Big Fat Advice on Shopping for Women, you shouldn’t do without!!

Chidera Onyeagubor
Chidera Onyeagubor May 20, 2019
Updated 2023/01/23 at 4:29 PM
Shopping Guide
As women, we all love shopping. Whether we have loads of funds or can only get by. Here’ s my shopping guide to begin slaying in every outfit even when you don’t have loads of cash. Even when you do have cash, you may not know the right ways to shop perfectly. In this terrific shopping guide, I will be sharing all you need to know about shopping whether you shop on the streets or at a designers shop.
Shopping! The terrific one word that has all of us squealing for fun. Who can rightly say that they don’t love having a new outfit from time to time? For some of us, it is the thrill of trying them out at the boutique we all look towards.
Even the very busy women, can’t help but enjoy the feel of a new show, bra, underthings or dress.
It could be your perfect answer to depression. It can act as a mood lifter. Shopping can relieve stress.
So while you shop for cheaper offers, premium quality, the most expensive or fight over your ideal shopping destinations. Here are a few words for you…..

Shopping guide for Women: First things first

Know your Body Type

Checking out amazing outfits on the Internet or at your favorite store can be thrilling. But it’s a good idea to know what works for you at all times.
We all have different body types. You could be rectangular, Inverted, triangular or an hourglass.
It is important you figure out those very important areas of your body that define the right dress for you. You wouldn’t want to look older or bigger in any outfit so you need to get right into the measurements
For defining your body type, you need measurements of your bust, shoulders, waist, and hips.  When you have got the measurement, use those numbers to determine your shape.

Not all shopping staff will give you loads of trash

Many shopping outfits don’t have a limit for purchase. But there’s a problem of getting advice from them.
If you shop at the local thrift store, you should get a friend to go with you when next you are shopping to help you get an unbiased view about what works for you.
However, if you shop at trending shops in town, you can always ask your attendant if that dress works for you.
Many want you to come back and would rather not send you away by giving you a dreadful outfit.
During your first meeting, talk about what you have in mind. Tell her about the occasion or give an idea about your lifestyle. With this information, she can figure out what might work for you. This will limit the amount of time you will spend wearing one outfit after another.
You don’t have to make up your mind with the first attendant you see. Spread your wings around town, casually interviewing all shopping attendants you meet, until you have that attendant who is more keen on your happiness than their pay.
( Just kidding, they all care about their pay, but a good number of them want a satisfied repeat customer in the mix).

Shop at your Neighbors’

There are a lot of top designers out there to make your choice from. But the best clothes are not always from them. Be open to innovation, check out your friend’s new wares. You never know where you will get the most fantastic outfits for your wardrobe.

Wearing clothes with higher price tags do not always mean that they really look great on you. On the flip side, your friend probably wants to boast about being your ideal attendant. chances are they will give you the best for very little. So never shy from such deals or look down on the clothes or shoes you purchase from them.

Before you buy, do a recheck

No matter how good an outfit looks on you, buying an outfit without an occasion in mind should be reserved for the movies. No matter how good the discounts are, you should always ask yourself this question”Is this cloth for me? Do I really need this shoe? Make sure the product is really important for you before making the purchase.

Be careful of the Sellers Trap

Never become pressured into buying any outfit. Whether you decide to visit the boutique or do some street shopping, it is important that you be careful about such antics. Never buy things purely for sentiments except you plan on giving them out almost immediately. It’s never really worth it to be tied into buying anything.

Carry a durable purse or wallet

All kinds ( including the department stores) are ripe with all kinds of pickpockets. You obviously don’t want to become a victim. So you have to carry a good purse and stay alert. You should also avoid putting your purse in your back pocket or dropping it on the floor next to you when shopping. Chances are that you may become carried away at any time.

Set a realistic time frame

We are often fond of setting a full day for a trip to the mall. This may look wise but it rarely ever is. No matter how much you are in love with shopping, you are bound to get tired soon. And when tired, you may begin to make mistakes or purchase the wrong things.

So you want to make sure you shop at the right time. In addition, if you have a problem with saving money, setting a time limit will also help you buy the only items on your list.

Use the sales persons advise with caution

Always remember that their main purpose is to sell their products. So no matter how sweet, fun or friendly they seem, don’t get carried away.

Lastly, don’t shop when you are upset, hungry, bored or tiled. You may end up overspending or buying things you don’t really need.

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Shopping guide for women: What to do when street shopping

Street shopping is what a good number of average income earners like us do. It may involve a trip to the local market or maybe some local thrift store We all call the clothes we see at these markets “Okrika” and some us have been enjoying the beautiful clothes we get at these locations at cheaper prices for years. But it demands a great eye and cautiousness.

In some cases, many of the clothes we get may have been made by some famous designer but discarded for their own funky reasons.

Street shopping is amazing. You get a lot of good things at very cheap rates. But you have to make sure you know what you are doing. Street shopping involves a lot of walking around and literally battling for clothes with the next buyer.

So you need to be street smart to use this method of purchasing your clothes. If you have no idea what it takes to shop on the street, here’s my shopping guide to using the streets for your clothes and shoes.

1. Dress Comfortably

If you will be shopping on the streets, it is important you pay attention to your attire. You can wear a good sports outfit that keeps you attractive without fitting too tight.
Make sure to wear a pair of comfy shoes. Sandals are perfect because you fasten them to your feet.
Never wear a new pair of shoes or heels, because you will have to walk a lot. I once wore a new pair of sneakers to do some street shopping. It was indeed a horrible experience.
Avoid wearing all kinds of low waist jeans. They are indeed amazing jeans, but you will spend most of your time at the market unconscious of your body. And no one likes butt or cleavage show at the market.
Avoid wearing broad neck dresses in the market. You don’t want to become an eye candy when you bend to check out some wares.


2. Take a lot of loose change with you

When you shop out on the streets, you would know that there are lots of shops that don’t accept net banking or credit banking. There’fore you should always ensure you have the right currency denominations with you.

Otherwise, there’s a chance of losing that dress you so desire because there’s no cash on you to pay for it. Some shops also offer POS services, but they are still in infancy and many of them come with extra POS fees.

3. Perfect Timing

It’s important to understand the market. Many markets have particular days when they will be bringing in new wares. But sometimes, there is also an added hassle of trying to beat many others who are in the market with you.

I have a shrewd eye and hate being hassled. So I always sacrifice seeing the new wares for a day after the opening. By doing this, I have more time to inspect wares, make my choices and get better bargains.

6. Check out the Edges and Corners

Don’t get carried away by the immediate beauty of the dress. You should always bear in mind, that you are shopping export rejects, so they might come with bigger problems. Check out the edges, corners, and stitches.
Be sure if you are buying a dress with some loose stitches that you can actually fix them up.

7. Carry a Big Bag

Shopkeepers always have some polythene bags for you. But we also know how these bags can be weak and unreliable. You don’t want your products out in the dirt. So be sure to leave home with a bigger bag to carry all your wares.
That way it is also easy to carry your goods, leaving the one hand free to carry out other shopping needs.

8. Bargain with the fear of God

Just kidding, keep bringing the price down until you are pretty sure you’ve got a good price on your wares. In street shopping, there’s no room for “forming” except you want to part with your money for less.

9. Set your budget

No matter your shopping destination, never leave home without a good idea of what you need. I mean good visions, and not for instance “I need a new shirt” but “I need a shirt that can be used as everyday wear” or “I need a new shirt for the boardroom so this color or that color will be great. Set a price limit for specific items you want to buy. By doing this, you minimize the chances of overspending. I once went to the market to buy some clothes and returned home without purchasing anything. Yet I was happy, I had a budget and outline. When I visited another market I was able to get the things I really wanted and not because of the craziness of the market or the sentiments of the seller.

10. Avoid being an Early Bird

Being an early bird may mean you get to see all the good things first. But it also means you will meet an uncompromising trader who will sell you cheap items for much higher. For me, the best bargains are in the evenings. So it has been my tradition, to visit the markets from 3pm.  ( it’s my personal strategy, so build yours)

Shopping guide for Women: What to do when you shop in the malls


  1.  Keep a calm and collected outlook

When going to the malls or the local boutique, wearing comfortable clothes does not mean you should keep haggard attire. Dressing in a confident manner will positively influence the shop attendants.

You need to look super cute and super stylish.  But keep in mind that you may be taking off your clothes from time to time to test out new clothes.

2. Shop with a list

Whether you are going on a fashion spree with no real purpose in mind, it’s important you don’t clutter your wardrobe with clothes that only some weeks later, you will be wondering just what happened that made you pick that outfit. It’s your hard earned cash, so you want not only the best but the best that suits you.

3. Check the price tags before paying

Be sure you are getting the best bargain. Yes, I mean right there at the mall. But you probably don’t have to haggle the price at the mall. After all, the pricing is most likely fixed. But you can always compare the prices of similar products across different boutiques to know if you are getting the best deal on your money.

4. Keep an eye out for crazy deals and discounts

Yup, lots of boutiques offer crazy discounts from time to time, especially during festive occasions. You want the best products at the lowest possible price. I know a lot of folks who save up and research until they find the best offers and the best positions.
A little research before you get to the mall can do you a lot of good. It helps you become a smart shopper.

My shopping guide to the good ol’ online shopping

Well, not that old anyway. But we have had online shopping for more than ten years and counting. Online shopping is crazy. But we all love it for the comfort it promises.
Today we have huge online marketplaces like Alibaba, Jumia, and Konga. More and more shopping centers are also springing up here and there. I shop online from time to time.
It’s really pleasant to sit in your home and get everything you want will be delivered to your doorstep. But shopping online isn’t always fantastic.
There’s always a good chance you may get shoes two sizes smaller or even the worst pair of cheap clothes. I stopped purchasing my hair online. I am still yet to get someone who is selling the right deal ( if you have one comment below).
Sometimes, it’ very hard to shop online. There may be too many options and yet you can’t try out these options. You only have to make your pick from the net. To many people, shopping on the net is view with a lot of suspicions. And it is perfectly ok to be very cautious. But here are some tips that can help you become a very online shopper.

Stick to Cash on Delivery

No one can be trusted and certainly not online shopping outfits. No matter the website you use or Instagram page, try as much as possible to pay only when you see the product. If you want to pay before delivery, make sure they have a reputation you are very much aware of.

Review all ratings

Before making your purchase, make sure you know everything about that product. Do research beyond the descriptions you have on the e-commerce store. Look at reviews and check out how-tos about its use.
I once decided to get a waist trainer and had almost settled on sports enabled one before I figured out my mistake. I wanted a trainer that would be nicely used at almost all hours and that trainer would have been a disappointment.

Do your research for the best deals?

Online shopping outfits like Jumia and Konga have discounted sales from time to time. All you need to do is research about these periods in time and get your goods at even half the real price on the goods.
When you want to buy high range phones, laptops, DSLRs and other items, make sure that you are getting it at the best possible price without making a dent in your pocket.

Safety always

Shopping online is not just easy, comfortable but can also be safe if you take some precautions. Before you shop with any platform, make sure that they have a privacy policy that clearly explains that you will be protected.
In addition, if you have doubts about the website, check them out by calling their phone number which should always be provided on the platform to learn more about what they have to offer.
Be sure that their address has either an https:// or shttp://.  Such signs mean that the site is secure.
Make sure you are very cautious about buying from outside your country. If you must use such methods, make sure that you are using a verifiable International payment gateway like Paypal.
Avoid all kinds of wire transfer.
You can, however, give out the security code of your debit or credit card. According to Susan Grant at the National Consumers League says that it was invented for transactions in which buyer and seller aren’t face-to-face and is safe to give to secure online retailers.

How to shop when you are losing weight.

Are you planning on waiting till you lose weight to buy new clothes, Well let’s take a ride on why that’s the worst idea you ever had?
I understand that you don’t want to buy clothes because you feel that it would mean that you are okay with your size right now. You spend a lot of time daydreaming about how amazing that dress you saw a while back would look on you when you become skinnier and more confident.
But looking good will do a lot of amazing things to your mind. It would keep you in a good mood while encouraging you on pursuing your goals to the end.
As long as those extras are still packed on you, you end up feeling awful about it. When every clothe you have feels constricted, tight or doesn’t fit at all, you will only trap yourself in a fantasy with no seeming way to freedom.
Losing weight is a bit difficult and requires months of patience, so you can’t afford to wait until that moment to look good in your clothes. Looking good is an excellent motivator.
It will help you spin classes now in other to look better later. But you have to do it right. Here are some tips you should bear in mind when shopping for clothes right now;

1. Kickstart your spring cleaning

It’s not yet spring, but it is time you decluttered your wardrobe. Sort out clothes from when you were heavier and clothes from when you were too skinny and get rid of all of these bunch. These clothes may look like as though they help you keep the goals in mind. But they actually make you a lot more depressed that you won’t be able to see just how far you have come. What should be left in your wardrobe are clothes you feel very good in. Clothes that make you stylish and happy.

2. Shop for what you need now

Invest in clothes that make you feel good now, not clothes that are amazing ten pounds from now. If you are not feeling that confident about your body, go for clothes that flatter your eyes. You will feel a lot better wearing great colors and style all of which will push you towards achieving your goals.

3. When buying check out these great additions

Buy structured ideas in medium to heavyweight fabrics. Also, look out for spandex or Lycra, these kinds of clothes can stay in shape even when you lose more pounds. Also, go for clothes that keep you in balance and confident. Let it flatter every bit of you.
Shopping is so amazing. And so I do hope this super comprehensive shopping guide of mine does a lot of wonders for you. If you need any help or have got a contrary opinion. Feel free to share with us below. Like share and leave your comments! I’m always available to discuss with you.

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