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TY Bello Biography, Awards, Husband, Songs, Net Worth And Other Facts

Toyin Sokefun-Bello is a well known Nigerian singer, photographer, and humanitarian.  The stage name TY Bello widely identifies her. She was born on the 14th of January 1978 in Ogun state, Nigeria. She attended St. John College, Palm Groove,  Lagos. She is a graduate of the University of Lagos with a Degree in Economics. This article is about TY Bello biography and other interesting facts about her.

TY Bello Biography

After completing her education, she went into Journalism briefly before she discovered her love for photography. She was taught photography by the renowned photographer Don Barber after spending four months out of her NYSC year studying in FOTOTECH. TY Bello came into the music scene as a member of a gospel music group called KUSH which is an acronym for Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes. Other members of the group were Dapo Torimiro, Lara George and Emem Ema. The gospel group was popular in the early 2000s their single ‘Let’s Live Together’ bringing them to the limelight. The group later disbanded, and she went solo.

Ty Bello Biography
TY Bello Biography

Going Solo – The Birth Of TY Bello Ekundayo

TY Bello released her first studio album, ‘Greenland’ in 2008. The album was produced by Mosa Adegboye and took two years to come together. TY described the album as a journey into her everyday life.  The Album’s main track ‘Greenland’ was a motivational song to Nigerians to inspire them to emancipate themselves from a place of hopelessness to a place of hope. Her first album was widely received as it preached to Nigerian to be proud of their heritage and not to give up on Nigeria. ‘Greenland won her two prestigious awards from the Nigeria Music Awards and Sound City Awards. Another song on the album was ‘Ekundayo,’ the song was a conversation between herself and Mrs. Ekundayo, who is the proprietress of Ekundayo’s Children Home in Kogi State,  Nigeria. She revealed that Mrs. Ekundayo was a source of inspiration to her. Her second studio album which she titled ‘The future’ was released on the 19th of February 2011. Mosa Adegboye also produced the album. The album ranked as number 12 in the Nigerian Entertainment Today’s  List of 12 albums to buy in 2011. The lead single ‘The future’  was a song for the Nigerian youth to be the change they are seeking.  The music video for the single was released on the 3rd of April 2011 and was directed by Kemi Adetiba. The music video featured cameo appearance of Sound Sultan, Banky W,  Chude Jideonwo and Tara Fela-Durotoye. The video was a narrative in its own self that captured the face of Nigeria. The future called out to Nigerians, telling them that the future is what they make of it. The song inspired makeup brand ‘House of Tara’ to launch the Jubilee collection, a Limited Edition of a makeup line.

The multi-talented singer released a single titled ‘Yahweh’ where she featured Wale Adenuga in December 2013. The single also featured additional vocals from Nwando Okeke and Mosa Adegboye. TY Bello released her third studio album in 2014. The album titled ‘Morning Songbook’ was released to be downloaded free on Soundcloud. The album was made up of 10 tracks which included Thirsty, Yahweh and Jesu Jesu. The collection also featured Fela Durotoye and M Sugh. The album was not promoted. The album received lots of good ratings.

TY Bello always tries to speak to people through her songs.  She always aims to motivate and inspire. Ty Bello is known for her soulful lyrics sometimes with a spice of Hip Hop, R&B and Jazz.

TY Bello is also well involved in Photography. She was the official photographer of former President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigerian during his tenure.  Ty Bello has photographed so many celebrities and for several Magazines.  She also works with Thisday Fashion Magazine.

TY Bello also has a certificate in Beauty therapy and Cosmetology from Oral Benson’s Beauty Institute. She is a member of the Nigerian photography collective called ‘Depth of Field.’

TY Bello Awards and Achievements    –   TY Bello Biography

The multitasking star is an inspiration and a role model to many young people. She has won a lot of awards,  some of them include:

  • Best New Act at the 2008 Nigeria Entertainment Awards (Won)
  • Best Video (Female) for the music video of the song ‘Ekundayo’ at the Soundcity Music Video Awards in 2009 (won)
  • Recording Artiste of the Year by the Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year ( Nominations) at the Headies 2008.
  • Best Vocal Performance ( Female) and Best Music Video Director ( Nominations) at the Headies 2008
  • She was honored by the non-profit communication for change organization in ‘RedHot,’ a five-part documentary film series.
TY Bello Biography
TY Bello Biography

Olajumoke Orisaguna Discovery

TY Bello was one of the celebrities to be featured in an eight-minute anti-rape video that shed light on the Victim of a gang rape at Abia State University, Nigeria. The video was put together by the Nigerian Ministry of Youth Development and was released on October 2011.

While working to create a photoshoot in Lagos for the British Rapper, Tinie Tempah, TY Bello noticed an outstanding woman in the background of one of her photos.  To find her, she arranged for the woman’s photo to appear on the cover of Style Magazine.  That was how Olajumoke Orisaguna was discovered. She was later found and given a modeling contract despite not being fluent in the English language. TY Bello helped Olajumoke build a career in modeling, and now she is a well-paid model.

TY Bello arranges an annual photography exhibition to raise funds for orphans in Nigeria.  She is also the director of the NGO ‘Link-A-Child’ which is dedicated to spreading the information about orphanages in Nigeria and also seeking aid and support on behalf of the orphanages.

TY Bello Husband      –    TY Bello Biography

TY Bello married Kashetu Bello in 2009. They are blessed with twin boys, Christian and Christopher Bello.

Before birthing her kids,  she struggled with Endometriosis for many years.  She was able to birth them through the miracle of IVF after nine years of marriage. She gave birth to her twins on the 10th of October 2014. Her story of what she went through is a source of inspiration to many women still fighting to get the joys of motherhood.

TY Bello revealed that she was she was sexually abused as a child and that it had a negative impact on her in her growing years.

TY Bello Songs

  • Holy Ghost Air
  • Jesu Jesu
  • Ekundayo
  • Green Land
  • Funmise
  • Cold
  • Atoned
  • Vital Voice
  • Never Walk Alone
  • Irede’s Joy
  • Your Day
  • Freedom
  • Supernatural
  • Let there be Light
  • Beautiful
  • The Prophecy
  • The Dance
  • This Man
  • Ride With Me
  • Success Affirmation

TY Bello Net Worth 2021

TY Bello net worth is estimated at about $ 3 million. She makes her earnings through photography and music.

TY Bello Video


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