Sean Combs Net Worth, Biography, Career, Girlfriends & Kids

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Sean Combs Net Worth

Sean Combs Net Worth    $800 million

Popular Name:Sean Combs
Real Name:Melvin Earl Combs
Birth Date:November 4, 1969
Birth Place:Harlem, New York , United States on
Marital Status:N/A
Profession:Rapper, Singer, Record Producer, Entrepreneur
Years active:1990 Till Date
Net Worth:$800 Million
Last Updated:2022


Sean Combs is a rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. Better known by his stage name Puff Daddy (or P. Diddy), he has successfully established a niche for himself as one of the most popular and wealthiest rap artists in the American music industry.

\Combs fought his way to stardom after starting his journey from humble beginnings. He has paved the way for a lot of young musicians for who he has been an inspiration and mentor. Having lost his father as a young child, his single mother raised him in the little ways that she could.

He dropped out of Howard University where he enrolled to study business and formed ‘Bad Boy Records,’ a label that launched the careers of several successful artists. After a series of productions that were successful, he released his first album, ‘No Way Out’, and it turned out a massive hit.

With the success he achieved with his album, Combs quickly shot into fame and went on to release more hit records, including albums like ‘The Saga Continues…’, ‘Forever’, and ‘Press Play’.

He also owns a clothing line which contributes tremendously to his overall wealth. Today, Sean Combs net worth is a lot of digits all acquired from his various profession.

Further reading discloses Sean Combs biography, private life, and all about the professional aspect of his life as well as his accomplishments.

Sean Combs’ Early Life

Sean John Combs was born in Harlem, New York on November 4, 1969 to Janice and Melvin Earl Combs. His father, Melvin was an associate of a drug dealer, while his mother, Janice, was a teacher’s assistant and model. His father was shot dead in 1972, so he had to be raised by his mother.

He attended an all-boys Roman Catholic high school, Mount Saint Michael Academy, from where he graduated in 1987.

He joined Howard University to major in business but dropped out of the school in 1989 to venture into music. He joined New York’s ‘Uptown Records’ as an intern and was eventually fired after some time.

Sean Combs’ Career

Combs started his career at Uptown Records but was fired after a short time. He then formed his own label in other to try something by himself. Through his ‘Bad Boys Entertainment’ label that was formed in 1993, he produced many songs in 1994 and 1995 that were big hits and peaked on top music charts in the United States.

As a rapper, he began his debut commercial vocal in 1997. He began doing rap songs and came to be known as a great vocalist as well as a music producer.

In 2000, he was charged with assaulting Steve Stoute of Interscope Records. He was also arrested for operating a vehicle without a valid license.

Sean Combs who initially started performing under the stage name ‘Puff Daddy’ made a move to change his name to ‘P Diddy’, and later to ‘Diddy’. He has appeared in films alongside doing music. Some of the films he is credited to include ‘Monster’s Ball’ in which he featured alongside Billy Bob and Halle Berry and played the role of a drug dealer.

Along with music and films, Diddy is also a businessman. He has launched a perfume brand called ‘I Am King’ as well as the clothing line ‘Sean John’. He also owns several restaurants which contribute to his income.

Sean Combs’ Albums

  • No Way Out (1997)
  • Forever (1999)
  • The Saga Continues… (2001)
  • Press Play (2006)

Sean Combs’ Films

  • Made (2001)
  • Monster’s Ball (2001)
  • Seamless (2005)
  • Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power (2005)
  • A Raisin in the Sun (2008)
  • Draft Day (2014)
  • Muppets Most Wanted (2014)
  • The Defiant Ones (2017)

Awards & Achievements

As expected, Combs has been nominated for several awards from which he has won many. Some of his awards include Best Group Award, Dramatic Special, Best R&B Video Award, Video of the Year Award, and the Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice Award.

Personal Life & Family

In 1995, Combs founded a charity organization called ‘Daddy’s House Social Programs’. This is dedicated to helping young people through various activities dedicated to helping and empowering them.

The 51-year-old rapper has a height of 178cm and weighs 86kg. He is the father of five children. Combs is the stepfather of the son of his ex-girlfriend Kimberly Porter named Quincy.

His eldest child is Justin, the outcome of his high school girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim. His twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie, and son Christian, were born by Kimberly Porter.

He also has another child, Chance, who was born to Sarah Chapman. He has also had relationships with Jennifer Lopez, Hylton Brim, Sienna Miller, and many others. He has associated with artists like Usher Raymond, Lil Kim, and several others.

In 2001 Sean Combs changed his stage name to ‘P Diddy’ from “Puff Daddy”. After he changed his name to just ‘Diddy’ in 2005, London-based act Richard Dearlove, who had been known as ‘Diddy’ since 1992 sought an injunction against the American rapper in the High Court of Justice in London. Dearlove accepted a settlement of £10,000 in damages and over £100,000 in costs. It was also settled that Combs would never use the name ‘Diddy’ in the United Kingdom.

Sean Combs Net Worth

Diddy has earned his wealth through his various professions. He is a great singer and actor as well as a record producer and entrepreneur who earns over $130 million in salary annually.

He has released many songs and has also been seen in a good number of films throughout his career, all of which are responsible for his reputation and wealth.

Combs, the third richest rapper in the world behind Kanye West and Jay-Z at first and second place respectively, have been able to make himself visible in the world by doing music and reaching the pinnacles in the industry.

He enjoys a lavish lifestyle today, many thanks to the wealth that he has accumulated in his successful career. He owns a big collection of exotic cars that has increased his total worth. He also owns houses in Alpine, New Jersey, and many other locations.

Sean Combs has a net worth of $800 million according to a 2021 estimate. He is one of the highest-paid performers in the world today and he is still very active in the entertainment industry.

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