Top Business Opportunities For International Students

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 8, 2023
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Top Business Opportunities For International Students

Top Business Opportunities For International Students

As a high school or college student, you typically have substantial amounts of free time at your disposal. Utilizing this time as a student entrepreneur is an excellent choice.

Over the past decade, numerous remarkable businesses have emerged from the efforts of college students, with Facebook being a notable example.

Is It Possible to Launch a Business While Being An International Student?


Indeed, there are no legal, financial, or knowledge-related obstacles preventing students in schools, colleges, or universities from initiating their own entrepreneurial endeavours.

The widespread availability of information and funding on the Internet has democratized the process, eliminating the major hurdles that once hindered the establishment of new businesses.

Now, is it advisable for a student to embark on a business venture while pursuing their studies?

Undoubtedly, educational institutions demand a significant portion of your time. However, with proper organization and efficient time management, it is possible to allocate sufficient hours for both academic pursuits and the operation of your startup.

In fact, engaging in entrepreneurship can even enhance your educational experience by providing practical applications and alternative perspectives to the concepts you learn in college.

Top Business Opportunities For International Students

Sell Off Your Old Books:

Congrats on completing your academic year! Take a look at your desk and you’ll likely find a stack of used books, correct? Typically, these books are thrown away in your household trash bins.

However, there’s a more beneficial option: sell them to younger students at a reduced price compared to buying new copies.

By doing this, you’ll likely generate sufficient funds to buy the books required for your upcoming semester. The greatest advantage of this idea is that it doesn’t demand any investment or significant time commitment.

Reverse Websites:

This approach involves purchasing websites that are being sold at a low cost, enhancing their value over a period of 6 months to 2 years, and then reselling them at significantly higher prices to generate a profit. Some individuals dedicate themselves full-time to this endeavour and achieve annual earnings in the millions through their websites.

The crucial aspect here is acquiring a top-notch website at a reduced price. There is a wealth of information available on the factors to consider and inspect during the purchasing process.

Additionally, you can benefit from various free digital marketing courses that can assist you in expanding these websites.

Explore Reselling:

There is an unresolved ethical concern regarding the resale of sneakers, tickets, or similar items. However, I have personally witnessed numerous individuals generating substantial profits by purchasing items at a low price and selling them at a higher price.

The practice of resale is most successful with limited items like exclusive sneakers and the aforementioned tickets, as individuals who were unable to acquire them initially are willing to pay a premium once they become unavailable.

The key to successful resale lies in comprehending the market dynamics and predicting which items people will be most inclined to pay extra for when they become scarce. It is important to note that this venture can be quite risky.

For instance, I know of an individual who bought ten concert tickets but was unable to resell them. As a result, he ended up giving them away to all of his friends free of charge.


Create a website that provides a wide range of writing services catering to both students and businesses. The offerings may encompass various types of content, such as sales and marketing copy, SEO articles, essay composition, academic papers, and even basic proofreading.

Considering the existence of numerous reliable online services, it is advisable to initially work as a proficient essay writer for a reputable website.

This will allow you to acquire valuable experience in the field before venturing into establishing your own essay writing service. In terms of pricing, you can opt for either an hourly rate or a charge per project.

Moreover, consider extending an invitation to other fellow students who are interested in offering similar writing services on your website, with a fee structure in place to ensure compensation for their work.

Try Out Cupid:

Create a website or application specifically designed for your college campus or local vicinity to facilitate connections among single individuals.

This initiative would be highly valued by the community, and by charging a nominal fee, the app has the potential to become a popular platform akin to Tinder, but tailored to your campus or neighbourhood.

Alternatively, the app could emphasize networking in general, enabling users to meet new people and forge new friendships.

On the other hand, the app could also prioritize professional networking, providing a platform for individuals to connect with others in their field or industry.

Apps For Inspiration:

Motivational apps encompass a wide range of areas, covering various aspects such as academics and mental health. In the academic context, these apps offer features like displaying upcoming events, seminars, and lectures.

Users can log their attendance at these events, earning award points as a motivating factor. This approach fosters enhanced productivity among students in a positive and enjoyable manner.

The rewards obtained through these apps can take the form of vouchers, coupons, or local service deals. This not only benefits the users but also provides a valuable advertising opportunity for sponsors to reach their target audience effectively.

Similarly, similar apps can be developed for fitness, gym attendance, and other activities, extending the motivational concept to different domains.

The most straightforward approach to monetizing such an idea would involve incorporating advertisements within the app.

Regional Reviewer:

Whenever we intend to purchase a product, our initial step is to search for online evaluations. It is evident that major cities have dedicated websites that compile reviews from various sources. However, what about smaller towns or campuses? This presents a significant untapped potential.

Create a website focused on reviewing local accommodations. This platform could be exclusive to the campus or encompass other rental options in the vicinity for students. Such a website would serve as a trustworthy resource, surpassing mere word-of-mouth recommendations.

Additionally, it could incorporate features like listings and discussion forums. The monetization of this venture could be achieved through advertising opportunities.

Offer Design Services:

Various types of businesses require design services, making it feasible to establish a website that offers a wide range of design options, including logos, flyers, packaging, and websites.

By narrowing the focus to local businesses or fellow students venturing into startups, this startup concept presents a promising opportunity for students. Charging on an hourly basis or per project can be a viable pricing model.

Gaining trust from businesses as a student can be challenging. However, there are effective strategies to build credibility, such as showcasing a portfolio of exceptional past work, providing one complimentary project, and facilitating connections with previous clients.

Offer Digital Marketing Services:

In the past ten years, the field of digital marketing has experienced significant growth due to the rise of eCommerce and online enterprises. Companies that fail to adapt to digitalization and neglect improving their online presence are losing out on a substantial number of potential customers.

There likely exist numerous local businesses seeking assistance with their digital marketing tactics. By approaching these business owners and offering a complimentary consultation, you can demonstrate your expertise in this area.

You can assist them with various strategies, such as enhancing local search engine optimization (SEO), managing social media platforms, and running campaigns on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.


You have an abundance of resources readily available to you, including valuable classes, school technologies, and the opportunity to interact with professors. Utilize these resources to the fullest extent and if the idea still doesn’t appear viable, take the necessary steps to lay the foundation for it.

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