What Your Dressing And Fashion Sense Says About Your Style

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What Your Style Of Dressing Says About You

The choices we make are a reflection of the way we see life (our world view) and this deals with our psychology. Our actions most times deal with the way we receive some messages from the world and it shows in our response. There are different people in the world. All, with different characters and ways of thinking. No two people are the same and as long as we would love to prove why, it is what it is.Our style of dressing says a lot about us.

Fashion is an expression of one’s way of life and world view. It is, on its own, an art linked fully to the psych which gives a full representation of who we are. Every individual has a certain way of dressing and different reasons for such a decision. Some people aim for comfortability, some aim for respect, some, attention from the opposite sex, some, a show of wealth. It could also be a way for people to show their cultural heritage or a carefree life style, while some people have no reason at all. In basic fashion today, usual wears include pants, t-shirts, polos, shirt, head-wears and underwear. Do you want to know what category you belong to? let’s get to it.

1.Do you always throw a top on a pant (probably jean or plain) or skirt? Do you wear a plain dress without worrying about the fitting? Have you worn that cloth maybe once or twice in the past week and probably don’t even know you wore it? Well, your fashion sense depicts that you’re very carefree person. You do not care about the opinions of other people or how they see you, You maybe have a little identity problem but won’t let people paint your life picture for you. We can cautiously say You are a person that hope to be very rich one day to shut down the side comments you might have heard about your style. You are hardworking. My advice would be to try and work on yourself. Figure out who you really are and what you care about. Maybe then, your style would change.

2.Do you take your time in choosing your outfit making sure they match colour-wise? Do you pick out about two to three outfits a night before and wear them all while keenly listening to the advice of the people around you as to which outfit looks better? If you are in this category, you care a whole lot about how people view you. I would say you have identity issues also but you know yourself but don’t want to accept it. You give in a lot to peer pressure and it has led you to doing some things you regret.

Friendship and family are the most important aspects of life to you which is why you act on peoples review about you. You are a fun person but your style is not a permanent one because it can waver at a point in your life. Finally, you seem to be influenced a lot by your parents. If you are above 18, this means you are old enough to have a mind of your own. I’d say “embrace yourself more”. Learn to know who your real friends are and let your parents know that you have your life to live.

3.Is your wardrobe filled with every designer wear available? Do you make sure to iron your clothes before you leave every day? Do you wear price over quality? Yes, you’re rich and it is mostly evident in your dressing. You fall under the working class category, You often pass off as being proud but you just have a sense of showing off what you worked hard for. We can conclude that You are a neat and organized person and love being in control. You have a slight tendency of getting angry easily as you’re overworked and care more about your bank figures. I like your style but my unsolicited advice would be to take a vacation, rest, find somebody or a hubby to spend time with and love. Maybe ask for a raise.

4.Are you a compulsive formal dresser? Do you wear a shirt, pants and tie to every event? even without a tie, do you always have a shirt on? Maybe this time with a blazer? And are shoes a must-wear? You do care a lot about how you are addressed (as the saying goes), You know who you are. We can say You are intelligent and focused, very easy going and friendly. Morality seems to be a high standard and you tend to be judgy. You love time to yourself. You are very good at your craft and love it. Little advice, loose the formal wear sometimes and have some fun. Live life outside the box. It pays.

5.Do you have no specific dressing pattern? Anything goes? Do you keep track of the last time you wore a cloth? Does the trend leave you behind? Do you even hate going with the trend? Hmmm!!! Well, we have a case of I-Don’t-Care-But-I-Want-To-Look-Good. You believe you do not care about people’s opinion but secretly do, You are not very buoyant but dream big naturally. Its obvious You often take life a day at a time and hate being judged. You secretly have a crush on someone and only care about how the person sees you. You are very confusing. Maybe I would advice you to choose a pattern but you hate predictability. Don’t wait too long to walk up to your crush. You may be their crush too. Or not!

Life is an adventure. Change is a constant. We are who we are. As we change, we always fall into another category. Do not make it your life.


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