Taylor Alesia Net Worth, Income, Family and Boyfriends

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Taylor Alesia Net Worth

Taylor Alesia net worth and biography is about a popular social media personality widely known for her fantastic Youtube page, where she makes videos, music and an interesting fact that suits her fantasy. She first got established on Social media via Twitter and Instagram before moving to YouTube.

Taylor Alesia Early Life

Taylor Alesia was born on the 13th of October in 1996. She was born in New York, America and is of Caucasian origin. She was raised in Arizona and her Zodiac sign is Libra. At the age of 13, Taylor Alesia started live streaming on YouNow. Many people mistook her for a model and started using her photos online for catfishing.

So, she decided to open an Instagram page so that people will identify with her in those photos. Soon. She was  again misread as an Instagram model and in only a few months she got well over 400K followers. This was before she moved on to Muser where she got over 1.8 million followers in just a year and a half.

After this, she moved onto open her YouTube channel, which is titled “tayloralesia” and was created on the 26th of May, 2015. She currently has well over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.3 million subscribers on Instagram. She is also popular among Twitter users with over 177 thousand subscribers and YouNow with 42.5 thousand subscribers

Interesting Facts About Taylor Alesia

Taylor Alesia is never shy about sharing her personal life online. She loves filming herself whether in bed, at the beach or even while lounging with friends. From time to time, she shares music and on other times she shares videos about her relationships and daily tasks. Some of her most viewed videos include Dad Ripped my Bellybutton Piercing Out, Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend and Extreme Couples Challenges. One of her most popular songs is “Speechless” which she released on her page in 2018. She has also assisted Taylor Canniff’s RV project tour with merchandise.

Taylor Alesia Boyfriends

As a famous YouTube star, Taylor is always trending especially because of her relationships. In 2017, Alesia began dating Tanner Fox, who is a fellow YouTuber. They have even been spotted kissing in Disney land and have made several videos about each other on their channels. However, they separated in April 2018 to which Taylor began searching for a new boyfriend via Tinder. Before long, she began dating Matt Freeman. Some of her former boyfriends before the last two includes Taylor Caniff (2015, Vine star personality) and Mikey Barone (2015, social media personality).

Taylor Alesia Parents, Siblings & Family

Taylor Alesia keeps her parents and family photos away from her videos most times. But she has done a tweet about her mom being her best friend on Twitter. However, a video uploaded on the 5th of March, 2018, titled “Who I AM”, shed more light into the fact that she does indeed have both parents intact and a sibling sister as well. However, the details about her place of residence and parents remain a secret fact, although it is quite clear that they support her internet career which she has often twitted about. She has also shared some pictures about her dad at some point but always with a huge glass that definitely had nothing to say about his true identity.

Taylor Alesia Net worth

As a very dynamic YouTube and Instagram blogger, Taylor Alesia generates over $30,000 in revenue from time to time. Taylor Alesia net worth is currently over $1 million.

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