Scholarships in PNG

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Scholarships in PNG

Have you been wondering how to get a Papua New Guinea scholarship? This page will provide you with ongoing scholarships in Papua New Guinea for International students and students from other African developing countries. 

Some of these scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially funded, and they are available both for postgraduates and undergraduates for bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Ph.D., fellowships, and so on. The majority of these scholarships are funded primarily by the Papua New Guinea government and private organizations in Papua New Guinea.

Education in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s education system is organized into nineteen provinces and two district organizational units. It is tuition-free, and attendance is optional. With 64.2% literacy, Papua New Guinea has the lowest literacy rate in Oceania.

According to the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI), Papua New Guinea only meets 50.8% of what it should for the right to education based on the country’s income.

HRMI divides the right to education into two parts: primary education and secondary education. Taking into account Papua New Guinea’s income level, the country achieves 64.1% of what should be possible for primary education and only 37.5% for secondary education.

Scholarship Available in Papua Guinea

There are several scholarships available in Papua New Guinea for students who want to study there. As a result of these funds, the country’s higher education system has grown rapidly.

Most universities in Papua New Guinea offer merit scholarships to students with outstanding academic records. Scholarships are awarded for the program in which the student is enrolled and are renewable for the duration of the student’s education.

  1. Semper Solaris

Semper Solaris is also involved in a number of charitable initiatives, collaborating with nonprofits like Warrior Foundation Freedom Station to provide free solar energy to veterans in need.

Students are the future of solar energy advancement, and Semper Solaris would like to provide multiple scholarship opportunities to students who can provide creative insights into the future of renewable energy.

  • Eligibility: The candidate should be a current freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student, or military academy student. 

Candidates must possess a combined total college grade point average of a minimum of 3.0 on a 4-point scale and be enrolled full-time between May 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023, at an accredited college or university.

  • Benefits:

Each year, college students will have four opportunities to win a grand prize of $3000 or a second-place prize of $1750.

  • Application: 

Applications must be submitted online at

  1. International MPhil Scholarships

The program is available for the 2022-2023 academic year. The scholarships will help full-time undergraduate, Ph.D., and MPhil students in Africa pursue academic courses and conduct research in a variety of fields.

  • Eligibility: You must be a citizen of one of the regions where they operate, which are listed on their website.
  • Benefits: Up to $3000 in funded tuition per semester
  1. Chinese Government Scholarship – Excellence Scholarship for International Student Program

Eligibility: Merit-based scholarship for full-time bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students who are in their second or higher year. In theory, a student could only receive an award once during the course of their studies.

Benefit: Bachelor’s students pay CNY 18,000; Master’s and doctoral students pay CNY 30,000. The scholarship is given as a one-time payment. According to the Ministry of Education, the worth is prone to change from year to year.

Application: Bachelor’s students  CNY 18,000; Master’s and doctoral students CNY 30,000. The scholarship is given as a one-time payment. According to the Ministry of Education, the value is subject to change from year to year.

  1. Chengdu University Scholarships for International Students

All international applicants to Chengdu University for undergraduate and graduate programs are eligible for the Chengdu University Scholarships for International Students.

Eligibility:  1. Scholarship recipients will be evaluated each year based on their attendance, academic record, and performance to determine if they will be eligible for the scholarship the following year. Every semester, students who win a scholarship must pay tuition, housing, and insurance before they are eligible for the scholarship.

2. Non-degree-seeking students may submit an application for a scholarship at the conclusion of the first semester, and if accepted, they will be awarded one at the start of the second semester.

Benefit: Graduate students: RMB 20,000 per year for undergraduates; RMB 25,000 per year for full scholarships (graduate) • RMB 12,500/year (graduate) • RMB 10,000/year (half scholarship) (graduate) • Students without degrees: First-class: 7,000 RMB per semester; second-class: 5,000 RMB per semester • RMB 3,000 for third-class per semester

Application: visit their website

  1. MOFCOM Scholarship

The MOFCOM Scholarship was established by the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce to foster international trade and cooperation, as well as to foster the talent of developing nations.

Eligibility: Be under 45 years old (born after September 1, 1976) and a citizen of a developing nation other than the People’s Republic of China; • Be in good physical and mental health as evidenced by a physical examination report issued by a nearby public hospital; and • not have any of the following diseases or conditions:

• Other severe chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, diabetes; psychological diseases; or other infectious diseases that may harm public health; diseases that are prohibited by Chinese Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Laws and Regulations; when recovering from major surgery or an acute illness; when severely physically challenged; when pregnant;

• Have at least three years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree when applying for a master’s program;

• Be incumbents with relevant educational background or work experience to the applied program;

• Be government figures of division level and above (or corresponding level) in government sectors, or senior managerial staff of organizations and companies, or academic backbones of universities and research institutions;

• Be proficient in English, equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 and above level;

Benefit: Students have been exempt from paying tuition, teaching materials fees, research and survey fees, allowances for programs taught in English, and guidance fees for dissertations;

• Free housing on campus; • One-time resettlement fee: 3000 RMB per person; • Monthly stipend: 36000 RMB per year per master’s student;

• International students receive no-cost health insurance; • One-time round-trip international airfare for all students (fly to China for the first time after enrollment and fly home after graduation), and a maximum of “n-1” round-trip international airfares for home visits (once per year, set at the end of an academic year; “n” is for the length of the school year which is set while the student was enrolled by the program);

• Every student must complete the annual review. Those who succeed in the review may keep receiving the scholarship the following year. The continuing sponsorship will not be given to students who delay graduation.

Application: Consult the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Desk of the Chinese embassies (consulates) in your home nations for the application deadlines.

  1. University of Sydney International Scholarship

The University of Sydney International Scholarship is a yearly scholarship offered by the University of Sydney to high-achieving international postgraduate students pursuing a master’s degree by research or a Ph.D.

Eligibility: You must meet the following requirements: you must be an international student beginning your studies or currently enrolled; you must have a strong record of academic success and research potential; you must have an unconditional offer of admission or be enrolled in a master’s by research or Ph.D. program at the University of Sydney.

Benefit: The scholarship has been valued at $35,629 per year for 2021 awards. T The scholarship helps with tuition and living expenses.

Application: While completing the university admission application for your postgraduate research degree, new students should check the box to be considered for research scholarships. There is no need for a separate application.

Applications are accepted all year, with deadlines listed at this link. For international students, the deadline for research periods 1 and 2 in 2023 is September 30, 2022.

It is critical to go to the University of Sydney’s official website to get the application form and more information on how to apply for this scholarship.

  1. Wangtao Scholarship

Wangtao Scholarships are given to students who have demonstrated exceptional performance, behavior, and contributions in academics, the arts, sports, and social practice.

Eligibility: • Candidates must be degree students, follow Chinese laws and university regulations, and have no record of discipline violations.

• Candidates should have held a position in a student society, participated actively in university events, and contributed to international student affairs.

• Candidates must be in their third year of study, have never failed an exam, be ranked in the top 20% of their majors, and have HSK 4 or higher.

• Candidates should have strong research skills and be actively involved in social practice and scientific innovation.

Benefit: • The scholarship is worth CNY 1000. • The scholarship is a one-time payment. In theory, each candidate could only be granted once during his\her entire academic career.

Application: visit their website Wangtao Scholarship


Academic scholarships are available to pursue full-time programs for Specialization, Master’s or Ph.D. degrees, and Postgraduate Research. Academic mobility is also included in the offer for Bachelor’s and Postgraduate Degree Programs.

Scholarships for special programs, on the other hand, are available to take slightly short fellowships explained to Visiting Professors, Researchers in Papua New Guinea’s issues, Media Contributors, Art Production Fellowships, and many more.

The university level lasts approximately 4-6 years. Because the postgraduate level is more research-based and technical, you will be given priority in scholarship programs if you complete your doctorate.

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