Small Scale Business In Nigeria That Is Lucrative And Require Little Capital

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small scale business in Nigeria

Many businesses exist in Nigeria that one can do with the smallest amount of money. The only problem is that many fail to realize these opportunities and use them fairly to their advantage. Poverty is not related to the amount of money in one’s pocket but the potentials of moving out of the state of Poverty. Well these are a list of 10 most lucrative small scale business in Nigeria, you can start with as low as 20,000, if not lower.

Small Scale Business In Nigeria That Is Lucrative

  1. Tutoring Services

Becoming a Tutor is by far the cheapest small scale businesses to begin but the hardest because you must be an expertise in your chosen field to excel in this. Tutoring services may be home based or at the home of your client. To start up your home tutoring service there are many ways to go about it. You can either share out billboards and flyers around your neighborhood to advertise your services. You can also consult with a school and join their tutoring services. All you really require in this kind of service is your brains and not funds. You can also tutor online at the different online learning sites on the internet.

  1. Training Centers

Training Centers is a much bigger form of tutoring since it usually involves a major location as well as more than one teacher. You can offer special services like board game training as well as Computer training courses or other professional courses. To begin these type of small scale business in Nigeria, you require a good location as well as massive advertising services. If you have a nice spacious house, you may begin by using your home or consult with the local halls (including schools) near you on the amount it may require to hire their building. It is very important that you find a good location that is neat and tidy; this will draw people towards your establishment.

  1. Daycare Services

This services is especially quite lucrative for women. Once you have a nice big house or good open spaces, you can start up your Daycare business, there are no shortages of people out there hoping and looking for such facilities. Starting these type of small scale business in Nigeria can be quite rigorous with issues of trust but in the long run, you will soon start smiling to the bank

  1. Restaurant Business

A Restaurant Business is quite a classic; it has been on the list for ages and still remains among the top lucrative businesses. As long as you are a good cook, you can begin these type of small scale business in Nigeria with a low as N20, 000.  Nowadays, you do not need to cook up all kinds of meal, you can stick to one popular meal; make yours very unique and stylish and soon you will have a lot of meals to prepare to worry about funds.

  1. Outdoor Catering Business

A catering business is another form of restaurant business; the difference is that it can be done anywhere and requires approval from a client. As a certified Caterer with awesome dishes in mind, you can sell off these services for a good price. An added advantage, you can own a Restaurant alongside, since your catering services may be required mainly at weekends.

  1. Confectioneries

This is one of the lucrative small scale business in Nigeria that can make you rich in a short while. Everyone loves a bit of junk food at any time. You can start up a cool business by pulling out that lovely recipe book of yours to bake us a bunch of good old pastries. And you can even make yours extra unique by going innovative like the innovative sharwama joints we see around in present times. You don’t have to join the trend, you can create your own which may be hard to sell off at first, but with little dedication, you will soar to greater heights.

  1. Internet Businesses

This so far is blossoming to greater heights, you can now sell your services over the internet for a price and this usually happens within the comfort of your home ensuring no such thing as hassle. All you do require to get this business kicking is a laptop and a good set of Computer skills in any area of your choice. This business is one of the most lucrative small scale business in Nigeria because of the massive growth potentials of any internet based business.

  1. Foodstuffs Business

This business is usually reserved for our mothers; but it is a highly lucrative setup especially if you know the market very well. Foodstuff business is one of our highly recommended lucrative small scale businesses as everyone must eat so the market is always available. You might require a bit more than 20,000 to start up this awesome business but with patience and dedication you will go places.

  1. Dry Cleaning Services

A lot of people in present day do not have time to do their own laundry, whereas the laundry business. You can begin this awesome business with just a little fund for your detergents and Pressing Iron, once your skills are quite Unique and with added virtue of carefulness, soon you will be singing and dancing in this wonderful business of choice.

  1. Retailing Services

By Retailing I do not mean the Provision market sellers but the Supply businesses. You can take a good look at your locality; and make good on the materials that can be supplied to vendors. You usually do not require a whole lot of funds to kick start this business; since you can get someone to stand in for you. There are many supply options; you can supply bread to vendors, petroleum products as well as toiletries to Hotels.

To start off these type of small scale business in Nigeria, all you require is a vehicle for transportation; it may be a car or some sort of tricycles. A good record of credit worthiness can get you started in this business; and you do not require a storage facility. It may take a while to get real clients but there’s no such thing as free and fast money; you have to work for it.

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