Tinubu reveals ambitious strategy to generate 500,000 job opportunities with the imminent completion of Ajaokuta Rolling Mill.

admin October 9, 2023
Updated 2023/10/09 at 10:44 AM

President Bola Tinubu has declared that with the hitherto abandoned Ajaokuta Steel Complex now nearing completion, the project would have the capacity to employ 500,000 Nigerians once designated as a free trade zone.

He emphasized that these infrastructure projects would not only enhance transportation and trade within the country, but also attract foreign investors and create job opportunities for Nigerians.

Shettima praised President Tinubu for his visionary leadership, stating that the Ajaokuta Steel Complex would make Nigeria a major player in the global steel industry.

He called on the people of Kogi State to support the APC, promising that their votes would contribute to the realization of this development agenda.

In Abuja, Deji Elumoye reports that President Tinubu expressed his excitement at the progress being made on the Ajaokuta Steel Complex.

He highlighted the economic benefits of the project, stating that it would not only provide a significant number of jobs but also boost the country’s foreign direct investment.

Tinubu also emphasized the importance of creating a favorable business environment to attract investors and stimulate economic growth in all sectors.

He assured Nigerians that his administration would continue to prioritize infrastructure development, with a focus on completing ongoing projects for the benefit of the nation.

With these statements, President Tinubu and Vice President Shettima have reaffirmed their commitment to completing the Ajaokuta Steel Complex and utilizing its potential for job creation and economic development.

Their message resonates with the people of Kogi State and the nation as a whole, as they hope for a brighter future with increased investment and job opportunities.

The vice president stated that Tinubu is a man with many ideas who is determined to reposition the nation, especially in regards to restructuring and stimulating the Nigerian economy.

The vice president also emphasized the importance of having a governor in Kogi State who is not hostile to the central government, stating that they must work together for progress and development.

Additionally, the vice president mentioned plans to make the Itakpe crop processing project a reality and promised jobs and affordable education under the current government.

The vice president emphasized the importance of prioritizing the well-being of the citizens and urged the people of Kogi to show their support by voting for the APC’s candidate, Ahmed Usman Ododo, on November 11.

He emphasized that the APC government’s accomplishments in the state should be built upon and highlighted the commitment to harnessing Kogi State’s natural resources for both state and national development.

Additionally, the vice president mentioned that Tinubu had given approval for the rehabilitation of the Obajana-Okene road in Kogi State.

Prior to the vice president’s speech, Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello expressed gratitude to Tinubu for agreeing to kickstart the governorship campaign in Kogi.

He emphasized the achievements of his administration thus far, particularly in the areas of security, education, and healthcare, and stressed the need for consolidation to propel the state forward. Bello urged the people of Kogi to vote for their candidate.

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