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The United Kingdom has become the go-to destination for Pakistani students seeking to complete their higher education abroad. And as Pakistan has become a focus country in the UK’s international education strategy, a lot of scholarships have been made available for Pakistani students in the UK. 

In this article, you will see a brief overview of a few scholarships available for Pakistani students. 

Cost of Studying in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK is cheaper for Pakistani students compared to studying in the US. 

Thus, the average amount international students are expected to pay annually for undergraduate courses ranges from £10,000 – £26,000. An estimated amount of £800 – £1,300 is expected to cover living expenses including accommodation, food, travel expenses, bills, etc.

This amount varies significantly, depending on your study level, your location in the UK, and your spending habits. 

Undergraduate courses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland last for three years, while courses in Scotland last for four years. Degree courses like Medicine last longer and may cost more

However, if you are on a scholarship or financial aid, you must find out which expenses are covered before arrival in the UK. This will help you budget adequately. 

Other expenses you should consider include:

  • £363 (Rs 92,645)  for your UK Student Visa which will allow you to live and study in the UK. 
  • £470 (Rs 119,952) per year for your Immigration Health Surcharge which will give you access to the UK’s National Health Service. This is the cost charged after the 25 percent discount given to student visa holders. 

UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students 

GREAT Scholarship

GREAT Scholarships offer 15 scholarships from different UK universities. These scholarships cover a variety of subjects for Pakistani students and are worth at least £10,000 in tuition fees for a one-year postgraduate course. 

Each scholarship is jointly financed by the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign, alongside the British Council and participating UK higher education institutions. 

Postgraduate scholarships for the 2022/2023 academic year are available in the following institutions. 

Nottingham Trent University

Edinburgh Napier University

Bangor University

University of Bristol

University of Oxford 

University of Derby 

Goldsmiths, University of London 

University of York

Robert Gordon University

University of Wolverhampton

Bournemouth University

University College London

University of East Anglia

Requirements for GREAT Scholarship  

  • The applicant must be a Pakistani citizen 
  • Must meet the English Language Requirement of the UK JEI
  • Must be willing to keep in contact with the British Council and the HEI 
  • Must have an undergraduate degree 
  • Must be self-motivated with a specific interest in the proposed subject area
  • Must establish an engagement through personal and academic achievement, with the UK as a scholar 
  • Must be willing to act as an ambassador for GREAT scholarships
  • Must be willing to attend networking events of GREAT scholars based in the UK, to talk about experiences of studying and living in the UK
  • Must be willing to occasionally speak to potential candidates as an alumnus of the Scholarship, about his experience of studying in the UK

How to Apply

The application process and deadline for the GREAT scholarship differ according to the institution. 

To apply for the scholarship at any of the universities listed above, follow the link to the university’s website. Follow instructions on the institution page to commence your application process. 

Successful applicants will be informed of their application results by individual universities after they conclude their scholarship application. Scholarship funding will also be released by the institutions to admitted applicants after registration. 

Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarship

Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust is a charitable trust that primarily focuses on educational development while minimizing administrative expenses. The trust assists Pakistani students in obtaining higher education at the doctoral and fellowship levels.

The length of the grant varies depending on the study path chosen. This trust is primarily for doctoral and fellowship level students. It does not assist students wishing to pursue undergraduate or graduate programs.

The British Council is in charge of all scholarship procedures and grants. Doctoral grants last one year, while reserved fellowships and artists last from three weeks to three months.

This scholarship covers £1,000 for doctoral students and £1450 for fellowships, including return airfare and visa costs.

The application deadline for doctoral programs is the first week of May, and for fellowship programs, the middle of March.

Courses covered by the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarship include social science, environmental sciences, business studies, humanities, social development, journalism, arts, life sciences, medicine, and creative industry. 

Requirements for this Scholarship 

  • The student must be a citizen of Pakistan 
  • Applicants applying for the open fellowship must be junior or in their mid-careers, especially those aged between 30 and 50 
  • Students applying for post-doctoral degrees must be in the final year of their Ph.D. and must have excellent academic skills. 
  • Students applying for the scholarship are required to have no prior experience in academics outside Pakistan. 
  • Visiting Pakistani artists are expected to be acquainted with visual and modern art forms. They are required to stay in an art residence for training. They must also be graduates of the National College of Arts Lahore. 

How To Apply 

  • Pakistani students applying for doctoral degrees are first required to fill out their application forms. They are expected to submit the necessary documents to Tim Butchard Secretary

Application for doctoral programs opens twice a year for Pakistani students.  

  • Students applying for fellowships are required to complete and submit their application form alongside other documents on the British Council website. 

However, they will be required to visit the United Kingdom occasionally during their research. 

  • Pakistani students in their last year of graduation are selected for the Charles Wallace Trust grants 

Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships are two types of awards available through the Chevening Scholarship Scheme. The British embassies and high commissions established in various countries around the world are solely responsible for selecting the recipients of both types of Chevening awards.

The Chevening International Scholarship scheme provides opportunities for academic and professional development, cultural experience of the UK, and network expansion to rising future leaders, decision-makers and experts. It also provides them with a platform to build a strong long-lasting relationship with the UK.

Inherently, the Scholarship’s purpose is to build a strong network of students in the UK that will return to their countries and serve as efficient leaders after completing their education. 

The Chevening Scholarship covers tuition fees, monthly stipend and travel costs for master’s and postgraduate degree programs in any field. 

At least 20 Chevening Scholarships for postgraduate degrees in UK universities are awarded to Pakistani students every year. 

Requirements for the Chevening Scholarship 

  • Applicant must be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country
  • Applicants must have an undergraduate degree equivalent to an undergraduate degree in the UK – a bachelor’s honours (4-year study programme) is considered equivalent to an undergraduate degree in the UK.
  • Applicants must have two years of work experience
  • Applicants applying for Chevening Fellowship are required to have five years of work experience. 
  • Applicants must have received a letter of acceptance for a postgraduate degree in one or three UK universities before July
  • Applicants must meet Chevening English Language requirements by passing the English proficiency test with the required grades 

How to Apply 

To apply for the Chevening Scholarship, you must;

  • apply for admission to a one-year postgraduate program in a UK university 
  • get an unconditional letter of acceptance from a selected UK university by meeting their eligibility criteria and submitting the required documents 
  • Visit Chevening’s application section after getting your unconditional letter of acceptance. 
  • On the scholarship website, select your country and your level of study 
  • Proceed to fill out your application form
  • Applicants are at liberty to apply for three postgraduate courses at three UK universities. The curriculum of the courses must be related to each other, albeit not entirely the same

Commonwealth Scholarships 

The Commonwealth Scholarship Program for international students is an initiative for students from Commonwealth countries like Pakistan. It is designed to cater to students who belong to low and mid-income families that typically cannot afford to study abroad. 

The scholarship is supported by the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom. It is designed for especially talented students who wish to pursue their higher education in the United Kingdom. 

The Commonwealth scholarship is mainly aimed at developing the skills of students from Commonwealth nations like Pakistan. It covers a one-year degree program for postgraduate studies and two years for a doctorate. 

Requirements for the Commonwealth Scholarship

  • Students must be a citizen of Pakistan or AJK
  • Students must have a one-year of experience serving as a professor at an HEC-recognised university 
  • The student must be available before the academic year of the UK
  • Postgraduate applicants must have a first-class degree in their academics
  • Applicants must not have a third division in any of their academic years 
  • Applicants must be financially incapable of funding their education
  • Applicants must not have registered for a doctorate program or postgraduate program instructions in the UK before 

How to Apply 

  • Pakistani students must apply beforehand at HEC, as the Commonwealth UK does not receive direct applications. 
  • The HEC conducts a test and an interview for the shortlisted candidates.
  • In cases of false information, the HEC may disqualify the candidate 
  • The HEC selects an equal percentage of male and female 
  • All necessary documentation must be completed at HEC and Commonwealth in due time
  • Students must apply on both Commonwealth and HEC websites. Students that fail to do so will not be considered for the scholarship 

In conclusion, the list of available scholarships for Pakistani students to study in the UK is endless. However, most of these scholarships are for students from low-income households who can not afford to fund their academic ambition. 

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