Schneider Electric A West African Energy Company Appreciate Partners That Has Contributed To It’s Growth In The Energy Industry.

vincity May 28, 2023
Updated 2023/05/29 at 8:29 AM

Ajibola Akindele, the Country’s President of Schneider Electric, West Africa, made it known that the energy giant Schneider Electric has equipped electricians with products and technical skills for safe installations.


He disclosed this during a networking event to appreciate partners who have contributed to the company’s growth in the energy industry, the energy gant through it’s president assured its customers and partners of quality and efficient service experience.



Akindele the company’s president stressed that the company’s priority remains achieving energy management goals for her customers worldwide.


He said:

“At the core of Schneider Electric is passion for people. To guarantee the safety of our customers, an initiative has been created to equip electricians with products and technical skills for safe installation.”



He further expressed his gratitude to their partners, in his words he said:



“Our partners’ satisfaction is crucial to enhancing our individual efforts, and we are thankful for their unwavering support. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success as an organisation, and we remain committed to working collaboratively to achieve our shared goals.”

Nurudeen Oyedeji, the Channel Sales Director, highlighted a few of Schneider Electric’s latest offerings in energy management, saying: “We have Electrical Vehicle (EV) Chargers, flexible design switches, circuit

breakers, switchboards, Building Management Systems (BMS) and other energy solutions designed for residential and small businesses, buildings, data centres, and industries. We look forward to a continuous collaboration with our partners to drive innovation and create sustainable energy solutions for the future.”

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