Tommy Lee Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Tommy Lee Net Worth
Tommy Lee Net Worth

This article is about Tommy Lee net worth, biography, and career highlights. We will attempt to provide all the most important details about this popular singer, songwriter, and drummer, including all the interesting facts that you’re probably unaware of.

Tommy Lee is famed for being an American musician. He is recognized as a founding member of the band Mötley Crüe, the founder of the rap-metal band Methods of Mayhem, and also for his solo musical projects.

Tommy Lee Early Life

Thomas Lee Bass was born to Vassilikki “Voula” Papadimitriou and David Lee Thomas Bass in Athens, Greece on October 3, 1962. His mother, Vassilikki “Voula” Papadimitriou was a Miss Greece contestant in the 1960 Miss World event, while his father was an Army sergeant of the United States Army.

Tommy Lee developed a strong interest in music and drumming in particular since his early childhood years. He received his first set of drumsticks when he was just four years old, and his first proper drum kit during his teenage stage. His younger sister, Athena Lee also plays drums professionally.

Regarding his education, Tommy Lee never believed he was made for schooling. Although he was enrolled into South Hills high school and Royal Oak High School, he dropped out without completing his studies so as to pursue a career in singing and drumming, starting with the Los Angeles club band Suite 19.

Professional Life & Career

When Tommy Lee dropped out of school because he wanted to focus on his rock music career, he started by forming a small band in Los Angeles, named Suite 19 which initially played on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. After he was joined by Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx, they formed the band Mötley Crüe and released their first album Too Fast for Love in 1981. Several other albums released by the band, including Theatre of Pain, Shout at the Devil, New Tattoo, Saints of Los Angeles, Generation Swine, Dr. Feelgood, Girls, Girls, Girls, and a number of others saw the band’s rise to prominence.

During the 1990s, Tommy Lee got involved in turbulent relationships and got imprisoned after being accused by his wife at that time of assaulting her in the presence of their children. In 1999 while still in prison, he left his Mötley Crüe and created a new band, Methods of Mayhem, but his partnership with his new band was short-lived. Furthermore, in 2006, he combined with his newly formed band Rock Star Supernova to release the album Rock Star Supernova.

The drummer equally released two solo albums – Tommy land: The Rise and Never a Dull Moment to add to his tally of career projects.

Other Ventures

Apart from singing and drumming, Tommy Lee also starred in television shows starting in 2004, when he featured in the reality show Tommy Lee Goes to College. In 2008 he appeared in the reality show, Battleground Earth, which also featured Ludacris. Especially as he is usually one of the producers of some of the shows he has featured in, Tommy Lee has greatly benefited from his television career.

Additionally, Tommy Lee has been part of several activist causes. He is a dedicated supporter of animal rights and PETA.

Awards & Achievements

Tommy Lee’s performances have seen him get nominated for a number of awards throughout his career, including being nominated for the Grammy awards thrice. So far, he has won the Metal Edge Readers Choice Awards in the Best Drummer category, twice, in 1986 and 1987.

Personal Life & Controversies

Despite his professional life is superb, it is unfortunate that Tommy Lee’s personal life cannot be compared with it. The American drummer has been married a total of four times. He has been romantically involved with many women including high-profile celebrities.

Tommy Lee married famous model Elaine Margaret Starchuk who he divorced in 1985. The following year, he married an actress Heather Locklear and divorced her seven years later in 1993.
In 1995, he married popular pin-up girl Pamela Anderson, who made the news by wearing a bikini on the day of her wedding. The couple has two sons.

While Tommy was on vacation with his wife, their sex tape was stolen and released on the internet. Pamela Anderson sued the video distribution company, which later got into a mutual agreement with Pamela, agreeing to make the sex video accessible to the website’s subscribers.

Pamela Anderson accused Tommy Lee of beating her in front of their sons, for which he was imprisoned. They separated in 1998, reunited once again, and separated again in 2001. In 2008, they got back together and began living with their children, but they parted ways sometime later.

On June 16, 2001, a boy of age four drowned in Tommy Lee’s swimming pool on his son’s birthday. The dead boy’s parents sued the singer for negligence.

Tommy Lee’s crisis continue in 2007 when he was thrown out of  ‘MTV Video Music Awards for getting into a fight with Kid Rock.

In February 2014, Tommy Lee engaged singer Sofia Toufa after they dated for four years. However, in 2017, they parted ways after being engaged for three years.

Tommy Lee is currently married to social media celebrity Brittany Furlan. They got married on 14th February 2019.

Tommy Lee Net Worth

Known for his outrageous behavior both onstage and offstage, Tommy Lee has made a profitable living as a musician. He is credited as the creator of the band Motley Crue which released 20 albums put together, out of which 6 have gone platinum.

Tommy Lee net worth is estimated to be $70 million. His success with the rock band Motley Crue makes up the majority of Lee’s wealth.

Tommy Lee’s fortune has been made from album sales, live performances, and royalties.

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