10 Types Of Tenants, You May Likely Meet In A Compound House

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10 Types Of Tenants, You May Likely Meet In A Compound House

Whether you are just moving into a new compound or you have been staying in one, it can either be exciting or annoying; depending on the type of people you meet or come to contact with there. In whatever compound you come to reside, I am certain you will come across these tenants; they can be fun or your worst nightmare.

10 Types Of Tenants, You May Likely Meet In A Compound House

The prayer warriors

These tenants can be the bane of your existence if you have the misfortune of being their next door neighbor. They always like to go into prayer marathon when others are asleep; binding and casting, calling down Holy ghost fire- and if you ever make the mistake of complaining; you are done for as you become the witch and demon in the compound. These set of people can go as far as mentioning your name in their prayers and calling down the Holy ghost fie on you. Please be wary.

The borrowers

These are your friendly neighbors who can borrow all you have in your apartment– utensils, cooking ingredients, gas or stove and even your generator. They are always in need of something at all times and might not even return it ; until you go and get it back yourself. They really know how to welcome you when you are coming back from the market because they know you have just refurbished their supply. The funniest fact about them is they do not give anything to you when you are in need even if they have it; they do not have always and can end up draining your resources. But still be a good Samaritan.

The know-it-alls

These like others to think they are knowledgeable even when they do not have a clue about what they are talking about. Try to avoid any discussion that can lead to an argument with them because that is their strong point, they will never admit to their being wrong. Their voices are always the loudest in every discussion. They like to bring up discussion topics – especially football or politics -and make others look like fools.

The methuselahs

These are the old tenants of the compound, they know every little detail and also the history of the compound even more than the landlord or landlady. They believe that they are wise and want to give you life advice about treating you like a child no matter how old you are. These set of people feel that they are the head of the compound and everyone should come to report any matter or come to them to settle any dispute. They can be well-meaning but also annoying at times.

The landlord / landlady’s informants

You do not have to worry too much how your landlord or landlady gets to know what is going on in the compound; even more than you do because the informants are everywhere;  they always want to exchange or leak information to gain favors from the landlord or landlady. They want to do everything to please the landlord or landlady even going as far as adding things that did not even happen. At least you do not have to worry whether your landlord or landlady is well updated.

The troublemakers

These tenants are always waiting for you to fall into their traps, they always want to have a grudge or two with everyone in the compound, they do not answer to greetings and if confronted about it, they can get into a fight. They are always ready to fight with you for years. Just don’t step on their toes and you might live in harmony because they are ready to make the compound inhabitable for you.

The Invisibles

These are the ghost tenants, you can never know if they are in or not because the door is always locked. They are either indoors or traveling. These type of tenants do not partake in any compound activities. They always pay their rents on time so do not have issues with the landlord or landlady; you get to only see them when a meeting is called by the landlord or landlady – that is if they are in. You might end up not knowing who they are until you pack out.

The gossips

These ones always have a group, you always see them huddled together – eating, going to the market, sitting out and playing games – pretending to be busy but watching what you are doing – the type of clothes you are wearing, your visitors, even how your food looks to gossip about. And if you mistakenly becomes their friend and bring them into your apartment; they will describe how your apartment looks to their click. Run for your life.

The fighting couple

Whether they are married or just cohabiting these couples are always fighting and quarreling; you will always hear their voices, whether morning, afternoon or night. They like to call themselves out on every little thing and make sure to make it as loud as possible;  these people can even go as far as bringing the fight out for others to watch. They are so very dramatic,  one minute, they are attacking each other with weapons and the next, they are all lovey-dovey. Do not even try to separate them because it will backfire. They can really act out but really know how to keep the compound lively.

The loud music players

These tenants make you feel like a party is going on in the compound;and if you have the misfortune of being their next door, you will have no peace. Even when you talk to them about it, they might make fun or bring about an argument to say that you are jealous, that they have a sound system and you do not, so you end up praying for the power supply to be interrupted; or for their generators to develop fault so you can have peace.

These different types of tenants can either make your stay enjoyable or hell, so watch out.


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