Starting From Wherever You Are, With What You Have

admin June 20, 2017
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Starting From Wherever You Are, With What You Have

To start anything is the most difficult part as it takes a lot of courage; to overcome the phase of procrastination.

You cannot control what will happen to you if you decide to take a walk; whether you will be hit by a car, beaten up or robbed; but you can control your reaction. Your reaction could be, never to take a walk again, even if it was important you do so, or continue to walk but being careful to avoid re-occurrence of those unpleasant experiences.

Starting off from wherever you find yourself in life is all about developing a positive mind set in tackling problems or challenges. It’s about always seeing the cup as “half full rather than half empty”.

How do you react when faced with a challenges or tough situation that looks like a dead end? Do you give up so easily or do you attempt to create a door through the wall, or create a diversion?.

Successful people are those who make the best out of any situation they find themselves. They may not have the capital or resources to start their desired business; but they will never give up on their dreams even if it meant starting little and scaling up in future.

I used to have a problem remembering directions to places I have visited before when I had someone with me providing directions; but I realized that this wasn’t so with places I had to find the way myself. It became difficult to forget those directions, maybe as a result of all the trouble I had to go through. There are many routes to a destination, but the easiest and shortest route is not always the best route.

Do you cry and complain about how things worked out; or do you play the hand you are dealt to the best of your ability?. The way to get ahead in life is to take what life dealt you and work it to the best of your ability.

You can achieve the results you desire, if you are willing to take what you get and make the most of it. You might not get what you want exactly when you want it, but you will definitely get it ahead of the person who doesn’t work as hard, as diligently, or with as much focus. It’s all about your attitude towards life

Attitude is everything as most people never have things working out as planned all the time. Even wealthy and powerful people sometimes have to make do with things goings against plans. Attitude separates those who get things from those who complain about how life has been unfair to them.

Some people make lemonade when life gives them lemons, others complain about having lemons instead of cherries. Your attitude in life will determine how much enjoyment and fulfilment you get out of life.

Life is like a marathon, that you may start as an underdog, have no head start; but still cross the finish line in good time, with perseverance, hard work, focus, positive mindset and faith.


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