Top Scholarship For Muslim Students And Eligibility Requirements

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Richard Atang March 21, 2023
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Scholarship For Muslim Students 
Scholarship For Muslim Students 

Scholarships have become a crucial component of how many students manage the cost of college. They can boost their chances of winning a scholarship by looking for ones that require a particular characteristic, such as being Muslim, as a requirement for eligibility.

While Muslims are on track to become the second-largest religious group in the United States, they account for only slightly more than 15% of the population, significantly narrowing the pool of applicants.

Each scholarship comes with its own set of eligibility requirements. There are some characteristics that Muslim scholarship recipients share.

Scholarship necessities frequently involve being a practicing Muslim and active in the Muslim community.

It is also common for Muslim scholarships to impose an academic requirement on applicants. Generally, the higher your GPA, the greater your likelihood of receiving a scholarship, especially if it is merit-based. Below are the top scholarship available for Muslim students.

Top Scholarship For Muslim Students And Eligibility Requirements

 Dr. Jack G. Shaheen Mass Communications Scholarships

Dr. Shaheen was an internationally renowned author and media critic who wrote and directed the award-winning film and book. He has recommended the United Nations and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, and he has emerged on a variety of national network programs, including National Public Radio, CNN, MSNBC, and The Today Show.

Anyone including Christians, Jews, and Muslims is allowed to submit an application, but it’s worth noting that Islam is the primary religion of Arab culture.

The Quran was written in Arabic, Muslims pray five times a day in Arabic, and Arabs make up between 15 and 18% of the Muslim world.

To be eligible for this scholarship, Undergraduates in their junior or senior year, as well as graduate students, must be pursuing a degree in Journalism, Television, Radio, or Film, are eligible.

 Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Undergraduate Scholarship

 The International Student Development Bank Scholarship 2023-2024 is a fully funded scholarship for international students.

This scholarship is available for undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral studies. The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship includes a monthly stipend, tuition fees, medical coverage, and travel expenses.

The Full Tuition Islamic Development Bank scholarship program aims to attract qualified male and female students and to assemble the necessary skills.

IsDB Scholarships are available in non-participating countries for citizens of any IsDB member nation and a group of Muslim people. This scholarship will be available to undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral research students.

The programs are designed to attract skillful male and female learners and acquire the necessary abilities to empower communities, with a special emphasis on “Sustainability Science” in accordance with the authorized areas to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarship will supply the recipient with monthly living and clothing recompenses equivalent to an average cost for basic items in the country of study, the proper education cost to be paid directly to the college, medical coverage, and so on.

The course offered here includes Population Growth, Biodiversity, Plastic pollution, Micro-plastics, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Health, etc.

To be eligible, a Resident of an IsDB member country or a Muslim, with a minimum 70% high school GPA, able to enroll in one of the country’s top ten public universities, and trying to pursue a degree in a qualifying field of study.

The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship will cover the following;

  • Students selected to study abroad at partnered universities/countries will receive economy class returns air tickets (once upon enrollment and once upon completion of study) as well as installation and equipment allowances. 
  • The entire educational cost must be paid directly to the college.
  • To assist students in preparing for future leadership roles in the growth of their neighborhoods and countries, the IsDB provides additional activities through a special program called “Mentorship, Guidance, and Counselling Programme” to ensure their academic progress and social and psychological integration at the university as well as with the local community environment.

Allowance For The Preparation Of Scientific Papers

For Undergraduate Program, the Candidates must have completed senior secondary education (or the equivalent of approximately 12 years of education) and have received good grades in major subjects, Be medically fit and willing to submit to medical tests following selection, and not receive any other scholarships.

Application Requirements:

  • Proven language proficiency and a commitment to pay for the first year of their graduate studies or to pay for a new undergraduate student nominated by the IsDB from the recipient’s community/country.
  • The IsDB considers this award to be both a scholarship and a development program—the scholarship is given to students in the form of an interest-free loan (Qard Hasan) and a grant to their communities/countries. The IsDB scholarships, which were established in 1983 to foster knowledge in IsDB member countries and Muslim communities, require recipients to commit to serving their communities and countries through their professions.

John S. Habib Scholarship In Muslim Studies At Michigan State University

Dr. John S. Habib established this scholarship to encourage students to broaden their cultural understanding and to be of assistance to MSU’s Muslim Studies Program. The Habib Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis with a value determined by the gifts made to the Habib Scholarship each year; the most recent award was $2,000 in value. Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

Nominees will be evaluated based on these three criteria, in this order;

  •    Academic achievement
  •    Financial need
  •    Professional goals involving Muslim Studies
  •  To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be registered in the Muslim Studies program at MSU

Pitt Muslim Alumni Network Farrukh H. Ali Scholarship

The University of Pittsburgh is dedicated to boosting its endowed funds for need-based financial aid so that Pitt can proceed to attract the best students from a diverse range of backgrounds while staying competitive with peer universities.

As part of that commitment, the Pitt Alumni Association (PAA) manages a scholarship program that provides the students with yet another way to benefit from the generosity of alumni.

The scholarship program provides awards ranging in size from small student resource funds to large, renewable scholarships.

Students may apply for multiple PAA scholarships, which are available through the Alumni Association’s Endowed Scholarship Fund, variously named scholarships, and Pitt Alumni Club and Affinity Council scholarships. A minimum of 3.25 GPA  is required to be eligible.

American Muslim Women’s Association of Arizona 

The American Muslim Women’s Association of Arizona scholarship does not require a student to be Muslim in order to be awarded. In fact, it is open to students of any ethnic or religious background; however, Muslim students should look into it.

The scholarship’s objective is to motivate girls to excel in school, to take on leadership roles in their societies, and to help them achieve bright futures.

Application Requirements: Transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a resume detailing community involvement and extracurricular activities. 

To be eligible, you must be a Female resident of Arizona, a full-time undergraduate at Maricopa Community Colleges or Arizona State University, minimum 2.7 GPA, and demonstrated financial need 

Center for Arab American Philanthropy Dr. Adawia Alousi STEM Scholarship for Muslim Women

Incoming freshmen, undergraduates, and graduate students are all eligible for the Dr. Adawia Alousi STEM Scholarship for Muslim Women. To be eligible for the award, applicants must meet the following academic requirements:

To be eligible, Identity as a Muslim woman, be accepted into an accredited STEM program in the United States, and show financial need.

 AMANA Mutual Funds Scholarship

This Islamic Society of North America scholarship is sponsored by AMANA Mutual Funds, a mutual fund company that invests according to Islamic principles—it avoids interest and investment in certain types of business.

Applicants must write an essay about how they align their actions with their principles in their daily lives. Academic achievement, volunteer service, and financial need are the three criteria used to select recipients.

In order to be eligible, a Minimum GPA of 3.5, a transcript, two letters of recommendation, and an essay is required.

Muslim Youth Leadership Awards (MYLA) General Scholarships 

Since its inception in 2003, the Muslim Youth Leadership Awards have awarded nearly $500,000 in scholarships.

The MYLA Scholarship’s mission is to “identify, develop, and connect leaders by investing in their futures,” and it encourages tomorrow’s leaders by incentivizing them to excel academically and participate in community service. Finalists for this scholarship must attend an interview.

Full-time students in a degree-granting program in Minnesota who have proven financial need, a minimum GPA of 2.5, and a history of community service or activism are eligible.

The University Of Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies Scholarships 

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is a University of Oxford Recognized Independent Centre. It was established in 1985 in order to encourage the scholarly study of Islam and the Islamic world.

The Centre helps bring together the Western and Islamic worlds of learning.

It makes a significant contribution to the multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary study of the Islamic world at Oxford.

Beyond Oxford, an international network of academic contacts strengthens its role.

To be eligible, the candidate must;

  •  Residing in the United Kingdom and belonging to a Muslim community
  • a national of, and ordinarily resident in, one of the Asian or African countries listed below
  • When your course is finished, you should plan to return to your home country.
  • You should plan to study in a field derived from or relevant to the Islamic tradition, and that is relevant and/or beneficial to the Muslim world.

As you can see, Scholarships have become an essential part of how many students pay for college which can improve their chances of winning a scholarship by looking for one that has a specific requirement for eligibility.

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