Simple Side Hustle Businesses For Stay At Home Parents

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph June 27, 2023
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side hustle ideas for stay at home parents

 Simple Side Hustle Businesses For Stay At Home Parents

Having the privilege of being able to remain at home with their children is a remarkable advantage for mothers. Nevertheless, there are instances where this may not be financially viable. Either a single source of income falls short of meeting expenses, or there is a desire for supplementary funds to allocate towards spending or saving for future aspirations.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to venture outside your home to generate additional income. By engaging in side hustles, both online and offline, you can relish your time at home with your little ones while earning an income.

Simple Side Hustle Businesses For Stay At Home Parents

Digital Products:

Digital products offer a lucrative opportunity for generating passive income. Whether it’s printables or templates, these products allow you to create and showcase your designs online, effortlessly accumulating earnings. Selling printables presents a convenient and swift method to initiate your home-based money-making venture.

Etsy serves as an excellent platform for selling such products, enabling you to not only market your creations but also gain inspiration for various types of digital products you can develop and offer for sale.


If you possess strong writing skills, you have the opportunity to monetize your talent by offering various forms of written content for sale, such as blog articles, magazine articles, and persuasive sales copy utilized by businesses to persuade readers into purchasing their products.

Freelancing presents an ideal job option for stay-at-home moms, as it allows the flexibility to select preferred working hours, establish rates, and choose clients according to personal preferences.


If you possess enthusiasm and expertise in a particular subject, you have the ability to establish a blog and commence sharing your insights. Subsequently, you can generate revenue from your blog by engaging in affiliate marketing or incorporating advertisements.

However, it’s crucial to prioritize the development of a substantial readership and fostering a devoted following. By attaining these objectives, you have the potential to generate a respectable income through your blog.

Virtual Assitant:

A virtual assistant, commonly known as a VA, provides assistance to business proprietors by undertaking diverse responsibilities such as addressing customer emails, overseeing social media communities, and procuring data for organizations.

The advantageous aspect of being a virtual assistant, particularly for stay-at-home individuals aiming to establish a supplementary source of income, lies in the ability to opt for simple and fast tasks that can be conveniently accomplished throughout the day.

 Virtual Coaching:

Virtual coaching entails providing individualized guidance and sharing your knowledge and skills with others. You have the opportunity to offer coaching services on a diverse range of subjects, such as fitness, organizational skills, and life advice, depending on your specific area of expertise.

Become An English Tutor To Foreign Students:

Numerous online enterprises are in search of individuals fluent in English to instruct Chinese children in spoken and written English. VIPKid stands out as a prominent platform that offers an hourly wage ranging from $14 to $22 for teachers who can conveniently work from home. Although the pay is attractive, it’s important to consider the time zone differences, which might restrict your flexibility in choosing your preferred working hours.

Virtual Tutoring:

Instead of traditional methods of teaching English to children from different countries, an option is to provide online tutoring services. This allows you to target clients within your local area or, at the very least, those in a similar time zone as yours.

You have the option to discover online tutoring opportunities by searching on job boards or by building your own clientele.

Although the majority of tutoring sessions take place through video chat, you also have the choice to assist students with essays and other written materials via email.

There is a wide array of subjects suitable for creating video content, including vlogs, baking, tips on organizing, fitness, crafts, and reviews of various products.

Consider A Youtube Channel:

Building an audience may require a considerable amount of time, but YouTube offers substantial financial rewards for content that gains popularity. Additionally, there is an opportunity to earn income through sponsored videos, where companies compensate you for promoting their products or services.

Data Entry:

If you possess knowledge and skills in handling numbers and accounting, you have the ability to assist entrepreneurs in maintaining their financial organization.

Additionally, there is no requirement for an extravagant degree to begin this endeavour.

One important aspect to contemplate is acquiring effective accounting software, which can be obtained either through a complimentary program or a paid service like QuickBooks.

Proofreading And Editing:

Numerous businesses desire high-quality written material but lack the time or expertise to produce it themselves. Similarly, authors frequently seek assistance in reviewing their work prior to publication.

If you possess a talent for grammar and spelling, you have the opportunity to provide your skills as an editor or proofreader.

All that is required is keen attention to detail when it comes to identifying writing errors and the capacity to propose enhancements to others’ written pieces.

Web Design:

Given the significant number of entrepreneurs who depend on online businesses, it’s evident that they desire captivating website designs and layouts.

If you possess expertise in web design and graphic arts, you have the opportunity to develop and market templates and layouts through online platforms.

Explore websites such as ThemeForest and Templamatic, which allow you to showcase and sell your templates, or you can sell them directly from your own website.

Content Management:

Creating a blog is a distinct task, but ensuring its continuous upkeep is a separate challenge. Numerous businesses and bloggers opt to hire individuals who can handle various responsibilities, including regularly posting content, moderating and responding to comments, updating plugins, and promoting content on social media, particularly when managing multiple blogs.

If you possess proficiency in blogging platforms like WordPress, you have the potential to pursue a career as a blog manager.

Social Media Management:

In contrast, social media presents a distinct entity, and once again, numerous companies lack the resources to effectively handle their social media profiles.

If you have experience using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, you have the potential to earn money by assisting businesses in handling their social media accounts.

Responsibilities could involve sharing media, creating engaging content, responding to comments, and overseeing groups and pages.

Facebook Marketing:

Due to its extensive user base, Facebook offers great potential for businesses to generate significant profits through advertising. If you possess expertise or understanding in online marketing, there are opportunities to earn income by assisting businesses in developing effective advertising strategies and executing engaging ad campaigns.

If you have a passion for designing visuals, you have the opportunity to create personalized graphics for bloggers and businesses. These graphics can include Pinterest graphics, social media banners, and logos.

To enhance your services, you can also provide branding assistance, aiding clients in crafting the visual identity of their blog or business.

Familiarity with software programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva is beneficial in this field.

Write An E-book:

You have the opportunity to engage in a side business by creating eBooks for small companies and bloggers. These eBooks are commonly used as incentives to encourage individuals to subscribe to their email lists. These projects are more substantial and require greater effort compared to writing blog posts, but they can be lucrative in terms of earning money by crafting and selling longer content.

Email Marketing:

If you possess expertise in constructing an email database and crafting newsletters that generate significant click-through rates, you have the opportunity to extend this service to other businesses and bloggers. Additionally, you can combine this service with tasks like composing articles and managing social media to create a comprehensive package for clients, thereby increasing your earnings potential.

Writing Of Reviews And Job Cover Letters:

The downside of searching for a job is that employers usually overlook candidates unless they possess an impressive resume and cover letter, which can be challenging for certain individuals to create

If you possess strong writing abilities and know how to create a succinct and informative resume and cover letter, you can propose to assist individuals in need of job application documents.

Virtual Customer Support:

Numerous call centres offer compensation to employees who can work remotely and handle customer service inquiries, including tasks as straightforward as email responses. All that’s required is a reliable internet connection and a computer. In certain cases, local call centre companies might even provide the necessary equipment for you.

Online Course/Webinars:

If you possess knowledge in a particular subject, you have the potential to monetize your expertise by offering it as a course or conducting online workshops.

Creating an online course allows you to generate passive income effortlessly. All you need to do is develop the course content, make it available online, and await interested customers.

While online workshops require a bit more engagement, they present an incredible chance to personally connect with individuals who can greatly benefit from your knowledge.


I trust that this article has provided you with valuable suggestions for potential side hustles that are ideal for stay-at-home moms. While some of these ideas may require specific skills and a significant time investment, it is possible to manage your daily responsibilities with children and allocate some extra time to generate additional income.

The key is to identify a passion or interest and dedicate your efforts to developing it into a viable side business.

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