Glowing Through Pregnancy: Tips for Skincare during the Maternal Journey

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 8, 2023
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The skin of a woman undergoes considerable changes during pregnancy.

To preserve a healthy and bright complexion throughout this changing time, it is essential to give good skincare first priority.

In this post, we’ll look at several pregnancy-safe skin care companies and recommendations for taking good care of your skin while you’re expecting. This will help you develop a nourishing skincare regimen that will benefit both you and your unborn child.

Tips for Skincare during the Maternal Journey

Understand Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Know how your skin often changes throughout pregnancy, including hormonal changes, an increase in blood flow, and possible sensitivity. Acne, hyperpigmentation (melasma), stretch marks, dryness, or oiliness are some of the alterations that may appear. Knowing these changes enables you to adjust your skincare regimen.

Adhere to a Gentle Cleaning  routine

Choose mild cleansers without fragrances that won’t dry out your skin or remove its natural oils. Use your preferred mild cleanser and lukewarm water to wash your face twice a day, in the morning and the evening. Avoid using abrasive exfoliants or scrubs that could irritate your skin. After cleaning, gently wipe dry with a clean towel.

Moisturize and hydrate

Utilize moisturizers designed for your skin type and drink lots of water to keep your skin moisturized. Look for moisturizers that are devoid of toxic chemicals, synthetic perfumes, and components that are known to have possible negative effects on a developing fetus. To prevent dryness and keep skin supple, routinely moisturize your face and body.

Sun protection tactics

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Select physical sunscreens with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are often thought to be safe to use throughout pregnant. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, liberally apply sunscreen to all exposed areas and reapply as necessary.

Address acne with caution

When selecting skincare products, use caution if you have acne while pregnant. Choose mild, pore-free (non-comedogenic), products to control oil production and stop breakouts. To find pregnancy-friendly acne treatment alternatives that are both safe and effective, speak with your doctor or a dermatologist.

controlling hyperpigmentation

Pregnancy frequently results in melasma, or skin darkening. Avoid overexposing your skin to the sun to stop additional aging. Use mild brightening products that are safe to use during pregnancy and contain components like vitamin C or niacinamide. Consult a skincare expert for advice that are specific to you.

Keep Clean and Steer Clear of Harsh Chemicals

To limit bacterial development, practice proper hygiene by keeping your skincare implements, such as makeup brushes and sponges, clean. Avoid using skincare products that have high concentrations of potentially dangerous chemicals like retinoids, hydroquinone, or salicylic acid. To learn about safe alternatives, speak with your doctor or a dermatologist.

Consult with experts

Consult with medical professionals, such as dermatologists or skincare experts, if you have particular skin issues or questions regarding certain products or treatments. They can provide you individualized advice and suggest secure skincare options that are suitable for your requirements.

Safe skin care ingredient to use for different skin types during pregnancy

Here are a few skin care ingredients that can effectively treat the most typical (and annoying) skin issues that arise during pregnancy.

Hyperpigmentation and acne

There are several safer alternatives to utilizing retinoid-based cosmetics while expecting if you have acne prone skin or experience abrupt memories of your teenage years. Glycolic acid is one of the most efficient.

Although excessive levels of glycolic acid are not advised during pregnancy, the tiny amounts that are often found in over-the-counter cosmetic products are probably safe.

Glycolic acid and related substances, including azelaic acid, can also aid in the reduction of fine wrinkles, skin brightness, and increased skin pigmentation.

Along with topical benzoyl peroxide and topical salicylic acid, the ACOG recommends glycolic and azelaic acid as safe treatments for acne while pregnant.

Topical antioxidants, like vitamin C, may safely improve the vibrancy of your skin by shielding it from harm and preserving collagen, just as they act like magic to strengthen your immune system and fight off free radicals in your body.

Other topical antioxidants to try in your skin care products include:

  • vitamin E
  • green tea
  • resveratrol

Dry skin and stretch marks

There is no denying that pregnancy puts a lot of demands on your body; hence, if your unborn child ever needs extra water, they will take it from you. That can cause dry skin in addition to hormonal changes.

Hyaluronic acid (HA), cocoa butter, peptides, and other moisturizing products with these ingredients might help you stay hydrated in addition to drinking lots of water. Additionally, constantly hydrating areas that are prone to stretch marks will help the skin naturally expand as your bump (and baby) grow.

Sun protection

One of the most crucial things you can do to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer over the long run is to shield yourself from the sun. The key concern, though, is how to safely preserve your skin while expecting.

Consider using mineral-based sunscreens, which shield the skin by causing UV rays to completely bounce off of it, while the safety of some chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone is still up for debate.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two components included in mineral-based sunscreen. Don’t forget to wear a trendy hat with a broad brim as well.

You can as well check out tips for healthy food choices during pregnancy as this could also help improve your look if you eat properly.

Pregnancy-safe skin care brands

There are a few companies that specialize in body care and skin care products that are safe to use during pregnancy among the vast array of beauty items on the market.

Here are five to check out:


Earth Mama® Organics

Erbavia Organic Skincare

Belli Skincare

The Spoiled Mama


A healthy and glowing complexion throughout pregnancy depends on taking good care of your skin. You can take care of your skin throughout your pregnancy by being aware of the changes that take place, using a gentle cleansing routine, moisturizing and hydrating frequently, protecting yourself from the sun, treating acne gently, controlling hyperpigmentation, keeping up with hygiene, avoiding harsh chemicals, and seeking professional advice when necessary. Remember that every pregnancy is different, so it’s vital to ask your healthcare provider or skincare experts for assistance to make sure your skincare routine is suitable for you and your unborn child and safe.

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