How To Leverage Study Abroad Programs For International Career Development

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph June 30, 2023
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How To Leverage Study Abroad Programs For International Career Development

The act of studying abroad and the accompanying experiences bring about profound changes in a person’s life. These experiences have the potential to reshape one’s career aspirations, enhance their understanding of their own abilities, and expand their knowledge of the industry.

Numerous employers view studying abroad as advantageous. It is incumbent upon the individual to capitalize on their personal and professional growth effectively after completing their studies abroad.

The experience of studying abroad has a significant impact on individuals both academically and professionally. Exposing oneself to unfamiliar and challenging circumstances while studying abroad not only fosters adaptability to new environments but also equips students with knowledge, skills, and capabilities applicable in any professional setting.

Consequently, when seeking employment, it is crucial to integrate one’s study abroad experience into their resume, cover letter, and job interview. To distinguish oneself from other candidates, it is essential to master the art of effectively communicating the unique skills and experiences gained during the study abroad program.

How To Leverage Study Abroad Programs For International Career Development

Valuable Work Experience:

If you are considering studying abroad, you can explore a potential career path while continuing your education by taking advantage of an international internship program. If your study abroad program does not offer this opportunity, you can also join a club or organization at your host institution or participate in the campus “work-study” program.

These options will allow you to acquire valuable work skills that you can highlight on your resume, distinguishing yourself from other job candidates during your job search.

Internships provide practical experience prior to fully entering the workforce. Additionally, internships enable you to acquire and refine transferable skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills, among others, which will benefit your career journey.

Participating in clubs and organizations during your time abroad demonstrates to potential employers your level of involvement as an employee in their company.

Work-study programs serve as an excellent means to overcome the initial obstacle of lacking a proven skill set or experience when applying for post-graduation jobs. Gaining this experience while still, a student puts you ahead of the curve.

Boost Your Resume:

Developing a travel blog that documents your overseas experiences exhibits numerous sought-after abilities. Firstly, it indicates your proficiency in establishing and managing a blog, showcasing your expertise in web-related matters. By chronicling your daily travel adventures, you enhance and exhibit your aptitude for writing.

Additionally, creating social media platforms to promote your blog, or even an independent Instagram or Twitter account highlighting your time abroad, demonstrates your adeptness at cultivating a substantial online following.

Considering the growing significance of social media for businesses in raising awareness about their products and services, possessing social media skills is highly advantageous to potential employers. Being able to discuss your experience in building a social following during an interview holds immense value.


Irrespective of whether you’re planning to pursue education in a different country or a new state, venturing out of your hometown to study for a semester in an unfamiliar location demands flexibility. It involves acquainting yourself with new customs and navigating through the unique intricacies of your new state or country. Additionally, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the geography of your neighbourhood and figure out how to navigate it.

When you find yourself in an unknown place, it becomes essential to acquire knowledge and adjust accordingly. This adaptability is highly valued by employers who anticipate your ability to assimilate into their work environment and learn their procedures.

During interviews, recruiters often ask potential candidates to share an experience in which they had to overcome a new challenge.

Facilitates Networking:

Studying in a foreign country presents an incredible chance to expand your network significantly. The individuals you encounter during your study abroad experience have the potential to become valuable connections that can benefit your career for many years to come. As your study abroad classmates will likely come from various locations, maintaining contact with them could offer you potential connections if you plan to work in a different city or state after graduation.

Furthermore, many professors who lead study abroad programs maintain long-term relationships with their students. It is possible that your professor may have connections with former classmates who are seeking candidates for entry-level positions that align perfectly with your skills and qualifications!

Boost Cultural Literacy:

The crucial aspects of a culture that are essential to understand are often left untold. Yet, as you gradually gain experience and observe closely, you will gradually unravel the cultural knowledge that shapes people’s actions.

What are the underlying values, attitudes, and assumptions that influence their behaviour? It is important to set aside any preconceived notions about how the world should be and make an effort to comprehend the perspectives held by individuals in the culture you are exploring. Assess your comprehension of discrimination and prejudice, and consider how these matters impact the people within that particular culture.

Travel Experience:

When you journey through your host country, there are boundless opportunities for exploration and discovery. If you have a penchant for weekend getaways, it would be advantageous to seek out a study abroad program that schedules classes for only four days a week. By doing so, you can embark on thrilling adventures during a three-day weekend.

To ensure seamless side trips, it is advisable to plan ahead. Conduct thorough research on your desired weekend destination city before departure. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with its layout, identify noteworthy festivals and events that you wouldn’t want to overlook, and effectively manage your time.

Gives Room For Personal Development:

Consider becoming a knowledgeable expert by fully immersing yourself in the country you are studying in. If you have the desire to travel, as most people do, it might be beneficial to travel independently before or after the program ends.

A worthwhile personal objective is one that leaves a lasting impact or impression. Enhance your proficiency in the local language and your ability to engage with the local community. Alumni can contribute their industry knowledge to the university’s development of new study programs, thereby enriching the international study experience.

Foster students’ personal growth by promoting self-assurance and confidence, encouraging a spirit of exploration and experimentation, and refining social skills in unfamiliar situations. Only by venturing outside of your comfort zone and facing challenging circumstances can you truly discover your identity.


Participating in an overseas educational program has the potential to set you apart as a promising candidate for future employment. Be ready to capitalize on the advantages of this experience and effectively communicate the significance of your time abroad to potential employers. Engaging in a study abroad initiative will grant you a wider perspective, empowering you to advance your professional trajectory.

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