Umahi urges foreign contractors to halt their opposition to FG’s plan on concrete roads.

admin October 12, 2023
Updated 2023/10/12 at 8:10 AM

Dave Umahi, the Minister of Works, has called on foreign contractors who are dissatisfied with the implementation of concrete road technology in Nigeria to cease sabotaging the process.

Umahi emphasized that he will not allow any interference with the ongoing plans to adopt concrete road technology during his tenure.

While the minister did not disclose the identities of those responsible, he promised to crack down on contractors who deceive the Federal Government and Nigerian citizens by providing substandard asphalt, thus denying them the full value of their money.

Umahi asserted that he has received the President’s support in implementing the new policy, pointing out that some non-compliant contractors have colluded with members of his team to push for the use of reinforced concrete.

He further stated that imported bitumen of poor quality is often enhanced and modified, a practice that he intends to eliminate. Umahi emphasized the need to use the same type of asphalt used in other countries.

“I believe we have convened enough meetings regarding this matter and it is time to progress. I want to alert the contractors in attendance that there are rumors circulating that some of you are conspiring against me to undermine the effectiveness of concrete.

This is a false claim as concrete has proven to be highly reliable. I urge you to visit Lagos Seaport and witness the work being done by one of our contractors. Additionally, you can see the successful concrete roads in my state. It is unfortunate that this information may not be useful to those who oppose our ministry’s principles and policies.

However, I want to make it clear that no amount of meetings will change our stance. Our ministry’s policies are already underway and will only be halted if I am removed from office by Mr President.”

During the meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, the minister also directed all contractors responsible for federal roads to mobilize and commence work on-site within 14 days.

He warned that failure to abide by this deadline would result in termination of their contracts, with local contractors being brought in as replacements.

The initial instruction to all contractors is to return to their respective sites within 14 days, as stated in the signed contract. Any contractors who fail to comply with this directive after the given timeframe will receive a termination letter personally signed by me. There will be no room for negotiation, and it is crucial that you respect our position and challenges and proceed to the site for permanent work.

There is no need to pressure me; simply perform your duties and we will handle matters appropriately. However, if you continue to refuse after the 14-day period, local contractors will be assigned to your site and they will complete the work.

Therefore, kindly refrain from harassing me regarding the price quotation. Our prices have been set, and we have already had a meeting this morning where the directors agreed to increase the price, which I have accepted.

Please note that the agreed price is only applicable to Trunk A; Trunk B and C will require a different design and thus will not enjoy the same pricing.

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