7 Great Apps That Can Help Students Save Money

admin June 28, 2018
Updated 2020/04/16 at 7:26 AM
Student Budgeting App

As a student, you are always plagued with many difficulties,  low funds, how you manage your funds and so many more. You find that you spend more even while you are struggling to save.  However you can manage you funds better through a student budgeting app. Download these budgeting application on your smartphone and save and budget your money efficiently.

Student Budgeting App That Can Help Students Save Money


This budgeting app assists you identify your expenses while enabling you to adjust your spending. Once you connect mint to your bank account, it uses your details to help you create a personalized budget. This app helps you budget and save based on your available fund. You can download at www.mint.com, iOS store, and windows OS.


This student budgeting app helps you to manage your finances. It takes control of your money and helps to balance your funds and expenses. It also helps you to understand what you spend your money on.  You can log in your costs into this app. It reminds you when you exceed your set budget. You can download on iOS store and Google play store.

Level money

This is another student budgeting app and it helps you to follow your budget; it helps you to detect how much you spend. This app also helps you to save for more significant expenses such as school fees and the likes. It reminds you when you are paying more than what you have budgeted. This application keeps track of your budget and how much you spend. It rewards you when you pay less by putting the unconsumed money back to your account. You can get it in iOS store and Google play store.

Good budget

This student budgeting app helps you to plan your monthly expenses. It helps you to spend your money on what is necessary and essential rather than things that are frivolous. It helps you to keep track of your irregular funds. Download on www.goodbudget.com, iOS store, and Google play store.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This student budgeting app helps you to create a budget that you can quickly adapt to. It helps you to plan for infrequent expenses,  help you learn to live off previous funds. It also tells you when you overspend. You can get on iOS store and Google play store.


This student budgeting app is straightforward to use. This app gives you the opportunity to transfer money if it is urgently needed in between budgets.  This app also tells you how exactly your spending habits can affect you financially tomorrow. It keeps you in check if you are the type that struggles with sticking to your budget. You can get this app on iOS store and Google Play Store.


This budgeting application is strict; it returns the money you do not need to your savings. This app helps you to identify what makes you overspend and enables you to avoid them. You can get the app today on the iOS store and Google Play Store.

Budgeting has been proven to be one of the best ways to control your expenses and spending habits and in turn, helps you save. This budgeting application can help you save money and spend wisely.


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