How To Keep Sticky Bras From Slacking

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How To Keep Sticky Bras From Slacking

Bras are the bane of our existence as woman. They can be quite a nuisance as well as a necessity. You may probably not know that modern bras are only about a 150years old which is quite new. We have had so much problems with our bras for centuries; despite the fact that they area great protection against gravity and eventual sagging; they tend to get in the way of our favorite backless or strapless gowns. No one likes to see straps hanging out of your shoulders. Finally, we got a bra that’s so good for just all that purposes and so much as well; it comes strapless, backless and can be quite comfortable; sticky bras.

Sticky bras allow you wear all that fun outfits without the added burden of straps or backs and they are quite functional but have a little bit of downside, the stickiness tends to fade and can feel quite gross once it stays on for just one use.

Well there is a tricky way of enjoying your sticky bras all the more and it only involves a bit of soap and water.

How To Keep Sticky Bras From Slacking

  1. Immediately after use, rinse bra with water and a bit of soap. This removes all skin residues from the bra.
  2. Scrub off any dirt from the Bra’s adhesive, this simple act restores the adhesive part of the bra back to its original state. This is because dirt tends to make adhesives slimy and less effective.
  3. To dry your sticky bras is quite easy; all you have to do is place bras on a flat surface such as your dresser with the adhesives area facing upwards and let it dry overnight. For better effects, you can place i at the top of its packaging bag and let it dry in cool air. Remember never to sundry your adhesives, which are a much quicker way of ruining them.

Don’t bother patting them dry and losing some sleep in the process, just let them be; and they will be dry in no time, so you can use it again with that Backless gown you love so much.

A real benefit is that sticky bras comes in all shapes and sizes; and can be used by both big busted and small ones. Don’t feel desolate that there’s none for you, there are many titles out there for all shapes and sizes.

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