts:

Find a method to leave the area if anyone ever has the uneasy feeling that it’s unsafe there, whether it’s to a bar, a park, or a hostel.

Use Social Media Wisely

We all enjoy occasionally “doing it for the gram,” but while traveling alone, you must be very cautious about this.

Wait till you’ve left a specific place or site while posting a photo rather than doing so in real-time.

You want to share that awesome treehouse where you’re staying online, I know. Okay, but try to hold off on sharing until after you have left. Posting in real time can cause unexpected danger which might not end well.

Attempt To Fit In:

 Make every effort to fit in wherever I go. There are additional steps you can take even if you have fair skin means you can never pass for an indigenous in many parts of the world.

Dress in a way that respects the community. For instance, both sexes should avoid wearing trousers and vest tops in many Islamic nations as they will draw unwelcome attention, especially for women.

Don’t walk the streets while glancing at a map. Instead, feel free to explore on your own or covertly use a phone or map to find your way.

What To Avoid While Travelling Solo Trips

Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

Avoid Going Out Alone At Night:

Likewise, be cautious about where you walk after dark, especially as a woman traveling alone. Naturally, this will vary depending on the location, although you can try to complete all of my sightseeing throughout the day before going out to dinner near the hotel.

Trust With Caution:

Although there are many options for connecting with strangers when traveling alone, use caution when doing so.

Maybe someone you meet in a bar, restaurant, or on a tour suggests you meet up later that day. Although it may seem apparent, don’t agree to travel to a remote spot with them. Instead, advise that you meet together in an open area where other people will be present.

Avoiding Flashing Your Valuables:

Would you stroll down the sidewalk waving £500 in fresh bills? I didn’t believe that. Don’t flash your pricey smartphone or Camera in the same manner. Once you take them out, be cautious to get the ideal Instagram shot.

Leave your diamond necklace, tiara, and other jewelry at home as well.

Avoid Opening Up To Someone You Just Met:

With somebody you just met, be careful not to be too honest. Be purposefully evasive if anyone asks you where you’re staying, and if they inquire as to whether you’re traveling alone, reply that you’re going to visit a friend, member of your family, or your partner.


You can explore a whole new universe of experiences, tastes, and people when you travel. This is why the idea of traveling alone can be both thrilling and intimidating since, although you’re thrilled by the allure of new experiences, you’re also concerned about your safety.

The aforementioned safety advice should assist you throughout your solo trip in addition to the preparation and common sense.

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