Troops clear four IPOB/ESN camps, recover fresh, old corpses in Imo

admin October 3, 2023
Updated 2023/10/03 at 8:39 AM

Troops belonging to Operation UDO KA II, a branch of the Joint Task Force in the South-East region, successfully eliminated four well-known camps operated by the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its armed affiliates, the Eastern Security Network (ESN), in Imo State.

The operation, which took place on October 1, 2023, resulted in the neutralization of two members of IPOB/ESN, while four other criminals were apprehended.

The army spokesperson revealed that the troops encountered numerous improvised explosive devices (IEDs) strategically planted along the route to the camps. Nonetheless, the superior firepower of the military forced the members of the separatist group to flee with gunshot wounds into nearby forests.

Investigations confirmed that these camps were utilized for heinous activities such as cannibalism, occult rituals, and ritual killings to instill fear in law-abiding citizens.

“These indications were apparent as numerous fresh and decomposed bodies were found during the process of clearing the entire camps.

Moreover, the residences of the two spiritual leaders and herbalists who fled were demolished.

In addition, the shrine of the wanted terrorist, Amobi Chinoso Okafor, also known as Temple, where human sacrifices were carried out, was razed to the ground,” he stated.

Unuakhalu also mentioned that among the recovered items from the camps were various denominations of Biafra currencies, a new power bike, four motorcycles, and solar panels.

Other items that were reclaimed included bags of POP cement and a petroleum tanker that is suspected to have been stolen from hardworking Igbo owners who were trying to earn a living.

The ongoing Operation UDO KA II will persist in its efforts to combat crime and criminality, adhering to the existing rules and regulations governing its operations.

Law-abiding individuals in the South-East are encouraged to take action against these wicked terrorists by promptly and accurately providing information that can help put an end to the insecurity caused by their activities in the region.

“Do not allow yourself to become a victim of these sacrilegious acts. These criminals are defiling the sacred land of Igboland,” he emphasized.

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