Taylor Swift Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend and Age

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Taylor Swift Net Worth
Taylor Swift Net Worth

Taylor Swift is a very popular American songwriter and singer. She is mostly known for writing and singing songs that narrate her personal life.

Her singing career started when she was just 14 years making her the youngest artist to be signed by Sony Music House. Taylor Swift net worth is approximately $360 million.

Her album in 2006 was the longest on the chart in the United States and one of its singles made Taylor the youngest to solely write and sing a no. 1 song on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Her album “Fearless” became one of the best-selling and also certified diamonds in the United States. It won 4 Grammy awards and she became the winner of Album of the year.

Another of her albums won two Grammy’s and the singer has sold up to 50 million albums worldwide. In 2017, she released her album titled “Reputation” and it sold more than a million copies in just a week in the United States.

The major source of her net worth comes from her singing career although she has also made appearances in movies. She was listed as number eight in the Billboard list of greatest artists of all time.

Rolling Stone has also honored her as one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Taylor has won a total of 10 Grammy awards, 6 Guinness records, and one Emmy.

Taylor Swift Early Life

Taylor Alison Swift was born on the 13th of December, 1989 to Scott Kingsley Swift, a stockbroker, and Andrea Gardner Finlay, a homemaker in Reading Pennsylvania.

She is of Scottish descent and is the sister of the actor, Austin Kingsley Swift. Taylor went to Alvernia Montessori and also The Wyndcroft school.

The family later relocated to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and she went to Wyomissing Area Junior and Senior High School.

Swift started showing interest in music at the age of nine and began performing in four Berks Theatre.

Then she got her inspiration from Shania Twain and started veering toward country music. She was performing at local events and festivals as a child.

When she was 11 years, she traveled to Nashville, Tennessee alongside her mother to submit her demo to a record label. However, she was rejected but that did not stop or discourage Taylor.

At 12 years, she was taught how to play guitar by Ronnie Cremer who also helped her in writing her first song “Lucky You”.

As a teenager, she worked as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch and started attending meetings with record labels. Taylor was later given a development deal after she performed original songs at an RCA showcase.

The family later relocated to Hendersonville and she attended a high school there. She later transferred to a school that could tolerate her rising career and scheduling and she later graduated a year early.      

Taylor Swift Career


While she was in Nashville, she was working with other songwriters like the Warren Brothers, Brett James, Brett Beavers, and Mac McAnally.

She was later signed by ATV publishing house and left RCA when she was just 14. After she impressed Scott Borchetta, he signed her to “Big Machine Records”, his own label with her father buying a 3% stake in the company.

Even though the major source of her wealth net comes from being a musician, she is also a pretty accomplished songwriter.

After she was signed, she started working on her first album writing about three singles on it. She co-wrote the others with writers like Angelo Petraglia, Brian Maher, and Robert Ellis Orrall.

The album was self-titled “Taylor Swift” which she released on the 24th of October, 2006. The album sold over 7.75 million copies and was number 5 on Billboard 200.

She won different awards like Horizon, Academy of Country Music, and American Music for different categories and also got her first Grammy nomination.

From 2007 to 2008, she released singles like “Teardrops on My Guitar”, “Our Songs”, “Should’ve Said No” and “Picture to Burn”. Most of her singles were successful and some of them topped the charts in the United States.


Her second album was released in 2008 and its single “Love Story” was number 4 on the Hot 100 list. She also released other singles, “You Belong with Me”, “White Horse”, “Fearless”, and “Fifteen“.

The album grossed about $63 millionShe was given an award for the best female video for her song “You Belong with Me” at MTV Video Music.

In 2009, she got five AMAs and was named artist of the year.

Taylor Swift kept releasing albums after this and her songs were topping the charts. She released a fearless album which also earned her another Grammy. She also co-wrote “Best Days of Your Life” and also wrote two soundtracks for the Hannah Montana movie.

In 2009, she starred in an episode in the series Crime Scene Investigation where she played the role of a teenager that was rebellious. She also received praise for her first acting debut.

Over the years, Taylor has released albums and lots of singles. The singer is still very much in the game.

Music Videos

Taylor has worked with many directors regarding the videos for her songs. She even has her own company for production which is named “Taylor Swift Production Inc”.

She is known for developing the concepts and casting for her music videos and also for others. Some of the music videos she has worked on are “Mine”, “Mean”, “Ours”, “Blank Space”, “Me!” and  “You Need to Calm Down”.

The directors she has worked with have said Taylor gets so involved in the production of her videos. From 2014 to 2018, she worked with Joseph Kahn on the production of 8 musical videos.

Taylor Swift Net Worth

Starting a career young definitely has its own advantage, the singer has acquired such a huge wealth in her career. Taylor Swift net worth is about 360 million dollars and she is just thirty-one years.

A huge chunk of swift’s wealth is invested in real estate. In 2019, it was reported that she has up to $84 million in real estate which is all over the U.S in different states.

She has a total of eight properties which are worth millions of dollars. In Nashville, she has two properties, a condo that she bought when she was only 20 years and it is worth $3 million.

In 2011, she also purchased another house worth 2.5 million dollars there. That is by far her cheapest house.

Taylor Swift has three properties in Los Angeles but she sold one for $4 million last year and another one which is worth $2.85 is currently on the market.

The last one is a mansion in Beverly Hills which is worth 30 million dollars and it is the most expensive one she owns right now. The singer also has an estate in Rhode Island which is valued at $6.65 million.

The singer also purchased two penthouses in New York City and renovated them to her own taste. It is worth about 20.5 million dollars and then she later bought a townhouse opposite it back in 2017. The house is worth 12.5 million dollars.

Finally, in 2017, she bought another penthouse at 9.75 million dollars also in NYC. The singer has expensive car collections. Some of the cars in her garage are “Toyota Sequoia”, “Audi R8” and “Porsche 911”.

Taylor Swift Albums

Since most of her achievement comes from her singing career, let us take a look at the albums she has released since the start of her career.

Taylor Swift has released 5 EPs, 1 Live, 1 Compilation, 4 Videos, and 7 studio albums. Additionally, she also has 55 singles, 21 promotional singles, and several music videos. Taylor is one of the best-selling artists all over the world.

The albums she has released are:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Fearless
  • Speak Now
  • Red
  • 1989
  • Reputation
  • Lover

Taylor Swift Relationships and Personal Life

Taylor Swift is not married but the singer has had her share of dating fellow celebrities. She has courted big names in the industry and even written songs about relationships.

In 2008, she dated one of the Jonas brothers, Joe but the relationship lasted for just three months. This was her first public breakup and Joe ended things with her over a phone call.

Her songs “Last Kiss” and “Forever and always” were reportedly about both of them.

The following year, she and actor Lucas Till began to date but the relationship was short-lived as Lucas later admitted that they were both better as friends.

That same year, she also dated Taylor Lautner after they both starred in the Romcom “Valentine’s Day”. She sang the song “Back to December” for him but she later ended things with him.

In 2009, she also dated John Mayer and sang the song “Dear John” about their relationship. The lyrics to the song suggested that he was the one who broke up with her.

There were also reports that Taylor dated Cory Monteith while the actor was still alive but it was never confirmed.

From 2010 to 2011, the singer and Jake Gyllenhal were a couple and it was a very publicized relationship. When their relationship ended, there were rumors that it was due to the 10-year gap between both of them.

She reportedly sang “The Last Time” and “All Too Well” about their time together.  From 2012 to 2013, she also dated one of the singers from the One Direction band, Harry Styles and she sang the song “I knew you were Trouble” for him.

In 2015, Taylor started dating Calvin Harris and they were both seen in public outings together most of the time until they called it quits. In 2016, she and  Tom Hiddleston also dated until they both ended it afterward.

Her current and most recent relationship is with Joe Alwyn and they have been together for two years now. Her song “Gorgeous” is reportedly about him.


Taylor Swift is a very vocal feminist and also pro-choice. She has spoken out all the time against LGBT discrimination and also is against white supremacy.

Her video for the song “Mean” talks about homophobia and is against bullying of any form. Back in 2007, She launched a campaign to protect children from predators online.

Taylor collaborated with 300 women back in 2018 to protect females from harassment and gender discrimination donating 100,000 as part of the fund. She also donated 113,000 dollars to the Tennessee Equality Project for LGBT in 2019.


Finally, that is all there is to know about the successful singer Taylor Swift net worth, relationships, and life in general. With all that she has achieved now and she just 31, we can only wonder what she will achieve in years to come.

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