10 Essential Inherent Settings On Your iPhone You Often Ignore

admin April 24, 2018
Updated 2019/11/27 at 5:53 AM
10 Essential Inherent Settings on your iPhone you often ignore

Here are some inherent settings in the Apple product, iPhone 6s or later.

10 Essential Inherent Settings On Your iPhone You Often Ignore

1. Prioritize certain downloads:

In our country, where data, though available, is not usually enough on the average, especially usage for activities online on social media, reading news, watching movies, not to talk of updating several apps or awesome downloads of enriching online resources. We might wish to select which downloads, your Phone should complete first, an essential feature to configure while setting up your new phone. To do this, open Settings, tap Display & Brightness, and activate the Raise to Wake option. Voila!

2. You prefer a Larger & Bolder text?

If you feel the iPhone’s default text size and shape does not match up your viewing preference, why not edit to your taste. Open Settings and then tap Display and Brightness, then you use the Text Size and Bold text options to change the on-screen typesetting and apply your desired text choices.

3. Location Tracking

Phone apps, such as mapping and some weather apps, must know location in order to function effectively. Some of us might prefer not to leave the apps tracking us at all times. Good thing iOS allows you to configure such apps to access your location only when needed to function. How can you do this? Open Settings and tap Privacy, then Location services. Select any app and change Always to While Using the App. I hope this helps.

4. Effective Sorting function

The Files app in your iPhone can arrange / sort your files in many dynamic ways similar to the files sort function on a computer. Simply drag down somewhere on your screen, a menu will appear depicting options to sort your files by name, date, size or tags. You can also switch between thumbnail or list view type and create new folders.

5. Preventing unwanted web trackers

Advertisers can track you across different websites through certain embedded ads. Through the new updates on Safari for iOS 11, you can prevent this activity by enabling a feature that limits these trackers. Open Settings app, tap Safari and turn on the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking option and you’re good to browse better with more privacy.

6. Adjusting your flashlight intensity

Of course not all situations of using your flashlight require a super beam, you can enable a slider that lets you adjust the illumination of the light. To bring up the control center, swipe up from bottom of the screen and then do a 3D touch press firmly on the flashlight icon.

7. Searching through your safari tabs

This feature is only accessible when your iPhone is in landscape mode; so you cannot use this feature while your phone is in portrait mode. When you have quite a lot of open tabs and you need quickly go to one in particular, this feature becomes very necessary. To use it, after rotating your iPhone while safari is running to put it in landscape mode, tap the tabs button; you will now see a Search Tabs box that isn’t typically visible.

8. Jazz up your photos app by looping your live photos

By default, iPhones save little moments of animation from before and after a snapshot is taken, putting them together to create a Live Photo. You can edit your live photo with the Loop option which will transform your live photo into a short, repeating video clip. Try it out now to create fun clips that could even be used as memes.

9. Modifying Video Resolution

Each person, in some way, wish to manage storage space in his / her mobile devices. Modifying the video resolution while filming short clips with your phone can aid to conserve storage memory; while still getting a good quality video clip. This is done by going to Settings then Camera, then Record Video to reduce the default resolution.

10. Delving to the desire camera mode from the home screen

Want to take that quick shot when you bump into an amazing event or scenario? Not to worry, once you catch sight of that wonderful scene you need to photograph in a jiffy; apply a firm 3D touch to the Camera icon rather than tapping it lightly. You will then be able to choose between camera modes like Slo-mo or Selfie directly from the home screen.

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