The court was informed by the singer’s DJ that Mohbad began vomiting following his injection.

admin October 26, 2023
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During the coroner inquest in Ikorodu investigating the death of the late singer MohBad, his Disc Jockey Ajisegiri Ayobami, known as DJ Ajisegiri, provided testimony claiming that the deceased began vomiting following an injection given by a nurse.

DJ Ajisegiri also stated that MohBad regurgitated the noodles prepared for him by his brother, Adura Aloba. The witness further recounted an incident the day before, where they encountered a confrontation between MohBad and his friend, Primeboy, resulting in MohBad sustaining a small cut on his hand.

Upon returning home at midnight, DJ Ajisegiri observed that the hand had become swollen.

He recounted that they attempted to contact Mohbad’s personal nurse, but she confirmed that she was unavailable. Subsequently, one of their team members named Spending suggested that he had a nurse, prompting them to contact her. The nurse arrived and administered an injection to Mohbad.

According to Ayobami, Mohbad was in good health prior to the nurse’s arrival but became drowsy after receiving the injection. He mentioned that there was water on the floor in Mohbad’s room, so he went to fetch a mop to clean it. However, his wife called out to him from upstairs, urging him to return.

The witness revealed that upon his return, he discovered Mohbad collapsed on the floor, having vomited the Indomie noodles he had consumed. Notably, goosebumps appeared on Mohbad’s body.

He continued, “The nurse instructed us to acquire medication for him. While we were at the pharmacy, I called the house to inquire about his condition, and they said I should come back.”

“When I got back, they were already outside trying to put him in a neighbour’s car to get him to the hospital, but the way I saw him, he was lifeless, his eyes were closed, and his hands were falling.

“While we were going to the hospital, there was traffic, so I came down from the other vehicle and ran to the hospital; I asked them if they had an ambulance, and they said no.

Before I could get back to them, I saw them bringing Mohbad on a bike, and when we got to the hospital he was confirmed dead,” the witness said.

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