Terry Bradshaw Net Worth, Career and Awards

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Terry Bradshaw Net Worth
Terry Bradshaw Net Worth

The veteran American football player, Terry Bradshaw, has also made notable records asides from playing as a quarterback in the NFL (National Football League). He has also made records as an actor having participated in many films and television shows, and also for being a television sports analyst since 1994.

After playing for fourteen football seasons with Pittsburgh Steelers, Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowl titles in a period of six years, becoming the first-ever quarterback to win 3 and 4 Super Bowls while leading his team to 8 AFC Central championships.

For his contribution to the sport, Terry Bradshaw was inducted into the college football hall of fame and also the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Asides from playing football and winning titles, other ventures such as acting and hosting television shows had a positive impact on his fame &fortune. He is most notable for his stellar performance in the movie Failure to Launch.

About Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is an ex-footballer who previously played as a quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers where he won four Super Bowl trophies with the team.

He has been a television sports analyst since leaving the game, and currently, he is the co-host of Fox NFL Sunday, a job he has had since 1994.

Additionally, he was also included in the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 1989. We also know that he has had stints as an actor, featuring in a few movies, including “Failure to Launch” for which he is most famous.

Terry Bradshaw’s Early Life

Terry Bradshaw was born in Shreveport Louisiana, United States on September 2, 1948. He is the first son of Novis and William Marvin Bradshaw. He is American with a mixed ethnicity comprising Irish, French, Swiss-German, and English.

Terry Bradshaw has two brothers – Craig Bradshaw and Gary Bradshaw, who were raised together with him by their parents. His interest in football was ignited right when he was a child, and he began to practice how to play football from a very early age.

Educational History

Terry Bradshaw schooled in Shreveport Woodlawn high school where he started to play football actively. Later in 1970 when he was attending Louisiana Tech University, his passion for the game expanded and he began to play football more often as a college student.

Terry Bradshaw’s Career

The records show that Terry Bradshaw began playing football professionally at Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970 NFL Draft. Four years along the line he clinched the first Super Bowl Championship with the team after thrashing Minnesota Vikings.

In the seasons that followed, his team defeated Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl in 1975. A wrist injury the next year kept him out of the game for a short period of time, before he came back to form and captured another two super Bowls in 1978 and 1979 with the Pittsburg Steelers, beating Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams respectively.

In 1982, Terry Bradshaw suffered another career-threatening injury. This time around, he was injured on the elbow during a training camp and could not play in the next NFL season.

In the 1984 season game versus the New York Jets, his injury became worse and caused permanent damage. He retired from football soon after that in 1984 and started hosting the news channel.

Six years after his retirement from football, in 1990, he started working as a co-host and an in-studio analyst for Fox NFL Sunday.

Terry Bradshaw: Author, Actor & Musician

In addition to being one of the most renowned football players alive, Terry Bradshaw is also an author. He is the author of five books which includes: FitzBradshaw Racing, his autobiography – Terry Bradshaw: Man of Steel, and a few others.

We also know that the veteran American footballer is a musician who has released six gospel, country, and Christmas music albums. He has also starred in a good number of television shows such as The League, Malcolm in the Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Married… with Children, among others.

Career Highlights and Awards

So far, Terry Bradshaw has had an amazing career which has deservedly been rewarded with awards, honors, and accolades. He has merited induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame of the National Football League, an inclusion in 100 Greatest Football Players ranking 44th by The Sporting News, and a few more.

The following are the awards and titles that have been obtained by Terry Bradshaw as a professional football player with Pittsburgh Steelers from 1970 to 1983.

  • 4× Super Bowl champion
  • 2× Super Bowl MVP
  • NFL Most Valuable Player (1978)
  • 3× Pro Bowl
  • First-team All-Pro
  • Second-team All-Pro
  • Bert Bell Award
  • Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
  • 2× NFL passing touchdowns leader
  • NFL 1970s All-Decade Team
  • Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Team
  • Louisiana Tech Athletic Hall of Fame

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth

What is Terry Bradshaw net worth? How much does Terry Bradshaw earn? 

Being a legendary footballer, musician, author, actor, and currently, a television sports analyst and host, Terry Bradshaw earns a huge amount of money from his profession.

Terry Bradshaw net worth is an estimated $25 million which is an accumulation of all of the earnings from his music albums and published books, from his earnings during his time as a football player, and also from his salary as an experienced sports analyst and television host.

His salary has been stated as a sum of $3 million per annum for his services as a television sports analyst and co-host on Fox NFL Sunday.

Asides from the aforementioned ventures from which he drew his wealth, he invested heavily in real estate upon returning from the NFL. Terry Bradshaw owned up to $13 million worth of properties around Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma

Terry Bradshaw Personal Life

Terry Bradshaw is currently married for the fourth time after being divorced thrice. He is currently married to Tammy Bradshaw

His first marriage happened in 1971 when he married Melissa Babich in a union that lasted only three years. In 1974 the same year of his divorce from his first wife, the veteran sportsman married his second wife Jojo Starbuck.

They coexisted together as a couple for nine years until their divorce in 1983. Fast forward to the following year, Mr. Terry Bradshaw got married for the third time in his life to Charlotte Hopkins with whom he had his two children – Rachel Bradshaw and Erin Bradshaw.

After being married for 15 years, the husband and wife decided to quit. In the year 2014, Terry Bradshaw took his fourth wife when he married Tammy Bradshaw after they have been dating since 1999 and at this moment, it seems like Terry Bradshaw is living a happy and fulfilled life.

He has enjoyed an amazing career of fame and wealth and is currently enjoying his marital life with his fourth wife, Tammy Bradshaw.

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