Scholarships in Georgia 2022

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Scholarships in Georgia 2022
Scholarships in Georgia 2022

Today we will be discussing about the various scholarships in Georgia 2022.
Education is a vital part of human development, it has a lot of benefit which both the mind and society can testify to.

However, there are students who have been faced with the challenge of an insufficient or epileptic budget and as such need to leverage on the availability of scholarships to help them push through.

If are in Georgia or intending to visit Georgia for studies with the hopes of clinging a scholarship, in this article we will be informing you about the various scholarships in Georgia 2022.


The nation of Georgia is located in the Caucasus, at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and. It is bounded by the black sea to the west, by Russia to the north and east, to the southwest by turkey, to the south by Armenia, and by Arezibaijan to the southeast.

Georgia covers a total area of 69,700 square kilometers and hosts a population of 3.7 million people whose official language is Georgian. This population count excludes the Georgian territories which are occupied by the Russians.

The natives of Georgia had earlier adopted and embraced Christianity which they strongly adhere to. This adoption contributed immensely to both the spiritual and political unification of the early Georgian states.

The country practices representative democracy and is governed as a unitary parliamentary republic. Its capital Tbilisi is the largest city in the country and also doubles as home to about a third of the total population of the country.

Several independent kingdoms during the classical era had established in what is now known as Georgia to make the whole.

Georgia gained her independence in 1917, after the Russian revolution as an independent republic under Germany protection. Owing to world war 1, , Georgia got invaded and annexed by the Soviet Union in 1922, which made it one of its constituent republics, but as time went by an independent movement began in the 1980’s and grew rapidly like wildfire, this lead to the successful secession of Georgia from the soviet union in 1991.

In subsequent years post-soviet Georgia was under the siege of economic crisis, political instability, ethnic conflict, and secessionist wars in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

It later introduced a series of democratic and economic reformations which aimed at integrating Georgia into the European Union and NATO. This followed the bloodless Rose Revolution in 2003.

The western orientations however failed which led to a worse relationship between Georgia and Russia which resulted in the Russo-Georgian War of 2008. Since then Russia has been occupying a portion of Georgia.

Georgia’s economy

Georgia is considered as a developing country, and is classified as “very high” on the Human Development Index.

Since its independence it has had economic reforms which have led to higher levels of economic freedom and ease of doing business, and as well as reductions in corruption indicators, poverty, and unemployment.

Georgia was one of the cannabis, which made it become the only former-socialist state to do so. It is also a member of international organizations such as the Council of Europe, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and Euro control.

Tourism is also a significant part of the Georgian economy. In 2016, 2,714,773 tourists brought approximately $2.16 billion to the country.[

Georgia’s educational system

Before you consider applying for Georgia scholarships 2022, it will not be a bad idea to inquire about the educational system of Georgia. This will help guide your decision and better prepare you for the educational atmosphere of the country.

Georgia as a nation does not sleep on the idea of education or any issue which concerns it, it is proactively modernizing, and reforming the system to ensure that the standard of education within the country remains top notch as it constantly and intentionally pursues world standard level of education for its citizens.

The educational system in Georgia has been undergoing sweeping and reformation since 2004.
Education is considered to be mandatory for all children between 6-14 years of age.

Its school system is divided into elementary which runs for six years for children of ages 6–12, basic which runs for three years for ages 12–15, and secondary which runs for three years for ages 15–18. Also, the system made provision for an alternative of vocational studies which runs for two years.

Students who have passed the Unified National Examinations and have received certificates from respective and recognized secondary schools are granted access to higher education.

Students who have passed the Unified National Examinations are enrolled in state-accredited higher education institutions, based on the ranking of the scores received at the exams.

Most of the higher institutions in Georgia offer three levels of study:

  • A bachelor’s programme (three to four years);
  • A master’s programme (two years),
  • And a doctoral programme (three years).

Also there is a certified specialist’s programme that represents a single-level higher education programme which runs for a duration of three to six years.

75 higher education institutions as of 2016, are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. It also had a 117 per cent Gross primary enrolment ratio for the period of 2012–2014, which is the 2nd highest in Europe after Sweden.

The Tbilisi State University (TSU), which was established in 1918 remains the oldest university in the entire Caucasus region. It has approximately 5,000 faculty and staff (collaborators), with over 35,000 students enrolled.

Why study in Georgia

Georgia is fast becoming one of the world powers in education as it continues to reform it system to accommodate not just more but also produce better graduates who can stand anywhere in the world to represent their profession and make Georgia proud.

Georgia is a unique foreign destination for studies, it is perfect, and for students who are not big fans of massive crowds which bedevils the more popular international study locations.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Georgia as an education destination:

  • Education in Georgia is fast becoming one of the best in the world
  • The economy of Georgia is fair enough to accommodate students and help them push through till they reach the end of their studies.
  • The tuition fee of Georgian institutions are considerably low and affordable.
  • Accommodation in cost in Georgia is low and affordable.
  • Georgia has accommodated more than 50,000 international students which makes it a friendly destination for foreign students hoping to have a good education.
  • Admission letters are processed quickly.
  • Friendly and welcoming environment for students

List of Scholarships in Georgia

Universities in Georgia are both government and private owned and their education cost are charged yearly. Regardless of the ownership of the institution, majority of them are really reasonable with their tuition fees.

For the most part, Costs for Georgian citizens or courses taken in the Georgian language go for $1,000 to $3,000. However, Courses in English for foreign students are slightly more costly as the tuition for foreign students ranges between $2,500 and $5,000.

However for some specific programs such as Medicine or Business Administration there are a few exemptions

The good news is that there are several scholarship opportunities for foreign students in the form of tuition waivers, fellowships, grants, full funding or partial funding.

Different universities award scholarships to students who have been outstanding and shown outstanding academic qualities in their respective fields.

There are also external funding opportunities for foreign students who pursue degree programs across different accredited universities in the country. Some of these scholarships include;

EU Scholarship

EU scholarship is a European Union sponsored scholarship in partnership with Eastern European countries. Citizens from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia can apply for this scholarship.

This is the first scholarship offered by the European Union for these countries. Foreign students who are awarded this scholarship can study for free in Georgian universities.
The scholarship also covers travelling and living expenses for the entire duration of the study.

The application procedure is competitive as students are required to write a series of exams until they are eventually selected.

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright scholarship honors only the best of the best in different fields. It is a highly recognized and revered scholarship scheme.

This scholarship program does not alienate foreign students, so if for some reason Georgia finally becomes your study abroad destination under a Fulbright scholarship, you are sure to enjoy more than adequate compensation provided your study goals remain intact.

To be eligible for a Fulbright scholarship you will be required to have acquired fundamental language aptitudes, although different fields of study are accommodated and welcomed as long as they have a community or global impact.

The financing for a Fulbright scholarship spans across a scope of criteria, but you can basically expect grants towards tuition, travel, living costs, plus monthly stipends for the full ride.

David L. Boren Awards

This scholarship scheme offers students the accomplish their academic dreams and visions along with the chance to achieve worldwide greatness and be fit and ready for all new world demands.
It was a scheme conceived by the NSEP program.

Bachelor and post-graduate students can apply for this scholarship in administrative programs which are being financed by the National Security Agency.

Several developing countries which includes Georgia have apparently appeared to be of significant interest to the government of the United States, and rewards for programs in language and culture including other branches of study are offered these grants.

Students who have interest in foreign policy, international relations, and global security are the leading recipients of the Boren Awards. This scholarship awards $25,000 towards tuition and other living expenses for an academic session.


Studying in Georgia is not an impossible feat especially for those students who are faced with funding challenges.
All you need to do is seek out any of these scholarships, apply and wait for an outcome that might blow your mind.

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