Five Sugar Substitutes That Help In Weight Control

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Sugar Substitutes

This article is about Sugar Substitutes that have low or no-calorie, help reduce the number of calories taken into the body, therefore, helping in weight control.  Removing sugar from your diet is one of the best things you can do to lose weight and improve your general health. These sugar substitutes can help in the control of weight.

Five Sugar Substitutes That Help In Weight Control

  1. Monk fruit

These sugar substitutes are 150 – 200 times sweeter than sugar; it contains zero calories and carbohydrates. Monk fruit help stabilizes blood sugar levels and is very good for your diet. The antioxidant contained in monk fruit give it its sweetness,  it helps lower oxidative stress –which is stress due to aging.  There is no evidence of an adverse side effect but keep in mind that it is relatively new to the scene. Quality monk fruit sweetener can be very hard to find as the ones found in grocery stores contain dextrose or have other additives that make the insulin in the body to respond.

Sugar Substitutes
Monk Fruit
  1. Yacon syrup

It has been found out that yacon syrup has shown to be significant in weight control and also in weight loss. It is also an effective sugar substitute as it contains 40 – 50% fructooligosaccharides which can be adequately digested, these fructooligosaccharides help in the decrease of the hunger hormone, ghrelin,  so this helps to decrease your appetite and hunger. Yacon syrup contains only 1/3 of calories when compared to regular sugar. Do not consume yacon syrup in large quantities as it can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea and gas. Only use yacon syrup to sweeten beverages and another type of food,  do not add when baking as it breaks down molecular structures at high temperature.

  1. Raw honey

Raw honey contains almost 200 health-promoting substances; it is rich in phytonutrient. Raw honey contains antioxidant that can help lower inflammation and chronic disease. Using raw honey as sugar substitutes can lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides and also, in turn, increase good cholesterol, but it can also cause blood sugar to rise in some individuals.  Raw honey can help activate the hormone that can regulate appetite in the body, therefore, aiding in weight control. Make sure to consume the raw,  unfiltered honey with no additives, not the pasteurized version you find in grocery stores.

  1. Xylitol

This sugar substitute is sugar alcohol derived from xylose – a crystalline sugar found in the birch bark – with similar sweetness to sugar. It does not cause your blood sugar or insulin level to rise. It contains only 40% of calories. This sweetener is even recommended for diabetics because of its low glycemic rating of just 13. Xylitol metabolizes eight times slower than regular sugar in the body; It also metabolizes without insulin. The downside to xylitol as one of sugar substitutes is its laxative effect.

  1. Molasses

This is the thick, brown syrup that is gotten as the end product of boiled cane sugar. Molasses has a high nutritional value than regular sugar; it contains minerals like magnesium, potassium,  iron, manganese and the B vitamins. Molasses have been known to help with constipation and menstrual cramps.

There are no perfect sugar substitutes even the healthier ones can be harmful to the body in substantial quantity. So be mindful to avoid excessive intake.


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