Todd McFarlane Net Worth, Biography, Career, Wife and Kids

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Todd McFarlane Net Worth

Todd McFarlane Net Worth   $300 million

Popular Name:Todd McFarlane
Real Name:Todd McFarlane
Birth Date:16 March 1961
Birth Place:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Marital Status:Married
Wanda McFarlane
Profession:Graphic Artist, Entrepreneur
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$300 Million
Last Updated:2022


Todd McFarlane is a graphic artist probably most well-known for his efforts as the artist on The Amazing Spider Man. He is recognized as the creator of the Span franchise of films, comics and merchandise. McFarlane began drawing at an early age for fun but initially wanted to become a baseball player. An unexpected injury forced him to put his baseball dreams aside, so he began paying more attention on graphics. He ventured into selling his drawings of superheroes while working at a comic book store, and in 1984, his professional work was published for the first time by Epic Comics. He went on to draw for Marvel and DC Comics, and by the late 1980s, he was serving as illustrator for the Incredible Hulk and Batman. However, his breakthrough came when he worked on “The Amazing Spider-Man” with writer David Michelinie, and he was propelled to stardom. He left Marvel and collaborated with a group of colleagues to established the umbrella company, Image Comics. Subsequently, he launched his own production company, named, Todd McFarlane Productions, and released the horror series “Spawn”. Till date, the debut issue holds the record for the highest-selling independent comic book of all time. He further launched an independent film and animation studio that also develops video games and other projects. Todd McFarlane net worth is estimated at $300 million.

Todd McFarlane’s Early Life

Todd McFarlane was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on 16 March 1961. His mother was named Shirlee McFarlane and his father Bob McFarlane worked in a printing business. He completed his studies from Churchill High School and enrolled at Eastern Washington University for his higher education. During childhood, Todd was greatly fond of baseball and sought to play it professionally, but he abandoned this desire due to some injuries He was always interested in drawing things since he was a child. He adopted great skills in writing and creating comics, and he earned money from selling his materials.

Todd McFarlane’s Career

McFarlane started by distributing his comics to comic editors while he was in college, and was able to make some money from it. He met David Michelinie and started to work on the comic ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ in 1988. His creativity and presentation in this particular comic was what made him famous in entertainment industry. Exactly four years later, he designed an image-based comic of a hero ‘Spawn,’ and caught the attention of Columbia picture, and led to the making of a film on that creation. Today it has become a popular horror-fantasy series known as ‘Spawn’. McFarlane decided to transform his hobbies into something profitable so he opened several ventures like Todd McFarlane Entertainment, Todd McFarlane Toys, and many more. He also a co-owned National Hockey League’s Edmonton Oilers. He has worked with world-renowned comic companies including Marvel and DC comics.

Personal Life & Achievements

For his efforts and creativity, Todd McFarlane has been honoured and recognized on several occasions. He’s a recipient of Inkpot Award, National Cartoonists Society Award, Primetime Emmy Awards, Grammy award and National Football League’s Artist of the Year Award.

He is married to Wanda McFarlane and they have three children together. Currently, he resides in Ahwatukee Foothills, Phoenix, with his family.

Todd McFarlane Net Worth

This world-famous entrepreneur and artist has gained a promising amount of wealth from his notable work as a writer, comics creator, and founder of several ventures. His financial condition has received significant boost from his own production labels, and also from his endeavors as the writer of many comic books. Due to his splendid fortune, McFarlane has held a position in the midst of the richest film producers on earth. He is a talented person who has been able to succeed in various fields like writing, art, comic designing, and film production as well. He has achieved such prominence after a lot of struggles in the early days of his professional career.

Despite focusing his career around comic creation, Todd never stopped paying keen attention to the game of baseball. After achieving so much wealth and fame, he started to assemble what is now regarded as one of the most-admired baseball memorabilia collections on the planet. He was said to have paid roughly $4 million for Mark McGuire’s then-record-breaking 70th home run ball in 1998. That same year he paid about $175,000 for Sammy Sosa’s 66th home run ball. In 2003 he once again paid $517,500 for Barry Bonds’ 73rd home run ball (hit in 2001). His independently released and financed 1997 version of “Spawn” earned over $90 million on a $45 million budget. When he was at his peak in the 90s, Todd was pocketing an annual salary of over $1 million per year.

Today, Todd McFarlane net worth is $300 million.

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