Guide On How To Apply For Schengen Student Visa From Nigeria

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Guide On How To Apply For Schengen Student Visa From Nigeria

Schengen Student Visa is not meant for every student in a Schengen country. It is strictly for those students who wish to study in the Schengen zone when they are not citizens of any of the European country.  Therefore intending students with the citizenship of a country that requires a visa to enter the Schengen zone must obtain a student visa in order to be allowed to study in the educational institute of the designated Schengen country.

Guide On How To Apply For Schengen Student Visa From Nigeria

Documents Required for Schengen Student Visa Application

  1. Schengen Visa Application form
  2. Letter of acceptance from the Schengen institution.
  3. Valid International passport with at least 3 months validity beyond your intended stay duration
  4. duly signed bio data form; this form includes your personal details, purpose of travel and confirmation number
  5. two current passport-size photograph on white background.
  6. Travel itinerary
  7. Visa application fee payment receipt
  8. Evidence of health’s insurance cover
  9. Evidence of travel insurance cover
  10. Police clearance certificate
  11. Tax clearance certificate
  12. Certificate of eligibility
  13. Proof of no criminal record or pending legal issues
  14. Your academic documents like transcript, diplomas, degrees, or any other certificate you acquired from your school
  15. Proof of financial capabilities such as funds in convertible currency, traveler’s cheques, credits card, cheque book for a foreign currency account in order to access your capabilities in paying all that are needed for studies and all expenses during your stay.
  16. Proof of your to return back to Nigeria after your study period

Application Method For Schengen Student Visa

Before going ahead to apply for a visa, you should note that there is no refund of cash for all expenses made during the period of the visa processing. Hence, ensure that you are with the right documents and follow the procedures rightly to reduce your risk of the visa not being approved.

  • Download the Schengen visa form online via
  • Fill the form electronically carefully with correct information. Don’t leave any question unattended to.
  • Print out the completed form
  • Attach all the required documents and passports photograph with the application foam.
  • Submit to the Schengen Embassy or Consular office in Nigeria.
  • The time for the visa to be approved usually varies but must be within the first 3 months of application.
  • After a while, the candidate will get a response from the Embassy or Consular officer. The response could be positive or negative.
  • If no response is received at all within these 3 months, it could mean that the request has been denied.
  • If your visa application was not approved after your interview with the consular officer, you may have to try again in later days.
  • Once the visa is approved you will get a response on how and when to pick it up.
  • Then you can now start thinking of booking your flight.
  • Once you arrive at the Schengen country, especially for students whose program will be more than three months, you are advised to apply for residency permit from the right authorities using your Schengen student visa


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