Steve Austin Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Steve Austin Net Worth
Steve Austin Net Worth

Steve Austin, born Steven James Anderson is an American retired professional wrestler, actor, producer, and television host. He enjoyed a successful career in wrestling circles from 1991 to date. This article takes a look at Steve Austin net worth, his life, choices, a career as well as other interesting facts.

He started his professional wrestling career in 1991 with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and had a brief stint with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) before moving to World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in late 1995. He was with WWE till he retired from professional wrestling in 2003. During his career, he headlined various pay-per-view events including three WrestleManias (XIV, XV, and X-Seven).

Austin also held a total of 19 championships throughout his wrestling career among which are WWF World Heavyweight Championship, Intercontinental Championship as well as Royal Rumbles.

Steve Austin net worth is estimated at $30 million

Steve Austin Early Life

Steve Austin was born on 18th December 1964, to James and Beverly Anderson (née Harrison) in Austin, Texas. His parents divorced when he was about a year old after which his mother moved with him to Edna, Texas where he spent his childhood.

His mother got married to Ken Williams in 1968 and Steve adopted his stepfather’s name legally, changing his name to Steven James Williams. He has four siblings, three brothers (Scott, Kevin, and Jeff) and a younger sister Jennifer.

He was given a football scholarship at Edna High School to Wharton County Junior College which was followed by a full scholarship at the University of North Texas.

How He Got into Wrestling

Austin joined Chris Adams’ school in the Dallas Sportatorium when he decided to be a wrestler. There he wrestled for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). His training at the school was purely technical, teaching him just the moves. Austin left the USWA which was a merger of World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) in 1990 and signed with WCW in 1991.

A few weeks after joining the WCW, he won his first match against Bobby Eaton for his first WCW World Television Championship which he later lost to Barry Windham in the match held on April 27, 1992. On January 1993, he formed a tag team with Brian Pillman known as The Hollywood Blonds. They won the WCW World Tag Team Championship and the unified NWA in March 1993.

Unfortunately, in June 1995 Austin was fired by the then WCW Vice President Eric Bischoff due to his triceps injury which made him be viewed as a non-marketable wrestler. After his exit from WCW, he was contacted by Paul Heyman, now in Extreme Championship Wrestling but had worked with him in WCW.

Austin was hired by Heyman to do ring interviews as he was not fully recovered from his injury enough to wrestle. It was at ECW that Steve Austin developed his microphone skills. It was also during his stint at ECW that he developed his ‘stone cold’ persona and he credited Paul Heyman as the man who taught him how to cut a promo.

In late 1995, Kevin Nash and Jim Ross convinced WWF’s owner Vince McMahon to re-hire Austin. He was awarded the Million Dollar Championship by his manager, Ted DiBiase on his debut match on the January 8, 1996 episode of Raw. He rose to stardom when he won the King of the Ring tournament in 1996.

At the end of the game, Austin mocked his opponent, Jake “The Snake” Roberts who was portraying to be a Christian by proclaiming the now-iconic catchphrase “Austin 3:16” as a parody of the Bible verse John 3:16.

The catchphrase became one of the most popular catchphrases in wrestling history as well as becoming one of the best-selling T-shirts in WWE merchandise history.

Austin later partnered with Shawn Michaels to defeat Owen Hart and The British Bulldog for the WWF Tag Team Championship. This was his first title in WWF. Austin and Owen Hart faced each other again with Hart’s Intercontinental Championship on the line.

Despite a broken neck and suffering from temporary paralysis, Austin managed to crawl over and pin Hart using a roll-up to win the Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately, he had to relinquish the title due to his injury.

WrestleMania XIV saw Austin winning the WWF World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels who suffered two legitimate herniated discs during the match. His winning the championship ushered the Austin Era into WWF. He later lost the Championship to Kane.


From then till the end of 2003 when he retired from professional wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin engaged in a lot of feuds with a lot of people including Vince McMahon, Kevin Nash, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, as well as Chris Jericho.

Austin’s final match was in a match at WrestleMania XIX in 2003 where he was defeated by The Rock, who had earlier expressed his frustration at having never defeated Austin at WrestleMania. He officially retired from wrestling when he announced his retirement in an interview on

He also stated that he and Vince McMahon had reached an agreement that would see Austin appear in a non-wrestling role on a weekly basis.

Between his official retirement from professional wrestling and now, he has made appearances in different dimensions on WWF/WWE. He was made Sheriff of Raw between 2003 and 2004, was made a special guest referee during the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg match at WrestleMania XX, faced John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) in a beer-drinking contest as well as inducted Bret Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Other Ventures

Steve Austin has also done a stint in acting as well as hosting. He had guest roles on Celebrity Deathmatch as well as Seasons 4 and 5 of CBS’s Nash Bridges, where he played a San Francisco Police Department Inspector Jake Cage. His first movie role was as a supporting cast in the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard while his first starring role was in The Condemned in 2007. He also appeared in Dan Paine in The Expendables in 2010.

Personal Life and Relationships

He got married to his high school sweetheart Kathryn Burrhus, whom he dated throughout high school and college on November 24, 1990.

However, Steve was in a relationship with a co-worker, Jeanie Clarke (“Lady Blossom”). This made his marriage to Kathryn to be annulled in 1992,  while Austin and Clarke married on December 18, 1992. The pair have two daughters, Stephanie (1992), and Cassidy (1996) while he also adopted a daughter, Jade born by Clarke in a previous relationship.

The pair divorced in 1999. Austin got married again to wrestling valet Debra Marshall on September 13, 2000, and he filed for divorce on July 22, 2002, which was finalized on February 5, 2003.

He got married to his fourth wife, Kristin in late 2009. They split their time between his home in California and his property in Nevada.

Steve Austin Net Worth

Steve Austin net worth is estimated at $30 Million. This he has gotten from his various ventures as an actor, host, and professional wrestler.

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