9 Things That Happen When You Sleep With Your Makeup

admin June 23, 2018
Updated 2019/11/24 at 8:38 AM
9 Things That Happen When You Sleep With Your Makeup

Sometimes, due to the stress of the day, we slip up and end up going to bed in our full day attire and oh so bad, the layer of makeup.  It can be quite bad when you Sleep with your makeup may be once or twice, but it can be pardonable. But when it becomes a non-ending habit, then you should truly understand what actually goes on beneath your skin and all the damages you are inflicting upon it for this dreadful lifestyle. There are many terrible thing that does go wrong with your skin, from the acne outbursts to so much worse, therefore you should go through this list and stay clear from developing that habit and ensure to clean up your face before hitting the sheets.

Here are 9 things that can go wrong with your skin when you sleep with your makeup overnight

  1. Eye Irritation

Makeup removal is as essential to your beauty regimen as applying your makeup in the first place. If you do not properly wipe your face after the long day, you may develop eye irritations and infections especially from the chemical build up left behind by your mascara, eyeliner and other eye applicants. This can cause redness, itchiness and a whole lot of bacterial problems for you.

  1. Blackheads

Ever wondered how blackhead do develop on your skin. Well they come as a result of clogged pores from buildup of dirt and grease. This is made worse, if this buildups are from the weather, your makeup and every other thing that should probably have been wiped clean before you hit the sheets. Blackheads will develop when you sleep with your makeup.

  1. Thin Lashes

Yes, sister!, going to bed with your mascara as it will dry up your lashes and break them off before morning. You should seriously consider washing up before going to bed to avoid your lashes from thinning out and falling out.

  1. Pimples

Pimples are actually the most obvious result from developing this kind of habit. Yes, you should consider getting rid of that dreadful habit of sleeping with your makeup.

  1. Premature Aging

Your body rejuvenates new cells at night when you are sleeping, can you imagine that happening why you have too many chemicals in the way. Sleeping with your makeup increases the formation of free radicals and this may lead to a break down in the proteins in your skin and by so doing make you age faster.

  1. Dry Lips

As said earlier, overnight buildup of lipsticks will lead to the loss of moisture from your lips, living them dry and chapped.

  1. Dry Skin

Yes, this is never over emphasized, any such residues of makeup on your skin will create a barrier that prevents beneficial ingredients from penetrating your skin surface. It can prevent your moisturizer from giving its benefits to your skin

  1. Clogged Hair Follicles

Ever heard of styes or hordeolums? Well, these are bumps that can form on your eyelids as a result of going to bed in your Mascara all the time. You should ensure to completely wipe out all your Mascara off your Eyes before hitting the sheets, no matter how tired you are, the extra dedication saves a lot of cosmetic defects.

  1. Possible Cysts

Styes may be quite small and you can probably live with them, but what about cysts. Yes sleeping in your makeup can indeed develop cysts. You should ensure and develop the habit never to sleep with your makeup at all cost.

The consequences of doing otherwise are never worth it. If you do want to hold onto a youthful, healthy and lovely skin, then you should think twice about each time, you are tempted to go to bed in your Makeup


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