7 Must-Visit Tourist Centres In Nigeria

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7 Must-Visit Tourist Centres in Nigeria

Tourist Centres in Nigeria abound all over the country. The country is blessed with outstanding sites, mouth-watering structures and exciting beauties of nature and other beautiful places.

Nigeria has way too many breath-taking waterfalls, games reserves, gardens, parks, architectural sites, culture traditions festivals, hills, plains, rivers, and valleys. This article is about the very top 7 out of those numerous tourist centres.

7 Must-Visit Tourist Centres In Nigeria


  1. Yankari Games Reserve

This comes first on my list not by accident. This is one of my all-time tourist centres in Nigeria.

Yankari Games Reserve is located at Yankari Village, Bauchi. I have been to this community of different kinds of animals and plants. I mean, I saw the kinds of wildlife we only see in books and documentaries walk live in their natural habitat. Think of the antelopes, baboons, elephants and many more, moving around in their natural way. And what is more?

No one visits the big reserve, without a thrilling memory of swimming in the warm spring.

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu ranch is located in Cross River, Nigeria. It’s an elevation of about 1,576 above the sea level. One of the things that makes it a perfect fit for vacations and holidays is the food and beverages provided by the Obudu Terrace Restaurant and bar. And this, coupled with the gulf course, log fire, and African round hut accommodations.

  1. Olumo Rock

Anytime I think of the city of Abeokuta, the first thing that comes to mind is the Olumo Rock. What thrills me about this tourist centre is the natural absurdities of how trees grow in strange ways on the hill, how the rocks form different pathways like tunnels and patterns. I must confess, the natural beauty of Olumo rock and the stories behind it will make you love Abeokuta more.

  1. Ikogusi Warm and Cold Spring

Ikogusi Warm and Cold Spring is one of the most exciting tourist centres in Nigeria. At first, when I heard about the mystery of this warm and cold water spring, I didn’t believe it. I thought it as one of the myths that we hear everyday about the Yoruba people. But when I got to Ikogusi-Ekiti, in Ekiti state  —where the Spring was located, I stood for 15 minute in awe. It was amazing! It was a confluence of a warm spring and a cold spring. I don’t think anything like it exist elsewhere.

  1. Lekki Conservation Centre

Caliber of nature reserve like the Lekki Conservation Centre is hard to come by. It covers an area of 78 hectares of land.  As big as the land mass is, you’ll find nothing but pure nature. The serenity is worth more than millions for tourists.

  1. Aso Rock

Although the Aso Rock is the seat of power in Nigeria. Aside that, it’s also a tourist centre. The Aso Rock is a large outcrop of big rock of 1,300 ft. It is located around the outskirt of Abuja.

Terrorism in Nigeria has reduced the rate at which tourist are welcomed around the Aso Rock(Presidential Villa).

  1. Osun Sacred Groove

Unlike any other tourist centre in  our list,  Osun-Osogbo Groove has sacred shrines, and different spiritual monuments that depict Osun as the goddess of fertility. Osun Sacred Groove is in Osogbo town, the capital city of Osun State.

As these words travel from this page to your eyes, and you strongly consider choosing some of these tourist centres in Nigeria, as your next vacation spot, have fun!


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