Service Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

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Service Business Ideas You Can Start

Do you enjoy rendering some sort of service to people rather than dealing in products? If you just answered yes to the question, then you may want to start your service business with our tips. Nearly all industries have areas to offer service to people. Consider tech, fashion, education, entertainment, health and lots more. If you’ll love to consider service business ideas you can start right now, then continue reading.

Service Business Ideas
Service Business Ideas

Check Out These 33 Service Business Ideas You Can Start Right Away

1. Personal Concierge Services

If you are the kind that has no worries about running errands and getting cleanups done for people, be sure that your neighbors, family, and friends really need someone to fill up this space for them. They may be your first clients with personal concierge business ideas. 

Serve as an errand runner, offer private car service, window washing,  home cleaning service, grocery shopping and delivery, seamstress, etc.

2. Laundry Pickup & Delivery

Do you handle your clothes in detail and in fact combine that of your family when doing a laundry? Why not begin a laundry service business, and do pickup and delivery as a bonus effort for your customers. You can also provide a suitable location for professionals who are very busy with their lives.

3. Mobile Grooming Of Pets

If you have some training or experience with this, you can get things going with a van and a few grooming tools. Bark up the right tree, and get your business noticed by neighbors and others around you.

4. Consulting

If you have been able to gather years of steady experience in business or other areas, you may want to partner with experts in the same industry to provide expertise and guidance as a consultant.

5. Web Design

Web design is one of the service businesses for techy persons with vast interests in online stuff. You can provide services in designing websites. Offer the website development and design services for those who wish to own their own website.

6. Event Planning

Do you have great skills in planning and organizing events? You should consider working with other clients to create special and memorable weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and many more.

7. Printing Service

If you have your own printing equipment or have access to some, you could provide the service to people who need it. You can print invitations cards, flyers, posters, business cards and other custom paper goods.

8. Life Coaching

If working with people to improve their lives is your thing, and you can provide a diverse range of expertise and tips, then you should consider being a life coach.

9. Mobile Massage

Market your skills in helping others to relieve them off stress at local workout clubs, offices of physical therapists, and spas. Go ahead and bring on trained hands who can also work with you. Offer services to the homes of your clients or at your provided location.

10. Mobile Mechanic

With your skills as a mobile mechanic, offer your service directly to the comfort of your clients, or at their place of work.

11. Chef

If you are a good cook with topnotch culinary skills, you’ll find hungry clients among your busy working friends and neighbors who will be glad to embrace your new profitable service business. Create a dine-in, restaurant with quality food and great service.

12. Advertising Service

As an experienced advertising personnel, you can offer your services in the creation of online ad campaigns, tracking ad effectiveness, and monitoring results.

13. Mystery Shopping

Do you know you can actually shop and get paid for shopping? Many companies need the service of people who would act as undercover customers or clients at their retail centers to help rate the service of their workers. You will be putting service personnel to test and rate their friendliness, attitudes, and the total quality of the service they render. You’ll be providing reports to your clients to help them know what rating they deserve.

14. Tutoring

As a proficient and brilliant person, help other people improve in their studies. Whatever you think you are good at, you’ll find people who need the service and are prepared to pay for it. Be it arithmetic, reading, or writing, you can offer this service at your home or at the homes of your prospective students.

15. Windshield Repair

You’ll find potential clients for this business by harnessing used and parking car lots around you with chipped, cracked windshields. Move around with a repair kit which enables you to offer your customers with a preferable alternative to a costly glass replacement.

16. Packing And Unpacking

For those moving into a new home of a new office, you can render services with packing household items or office equipment to render a stress-free experience to your clients.

17. Carpet Dyeing

Just for a small fraction of the total amount of changing a stained carpet, with the service of carpet-dyeing experts, carpets can be given a whole new look. The service can be provided to nursing homes, community centers, hotels, and several other businesses.

18. Video Producer

Most small businesses do not have the equipment and skills to put together a great video for their business. And if you have the equipment and skills, or you can develop it, serve as a video producer for these mid-sized businesses. You can harness Facebook and YouTube in getting your video producing service business out to the world.

19. Computer Repair

As an expert in the repair of computer hardwares and softwares, also possessing basic diagnostic and correctional equipment, you can get faulty computers of clients running again.

20. Virtual Assistant

With the new wave of things, businesses are new being hosted at home more than ever. You work as a virtual assistant rendering administrative, and also specialized services such as technical troubleshooting and marketing for increased pay. You can harness freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr for potential clients.

21. Copywriting/Content Writing

There is an unlimited opportunity for Writers – online and offline. You can reach out to companies and individuals through social media platforms to offer the service. Online businesses are regularly making efforts to connect to their target audience, they therefore, always need to create contents to get their build the needed relationship with their audience. These contents are often created by content creators/writers.

22. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping services can be provided on contract to business owners who need to manage their financial books and documentation. Rendering a bookkeeping service to businesses is often a time-saver and an asset to them.

Work as an executive-search specialist for corporations and individual business owners who need to find the perfect person for jobs in their companies. You would be creating needed ads, and conducting interviews on behalf of your clients.

24. Language Translation

If you have an ear for several languages, you can work out as a language translator. There are online apps that also help with translating contents to potential clients.

25. Catering Service

Caterers are an essential part of any organization. When your kitchen is commercially approved, and your cooking skill is on point, you can render your service to parties, weddings, gatherings, and much more. You will always receive referrals from clients if your catering service business is great.

26. Debt-Collection 

Many private individuals and organizations need people who will help them recover debts hanging out. As a debt collector, you’ll be required to be persistent in following-up and tracking down clients’ debtors.

27. Lead Generation

Generate sales leads, and identify potential interests with a market research, phone, and footwork to put together entries of customers for business owners.

28. Proofreading Service

Proofreading service business is an ever needed service by business owners. But be very sure you can handle details, find errors, typos in writings. 

29. Public Relations Services

You should have your way with words, be persistent, and enthusiastic, to really do nicely with this competitive service business. You will be helping clients public by creating press releases, journals, and more.

30. Home And Office Paint

Upgrade your painting skills, creativity, and with an eye for details, you would be doing a great job for your clients with diverse creative colors.

31. Home And Event Decoration

Everyone now wants a memorable home and event experience. Your good decorating skills and topnotch creativity skills will help provide services to great clients. Work with paint shops, local furniture, accessory stores, carpet and drapery outlets to create well coordinated interiors for clients. To begin, start by decorating your own home or friends and families for free.

32. Photography 

Photography service business is one of the widely demanded services around. Weddings, birthdays, religious centres, corporate organizations, anniversaries, and individuals among a host of others request for this service. You would be making huge profits working as a freelance photographer. Jobs largely come in on evenings, weekends, holidays, and festive seasons among other special moments.

33. Graphic Design

Touch up your skills with graphics designing. Most companies and small business owners have graphic designers among their go-to staff. You would need to be very creative and be able to work with diverse tools, with an eye for details.


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