Best Scholarships For Black Women, And Conditions to be Qualified

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Posted Richard Atang March 13, 2023
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Scholarships For Black Women
Scholarships For Black Women

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In this article, we have chosen only a few of the best available scholarships for black women The top scholarships for black women are listed below.

Stephen Feinberg Multi-Year Scholarship Program

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The Stephen Feinberg Multi-Year Scholarship Program, administered by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), awards $40,000 (to be disbursed in increments of $10,000 per year for up to four years) to African-American and Black students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree in any ground.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or legal residents; African American or Black; pursuing or planning to pursue an undergrad degree full-time at an accredited college or university (including current high school seniors); have a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale; and demonstrate leadership and community involvement.

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There are Grade levels to be obtained in order to be eligible for this scholarship, such as a College Freshman, High School Senior,  College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior

Write Her Future Scholarship

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The Lancôme Write Her Future Scholarship is one of many funding opportunities available to Black students and other students of color through the NAACP Inspire Initiatives. This scholarship is for Black and students of color who identify as female and are trying to pursue an undergraduate degree.

We advance efforts to make sure fairness in educational opportunity that helps prepare students for success in school, work, and life thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Lancôme wishes every woman success in achieving her dreams, but not every woman has equal access to resources to assist her in doing so. Did you know that by Grade 12, the White-Black gap increases to 32% on the National Reading Assessment*? High school is an extremely important time in the educational lives of young women of color, and we want to be there to support her. ​

Scholarship Requirements:

  • The applicant must be a senior in high school.
  • The applicant must be enrolled in a four-year, tax-exempt academic institution.
  • Applicant must be an NAACP member
  • A current participant in an ACT-SO program.
  • The Write Her Future scholarship application and video prompt submissions must be completed through the Inspire Initiatives scholarship portal.
  • Applicant must identify as female

Write Her Future Building Beautiful Futures Scholarship

The Black American Engineering Scholarship Award offers underrepresented students with opportunities in the field of engineering through scholarship funds and mentorship. ​

To apply, students must be:

  • Open to students who want to pursue careers in civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, as well as any subdisciplines.
  • Students who receive the BAES Award may reapply for up to four years for a full Bachelor’s degree.
  • Mentoring from successful business professionals is available.
  • Up to $10,000 is awarded to recipients per school year for tuition, books, fees, and/or room and board.
  • Students who wish to apply must be:
  • Incoming freshman in college/current high school senior, or a student transferring from a two-year program to a four-year program
  • Black American
  • Able to show proven financial need
  • In good academic standing
  • Enrolling in a four-year accredited, non-profit institution

William A. Lewis Scholarship

This scholarship pursues to honor William A. Lewis’ legacy by assisting underrepresented students interested in careers in mathematics or other STEM fields.

This scholarship is open to any BIPOC undergraduate or graduate student trying to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in STEM at an HBCU.

Minority Students X Stem Scholarship

It can be hard for minority learners to get access to opportunities that others take for granted, such as internships and part-time or full-time employment at tech companies.

This scholarship is designed to help underserved students in achieving success as they pursue careers in technology.

This scholarship is open to any first-generation high school senior or undergraduate student pursuing a two or four-year degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field.

Eleven Scholarship

The Eleven Scholarship was founded on the desire to make tomorrow a better place for everyone. It is believed that access to higher education is essential for building a more just and equitable world.

To build a more bright future, the next generation of game changers must be energized to think critically, solve problems creatively, and seek out opportunities for advancement.

This scholarship is aimed at inspiring high school seniors and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in STEM fields.

This award is available to any BIPOC high school senior or undergraduate student pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, but first-generation students focusing on the Technology, engineering, or mathematics aspect of STEM are preferred.

Geoscience IDEA Scholarship

The Geoscience  (IDEA) Scholarship program encourages women from underprivileged areas to pursue an education and a professional life in geosciences, also known as Earth Sciences. Many research studies show that the geosciences community is the least diverse of all STEM fields. This Scholarship strives to counteract this by increasing diversity in the geosciences.

The scholarship awards up to $5000 (USD) each year, typically divided among two or more undergraduate students and connects them with AWG mentors to help them advance in their careers. It also would include a one-year AWG student membership that is sponsored.

Students will be able to form close relationships with their mentors by trying to contact them to engage in discussion, seek advice, or seek assistance for a variety of Geoscience career paths. Even if she is not awarded the scholarship, any applicant may request an AWG mentor. Applicants who are not chosen for the award may be chosen for a one-year sponsored AWG student membership.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Geoscience or Earth Science has been declared as a major of study.
  • Is a member of a historically marginalized ethnic group such as Black, Indigenous, Latin X, or another.
  • Is enrolled or has previously enrolled in a post-secondary or higher education institution in the United States.

MedLuxe Representation Matters Scholarship

The MedLuxe Representation Matters Scholarship is meant for students who are dedicated to delivering equitable healthcare opportunities to underrepresented minorities and low-income communities throughout the country. All Black college students who are devoted to this mission and majoring in healthcare are eligible to apply.

Who Can Apply:

African Americans represent roughly 11% of the US population, but only about 4% of doctors. In addition to helping underserved communities, it is essential that we boost diversity in medical schools, pharmacy schools, dental schools, and the healthcare field as a whole.

As the driving force of opportunity today, everyone, particularly those who work for underrepresented communities, should have access to a good education to power their future and provide for future generations.

Healthcare professionals dedicate themselves to public service and providing for local communities through their practice, but many prospective medical professionals are unable to graduate debt-free.

Young Women In STEM Scholarship

This program believes in addressing educational inequality. We established the MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship to recognize the extraordinary potential of women in science.

Female international/DACA students who are enrolled or accepted to study full-time in a STEM degree program at a program supported by MPOWER in the United States or Canada are eligible for scholarships.

NOTE: You do not have to be an MPOWER borrower to apply.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be an international student who is allowed legally to study abroad in the United States or Canada.
  • This means that the applicant meets one of the following criteria for study in the United States
  • Be it an accepted or enrolled in a full-time degree program at an MPOWER-supported school in the US or Canada.
  • Is covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA)
  • Is a Canadian permanent resident
  • Has a valid Canadian study permit

Cap Lathrop Scholarship

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) offers general scholarships to bachelor’s students both full-time and part-time. Scholarships are available for the entire academic year or for each term.


  • Must have a high school diploma
  • CIRI original enrollee or direct lineal descendant
  • At least a minimum of a  2.5 cumulative grade point average or higher
  • Must be attending an accredited institution
  • Enrolled in one of the following degree programs: Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate; or pre-requisite courses prior to entering a degree program.

Award Terms:

  • Failure to reach funding requirements may result in probation and/or infraction status, as well as potential funding loss.
  • Students must maintain all funding requirements after receiving an award in order to remain in good standing with TCF and be eligible for future funding.
  • Direct educational expenses such as tuition, student registration fees, course-required books/supplies, and on-campus housing and meal plans are all covered by the fund.
  • Applicants’ applications will be evaluated based on the information they provide.
  • Awards are contingent on available funding.

Divers Women Scholarship

The Women Divers Hall of Fame TM (WDHOF) is a  non-profit organization WHICH IS  dedicated to recognizing and promoting the contributions of outstanding female divers.

The World Diving Hall of Fame provides academic, mentoring, financial, and career opportunities to divers all over the world.

Annually, the WDHOF awards scholarships and training grants to individuals of all ages in order to provide financial and educational support.

Catherine Pierce Scholarship

The Catherine W. Pierce scholarship was set up to assist students majoring in the Arts and/or History. Mrs. Pierce was passionate about assisting deserving students in pursuing careers in Art or History.

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Must Have at least a  minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Be aiming for  a degree in the arts or history
  • Be enrolled full-time at a four-year institution in the United States.


Many individuals all over the globe acknowledge the value of education; however, many are unable to afford tuition fees to acquire the type of education they desire, which is why people look for scholarships.

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