The Nigerian Supreme Court Urged to Remove President Tinubu by Atiku Support Organization

admin October 22, 2023
Updated 2023/10/22 at 5:32 PM

The Atiku Support Organisation has urged the Supreme Court to dismiss President Bola Tinubu from his position due to evidence suggesting questionable character.

The group, through its National Publicity Secretary, Dr. Victor Moses, stated that the 2023 presidential election had negatively impacted Nigeria, as INEC failed to conduct a lawful electoral process and imposed Tinubu as president.

“The conduct of INEC in the 2023 presidential election bears resemblances to the activities of fraudsters and online scammers,” the statement claimed.

As per the organization, all available evidence and indicators point to the fact that “Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu has a questionable character, suffers from identity crisis, and has a documented criminal record involving drug trafficking and money laundering. Such an individual is more deserving of a prison sentence rather than holding the position of President of Nigeria.”

The organization further stated, “Even an uneducated individual in a remote village understands that the law clearly prohibits someone with a criminal history and involvement in illicit activities from becoming the president of Nigeria.

It is unambiguous that an individual who forged and submitted a counterfeit educational certificate to INEC should not be granted the opportunity to occupy the presidency.”

“The law strongly disapproves of and prohibits an individual who has repeatedly and systematically lied under oath since 1998 regarding their academic records, age, name, citizenship status, and overall identity, among other things, from becoming the President.”

Victor urged the judges of the highest court to “firmly and with a genuine sense of duty, uphold the integrity of the Nigerian constitution.”

“Do not yield to their intimidation, blackmail, bullying, and unethical acts. Stand resolute for the Constitution and for the Nigerian people. You have an opportunity to restore the judiciary’s reputation and regain the trust of the people,” the organization stated.

The organization additionally urged the judges to dismiss Tinubu from his position, emphasizing that there would be no catastrophic consequences.

“No other country in the world has a leader involved in drug trafficking. Nigeria should not be recognized for establishing negative precedents. You have two days to save our country and choose the righteous path that will be recorded favorably in history, or support criminal acts and face judgement by future generations,” stated the group.

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