Top Part-Time Jobs for Retirees: Stay Active and Earn Extra Income

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph June 21, 2023
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Top Part-Time Jobs for Retirees: Stay Active and Earn Extra Income

Many retirees opt to pursue employment after retiring for various reasons. Nevertheless, senior individuals seeking part-time work should carefully consider certain factors to ensure their needs for flexibility and accessibility are met when choosing a job.

If you are exploring job opportunities post-retirement, this article provides valuable guidance for making an informed decision. Within this piece, we explore a selection of the most suitable jobs for retirees.

Why Should A Retiree Get A Job?

Several retirees opt to explore employment opportunities following their retirement. Pursuing a job post-retirement can prove to be a beneficial choice for retirees due to various compelling factors, such as:


Specific individuals who have retired opt to engage in employment even after officially ending their careers. This choice is often driven by a desire for both physical and mental stimulation or a sense of enthusiasm for exploring new professional domains. By doing so, these retirees are actively selecting a particular way of life, which typically entails certain expected consequences for their overall health and general welfare in the long run.


Financial factors encompass various motivations such as the desire for additional earnings or access to healthcare coverage. For retirees, the possibility of reentering the job market might arise due to a decline in the value of their investments, leading to a need for supplementary income.

Gradual Retirement:

Some retired individuals opt for a gradual transition into retirement known as phased retirement. This entails continuing to work for the same employer but with modified terms, such as part-time hours or a contract arrangement. Additionally, their role within the company may undergo a transformation, such as transitioning from being an account executive to working as a sales consultant.

Top Part-Time Jobs for Retirees: Stay Active and Earn Extra Income

Substitute Educator:

Average national hourly salary: $10.59

Main responsibilities: Substitute educators step in for regular teachers who are absent due to illness or other reasons. They can substitute in various subject areas, both specialized and general. Their tasks include taking attendance, delivering the daily curriculum, and engaging students in activities during the teacher’s absence.


Average national hourly wage: $11.91

Main responsibilities: Retail employees warmly welcome and assist customers in their purchasing decisions. They may be stationed at the store entrance as greeters, in a dedicated customer service section such as gift-wrapping, or on the sales floor providing support to customers during their shopping experience.

Resort Employee:

The average salary across the nation is $12.03 per hour.

If retirees are looking for a way to enjoy their leisure time while working part-time, they might find a job at their favourite resort to be a delightful experience resembling a vacation. Resort employees take on various roles such as concierge service, golf course assistants, lifeguards, restaurant staff, dock workers, and more. Their main focus is on providing excellent customer service and assisting guests who are on vacation.

Pet Sitter:

Average national wage: $12.44 per hour

Main responsibilities: Pet sitters are individuals who take care of pets in the absence of their owners, such as during work hours, vacations, or extended periods of absence. Pet sitters should possess a caring and understanding nature towards animals, tending to their needs by providing nourishment, hydration, exercise, and maintaining communication with the pet owners.

Event Personnel:

Average national wage: $12.74 per hour

Main responsibilities: Event personnel are responsible for managing entrance or concessions during special occasions. Individuals in an event staff position typically work for a specific venue or festival, although some may be self-employed concession vendors. The event staff is responsible for assisting event attendees by verifying their entry, addressing inquiries, ensuring security and offering first aid, among other tasks.


top part time jobs for retirees

Average national hourly wage: $14.19

Main responsibilities: A hotel concierge is responsible for managing the hotel’s front desk. These individuals work part-time and need to possess exceptional customer service and administrative abilities. Their duties include informing guests about check-in and check-out timings, handling phone calls, assisting with hotel guest check-ins, and providing various concierge services.


The average salary across the nation is $14.45 per hour.

The main responsibilities of drivers typically involve working for taxi or ride-share services, serving as transportation experts. Their primary duty is to ensure the safe transportation of their passengers. These individuals possess extensive knowledge of the local area, possess excellent driving skills, and prioritize the safety of their passengers.

Tax Consultant:

Average hourly wage nationwide: $14.46

Main responsibilities: Tax preparers typically work on a seasonal basis, assisting clients in tax preparation and submission to the government. While tax preparers have the option to work throughout the year, their busiest period falls between January and April. During this time, numerous tax companies recruit temporary employees on a part-time or contractual basis.


Average hourly salary across the country: $16.08

Main responsibilities: Babysitters are accountable for attending to and ensuring the well-being of the children under their supervision. Parents typically hire babysitters when they need to work, have a night out, or go on a trip. Babysitters may work either at the child’s residence or at establishments that provide babysitting services, such as gyms, community centres, or churches

Freelance Writer:

National average wage: $24.08 per hour

Main responsibilities: Freelance writers typically operate remotely, delivering writing services to multiple clients. These clients may consist of corporations, individuals, eCommerce sellers, and media agencies. Freelance writers often have to maintain extended periods of sitting and adhere to deadlines. Moreover, they must possess exceptional writing skills and possess a good understanding of standard spelling and grammar practices.

Freelance Consultant:

Average national hourly wage: $27.52

Main responsibilities: Retirees may find freelance consulting to be an ideal option as it allows them to utilize their expertise effectively. Consulting can be pursued in various domains, and often retirees transition into retirement by offering their consulting services in their former field. Consulting tasks involve engaging with clients, providing them with suitable choices to address their specific requirements, analyzing data, and devising solutions. These professionals can be found in diverse industries, ranging from marketing to politics.

Real Estate Agent:

The typical hourly wage across the country is $42.20.

Main responsibilities: Real estate agents serve as the primary contact for individuals buying or selling properties, overseeing the entire transaction process. They actively seek new clients through networking and advertising and offer support and advice to customers throughout the buying or selling journey. Their income is based on a commission earned from the sale of properties.


The median hourly wage is $17.72.

The satisfaction rating is 76%.

The high-meaning rating is 45%.

Approximately 10% of the time is spent standing/walking.

If you remove “full charge” from the job title, you can avoid additional responsibilities. Bookkeepers primarily focus on creating and maintaining financial records, such as issuing supplier payments and invoices to customers. They do not supervise others. However, it’s important to note that with reduced responsibilities, the pay for bookkeepers is $2.84 less per hour compared to the full-charge position. Nevertheless, bookkeepers still earn $3.04 more per hour than the median wage for all part-time jobs.

Office Manager:

The median hourly wage is $17.26.

The satisfaction rating is 75%.

The high-meaning rating is 67%.

Approximately 25% of the time is spent standing or walking.

Experienced individuals in this field should possess a strong understanding of the necessary tasks to ensure smooth office operations. While specific responsibilities can vary between businesses, the general expectation is to effectively plan, supervise, and coordinate all administrative services required for efficient organizational functioning. Opportunities in this field exist across various industries, although competition can be fierce. If you are currently employed full-time in a similar position, one option for a gradual transition into retirement could be to discuss with your supervisor the possibility of reducing hours and transitioning to part-time work.


The median hourly wage for this group of workers, excluding specialized secretarial roles like legal, medical, and executive secretaries, is $12.94. They can be found in various sectors, such as schools and government offices. Their responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, including interacting with clients, vendors, and the public, as well as handling office emails and schedules. It’s important to note that the percentage of time spent standing or walking is 12.5%. The satisfaction rating for these workers is 71%, while the high-meaning rating stands at 55%. However, it is projected that the number of secretary positions will decrease by 9% by 2028, according to the BLS.

Security Officer:

The average hourly wage is $12.38.

The satisfaction rating is 56 per cent.

The high-meaning rating is 52 per cent.

Approximately 60 per cent of the time is spent standing or walking.

Protecting property from theft, vandalism, and other illegal activities can be an effective means to maintain mental alertness and physical fitness. However, the physical demands of this occupation can vary significantly. Some positions require guards to patrol designated areas and remain on their feet, while others involve stationary or seated positions for monitoring security cameras. Furthermore, this job entails more than just taking action. Security guards may also need training in areas such as public relations, report writing, and first aid.


Retirement doesn’t have to signify the end of work entirely. On the contrary, it can present an excellent chance to pursue work on your own conditions. Engaging in part-time employment can enhance your retirement income, maintain your activity level, provide a sense of purpose, and be enjoyable simultaneously.

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