Shane Dawson Net Worth, Career and Personal Life

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Shane Dawson Net Worth
Shane Dawson Net Worth

Popular Name:Shane Dawson
Birth Name:Shane Yee Law
Birth Date:July 19, 1988
Birth Place:Long Beach, California, USA
Marital Status:Not Married
Dating(Name):Ryland Adams
Profession:YouTuber, Writer, Actor, Director, Musician, And Make-Up Artist
Net Worth:$12 million
Last Updated:2022


Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber, actor, writer, comedian, executive, make-up artist, and musician. He was one of the first individuals to ascend to distinction on the video-sharing site, YouTube, and has since kept up an online presence.

Shane Dawson’s net worth mainly comprises the proceeds he generates from his videos on YouTube, acting, singing, and comedy. In 2008, when Dawson was nineteen years old, he joined YouTube and started making videos. He rose to notoriety on the site, accumulating a large portion of a billion views by 2010.

Most of his initial work comprised sketch comedy videos, where Dawson would play unique characters, mimic big names and downplay mainstream society. During this time, Dawson additionally had a brief music profession, dropping 6 unique songs like; “Superluv! In 2013, motivated by Howard_Stern Dawson started his webcast, Shane and Friends, which ran for four years and delivered 140 scenes.

The next year, Dawson discharged his solitary component film, Not Cool, and showed up on a 10-episode docu-series“The Chair”. In 2015, Dawson started his conspiracy fuelled show on YouTube, a video series where he discusses an assortment of conspiracy theories.

The show has gotten a portion of his most-watched videos, including his 2019 web Conspiracy Series with Shane Dawson, which is two sections along with its complete duration estimated to be more than two hours long.

In late 2017, Dawson released his first docu-series on YouTube, in which he settled pending issues with his abusive dad. His most-watched docu-series are about Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, and TanaCon.

In 2018, Dawson published two New York Times top-of-the-line books, I Hate Myselfie and It Gets Worse, and his three YouTube channels have aggregated over 6.5 billion views. Since 2017, he keeps up one dynamic channel, Shane, which is one of the 100 most-subscribed YouTube channels with 23 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views.

Shane Dawson Childhood

Dawson who was born Shane Yee Law, experienced childhood in Long Beach, California, where he went to Lakewood High School. As a teenager, he was overweight and was intellectually and genuinely abused by his alcoholic dad, who in the long run deserted his family.

He has two older siblings, Jacob Yaw brought into the world in 1980, and Jerid Yaw born in 1985. The kin had a cozy relationship and helped Dawson during these times. Furthermore, his family was poor and so he was regularly tormented for this. He has since shed 150 pounds (68 kg).

He previously got keen on making videos when he would turn in videos as school projects with his companions in secondary school.

Shane Dawson Career

On March 2008, Shane Dawson began his YouTube channel, ShaneDawsonTV. During this time, he worked with his mother and sibling at Jenny_Craig,_Inc. but his employment was later terminated in August 2008 after he posted a video of himself pole dancing in his place of work.

His mom, sibling, and six different staff members who had highlighted in his video were not as fortunate either and were also terminated when the organization saw the video.

In September of that year, he posted a video called ‘Fred is Dead’ which turned into an instantaneous hit, thus getting his YouTube profession underway, what’s more, this was what really kicked off Shane Dawson’s net worth. To date, the video has a large number of views and remains one of his best works.

Not long after, he kicked off his second channel ShaneDawsonTV2 (presently Human Emoji) where he would post content identified with short web films, trailer spoofs, music video satires, and unique music. Notwithstanding, the channel is idle with his most recent video dating back to 2012.

That was trailed by his third channel Shane – his best one to date. In spite of the fact that he had begun it as a Vlog channel, Dawson presently posts interactive substance from Mondays through Fridays.

His channel includes a wide assortment of videos kinds like; his famed conspiracy theory videos, expanded video blogs, and narrative-style videos where he is seen working together with YouTubers like; Tana Mongeau, Trisha Paytas, Bunny Meyer, and  James Charles – just to specify a few of them.

Among his best works, we have ”The Truth About TanaCon’, and ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star (docu-series), ‘The Mind of Jake Paul, and ‘Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson.’

Despite the fact that he has tried his hands at other media fills in too, (like; movie and music creation), YouTube remains his most noteworthy zone of progress.

Age, Weight, And Height

Shane Dawson is currently 32 years old, 1.83m tall and weighs 85kg

Shane Dawson Net Worth

Shane Dawson net worth is currently estimated at $12 Million. This man’s essential wellspring of riches is vlogging. However, he also makes cash through improved shows, composing books, directing movies, acting, and making music. He likewise released his own makeup line together with Jeffree Star.

Consistently, the vlogger concocts new profitable ideas that bring him a lot of money. The site Vlogger Gear tallied how much cash he makes per video, month to month, and yearly. The numbers ended up being very great.

Since Shane gets around 20 to 30 million views for each video, he is estimated to make $120,000 with each video that he posts, the YouTube sensation uploads his videos sporadically, however, he normally gets around 100 million views on the entirety of his clips each month.

Along these lines, it is estimated that his work creates about $600,000 every month if you count his merch sales and sponsorships. Every year, the celebrated vlogger acquires approximately $7.2 million. These numbers are not completely precise as some of Dawson’s sources of wealth are not public knowledge.

Personal Life

Shane Dawson’s dating life can be portrayed as ‘quiet’, basically because he has not been connected with as many partners as you would anticipate from an individual with such exceptional popularity. He had previously dated Lisa_Schwartz, who is a YouTube star.

They had begun dating in late 2011 until 2015 when they at long last went separate ways.  The separation was followed by his admission that he was bisexual, apparently the purpose for his separation from his sweetheart. A couple of years after the breakup, he began dating Ryland_Adams  who is also a YouTube star.

The couple was affirmed to date for three years, in late March 2019 Dawson proposed to him and Adams said Yes, The engagement was met with a great deal of energy from his fans.


Shane Dawson net worth has grown significantly since the Youtube star broke the proverbial glass ceiling of the entertainment industry and has continued to explore other areas of the media, which means the superstar would definitely earn more in the coming years.

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