How To Gain Admission To Study Abroad

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How To Gain Admission To Study Abroad

Study Abroad can be very tasking and expensive.This article will explore all the details that you must cover, if you wish to gain admission into any university of your choice outside the country

In other to achieve that desire of schooling abroad, the first and most important thing you need is proper information. Yes information is power and in this scenario, it is the ultimate. You need to understand all the procedures you will require to succeed to have a successful admission into any university abroad.

How To Gain Admission To Study Abroad

Pick a school of choice

Whatever your desires are, you should look through all the schools and the countries you would love to study. There is so much to pick from, some schools offer full scholarships, some offer none, check to see if the courses you wish to study are available in that school, check that the cost  and location are suitable for your needs.

Location: Location is very important, while considering Juicy options like the UK and the US, try to find schools that are relatively close to relatives so as to ensure a smoother transition. You should bear in mind that the Nigerian currency does not transcribe to what it is in this country, an average income earner may otherwise be regarded as been less than desirable to take you through school.

Scholarships: You can get full time scholarships as well as part time scholarships. In addition, some schools offer you the opportunity to become an assistant in various aspects; it could be a teacher’s assistant or laboratory assistant; make sure to check all avenues so you will maximize your options for the better.

Entry requirements to get admission into a school abroad

If you wish to study abroad, you will have to apply to your chosen schools one by one. Applications must follow the set guidelines prescribed by the school. Application fees are also inclusive, it can range from $20.00 to $150.00.

Typically all schools admission requirements may include the following:

  • WAEC result
  • Recommendation letter
  •  Bank statement within the past 6 months
  • University transcripts (for Post graduate)or High School transcripts
  • SAT or GRE score
  • TOEFL Score and so on.

Do ensure that you also follow suit on admission deadlines, as all applications after the deadline may not be considered.

Other requirements

As expected since you do require to study abroad, you will have to process your International passport. It is often advisable to have this ready before or during applications and not after you have been successfully offered admission.

Tips to a successful application to study abroad

There are a few requirements that must be met before you can gain that admission you so desire abroad. Here are a few of them, ensure you have all of them before taking the next step.

  • 5 Credit Units in WAEC subjects including mathematics and English
  • High Scores in TOEFL, GRE and SAT examinations (up to 3.5out of a 5 CG-PA)
  • For Post graduate courses, bachelors degree of 2nd class upper honors  and above stand a better chance although 2nd class lowers maybe accepted by some institutions.

You can get an admission  with any University to study abroad, all you have to do is follow the proper procedure while utilizing the right knowledge.

if you do need any more information, please drop a comment below, lets discuss it


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