Steve McQueen Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Children and Death

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Steve McQueen Net Worth

Steve McQueen Net Worth    $30 Million 

Popular Name:Steve McQueen
Real Name:Terrence Stephen McQueen
Birth Date:24 March 1930
Birth Place:Beech Grove, Indiana, United States
Age:Died at 50
Marital Status:Single
Neile Adams
(m. 1956; div. 1972)
Ali MacGraw
(m. 1973; div. 1978)
Barbara Minty (m. 1980)
Years active:1952 – 1980
Net Worth:$30 million
Last Updated:2022


Sometimes referred to as “the King of Cool”, American actor Steve McQueen reached famous heights around the 1960s and 70s. Growing up in reform schools, McQueen spent some years in the United States Marine before diving into the world of glamour.

During his early days, he juggled between acting and racing, and soon set forth to make a career in acting. Starting with stage shows, he gained experience swiftly and took the big screen by storm, donning roles of tough military personnel or police officers in action and war flicks.

Film after film, Steve gave hits which him as a top box-office draw. Some of his noteworthy films include, “The Great Escape”, “Bullitt”, and others which account for Steve McQueen net worth.

Steve McQueen’s Early Life

Steve McQueen was named Terrence Stephen McQueen when he was born in Beech Grove, Indiana, on 24 March 1930, to William Terence McQueen and Julia Ann. His father left them before he was born.

He had a difficult childhood as his mother couldn’t bring him up alone. Steve was raised as a Catholic by his grandparents until he was eight years old and rejoined his mother and stepfather in Indianapolis.

He had it all bad with his stepfather who beat him often. This made him run away from home and found himself leading the life of crime after joining street gangs.

Realizing what he was turning into, he was sent to California Junior Boys Republic by his parents, and it changed his ways. He stopped doing petty crimes and became responsible.

At 16 years of age, he dropped out of school and started to do odd jobs for his upkeep, including working as a lumberjack, a Carnival Barker, and laborer.

Steve McQueen’s Career

In 1947, seventeen-year-old Steve McQueen joined the US Marine Corps. After several infringements like being rebellious and going on unauthorized leave, he became disciplined and went on to save lives of fellow marine corps in an arctic exercise. He was awarded and honorably discharged later on from the services.

His first major role which gave him recognition as an actor was in the television series ‘’Tales of Wells Fargo”. He earned favourable reviews for his role in “Never So Few”.  His first major hit was the film “Magnificent seven” (1960), and it provided a boost to his acting career.

He had a role in the film ‘’Great escape’’ and secured superstar credentials for himself. In the 1967 movie, titled, “The Sand Pebbles’’ his performance as an engine room sailor was enough to secure him an Academy Award nomination.

In 1968, he appeared in one of his best-known films, “Bullitt”, in which his car chase is regarded as one of the best car chases in the history of cinema.

With other noteworthy films like “Getaway” (1972) and “Papillion’’ (1973), McQueen became the highest paid actor in the world.

Alongside acting, Steve McQueen never gave up on racing. He was an avid race car and motorcycle enthusiast. Interestingly, he performed several of his stunts on his own. Such was his interest in racing that at a point, he considered becoming a professional race car driver.

Awards & achievements

Interestingly, despite his popularity and acting antics, Steve McQueen did not receive any award during his career except for one Academy Award nomination for the film, “The Sand Pebbles”.

Posthumously, he received awards and honors, including:

  • An induction into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999
  • An induction into Hall of Great Western Performers in 2007
  • Ranked 26th on the list of “50 Sexiest Stars of All Time” in 2005
  •  Honoured by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) with the Warren Zevon Tribute Award in 2012

Personal Life & Family

McQueen married three times in his lifetime. He married Neile Adams in 1956 and she bore him two children before they divorced in 1972. He married “The Getaway” co-star Ali MacGraw in 1973 and divorced her five years later in 1978. He finally married model Barbara Minty.

Apart from his three marriages, Steve McQueen was known to had been in several relationships. Some names are Mamie Van Doren, Lauren Hutton, and Barbara Leigh.

Steve McQueen was a drug addict. He was a heavy cigarette smoker, and also smoked marijuana and cocaine. He was an alcoholic as well, and all these didn’t do his health any good.


In 1978, Steve McQueen developed a persistent cough which got worse over time. The following year, examinations revealed that he had pleural mesothelioma, a type of cancer. His condition deteriorated the more as he developed tumors in his abdomen.

In 1980, he flew to Mexico to undergo a surgery to get rid of the abdominal tumor on his liver. Despite cautions from doctors in the United States, who told him that  his heart was weak to undergo a surgery and that the tumor was inoperable, McQueen checked in a clinic in Mexico using a false name.

12 hours after surgery, Steve McQueen died due to cardiac arrest at age 50 on November 7, 1980. His body was cremated and the ashes were spread in the Pacific Ocean.

Age & Physical Features

Steve McQueen was 50 years old when he breathed his last. He weighed 77kg and had a good height of 177cm.

Steve McQueen Net Worth

His earnings came from his appearances in many films, many of which were successful box office hits. He also had his time on television, and this also contributed to his fortune. Here’s what we’ve gathered on Steve McQueen salary and lifestyle before his transition.

Salary & Earnings

Acting is the only main source of Steve McQueen net worth. He was so popular as an actor that he became the highest-paid in the world and commanded very high remuneration for the roles he played.  He also earned a lot from starring in numerous commercials for bikes, cars and watches.

Houses, Cars, Lifestyle

Steve McQueen lived a very grand lifestyle when he was alive, and posthumously, his legacy still commands great wealth and respect.

McQueen possessed many fast car wonders including Porsche 908, 1962 Cobra, Porsche 917, Ferrari 512, Jaguar D-Type XKSS, Porsche 356 Speedster, 1963 Ferrari 250 LussoBerlinetta, and Ford GT40. He was also known to have a bevy of aircrafts, which he flew and owned. As of 2007, his estate entered the top 10 of highest earning dead celebrities.

Steve McQueen net worth was last enumerated to $30 million.

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