Unicef Scholarship for African Students

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Unicef Scholarship for African Students
Unicef Scholarship for African Students

Africa is built with many bright and intelligent minds. The contribution of many African students cannot go unnoticed in the international and educational sector at large.

However, in recent times, based on the educational statistics obtained in different educational sectors of Africa, it has shown a drastic decline in the educational system of African students. This has led to an increase in the literacy rate amongst African youth, coupled with poor educational structures in some African countries, as well as educational tools, and poor teaching techniques.

 Most African students are very willing and eager to learn but lack the resources to obtain amazing educational experiences and the high-quality standards of learning abroad.

UNICEF, An amazing humanitarian organization, which has a trademark of global impacts in different aspects of life, either in peace, providing for the poor in different parts of the world, harvesting the potential in children’s skills as well as supporting children to have a better life. 

But in this article, we will be elaborating mainly on UNICEF and her major contribution to the educational sector, UNICEF scholarships for African students, the qualifications for applying for UNICEF scholarships, and how to apply for UNICEF scholarships

Dear African students, the future is now in your hands, do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a high educational standard and obtain high learning experiences with UNIFECS today 

An overview of the UNIFECS organization.

The globally recognized organization of UNIFECS is a large organization, with a well-structured system, that focuses on planning, the development, the organization also monitors manpower developments, then organization also supports the increase of institutional capacity, and also acts as a consultancy agency. 

The impact of the UNICEF organization, cannot go unnoticed, from providing basic needs to the less privileged all around the world, to the support and increase of institutions, to the settlement of the war and encouraging of peace as well. 

The UNICEF organization is a global humanitarian service that tries to improve the well-being of children. They collaborate with governments and other organizations, to improve the policies and services in different countries, and to ensure the protection of all children. With the sole aim to create a safe world for children to grow and learn. UNICEF organizations work to ensure that good education and solutions are available for youths and children all around the world. 

With over 10,000+ dedicated and competent staff all around the world, UNICEF is one of the largest humanitarian groups in the world. This organization was founded in 1946 with its headquarters well situated in the United States of America. 

The organization also supports and encourages the healthy living of all humans as well as providing several job opportunities with a record of over 19,789 posted job opportunities and as of the 15th of August, the statistics showed about 134 jobs currently available. 

Africa is not left behind in the vision and mission of this amazing group, the organization has also ensured that solutions to basic needs are also benefited African children, youths, and adults. The organization has also developed different development programs for adults and youth, to improve their well-being, standard of living, and their educational level. 

To further elaborate on UNICEF’s educational contribution, it is no longer a secret that UNICEF is highly interested and positive about the educational growth of Africa. UNICEF is passionate about the educational experience of many African youths, with one of the organization’s missions to reduce the illiteracy rate and close the gap between African students and other students learning in a conducive high standard environment. 

This has driven the organizations to create learning opportunities for African students, to study in foreign countries, and experience a conducive learning environment with modern learning tools and equipment, well-funded laboratories for experiments, and to increase the possibility of the African student’s range of human network to connect to.

UNIFACE has several scholarship programs, especially for African students, who want to experience a better level of education and brilliant African students who do not have the resources to fund their education. UNICEF has both fully funded and partly funded scholarships for African students. 

UNICEF Scholarships   

Are you wondering if the UNICEF scholarship is fake? This is a curious puzzle that has lingered in the minds of many. This curious question has a simple answer with the educational statistics to show for it. 

 The 2020 Coronavirus, is one event that has never been experienced before, the coronavirus was a major setback to all global sectors, the economic sector, government, sports, and even the educational sector. During this period statistics showed that over 9 out of 10 students globally had no educational access. With over 1.6 billion students all over the world lost access to schools. Many students were at home.

This motivated over 900 UNICEF staff globally to adapt to the recent happening, this exposed the educational sector of the world, as millions and billions of students no longer obtained the services from education.

NECEF educational programs reached many students globally, mostly in Africa. Different online scholarships got accessed by students yawning to learn. In the year 2020 UNICEF documented its highest educational aid in all of its history, with over 43 million children receiving educational materials all over the world, including African students as well, unlike the 12 million students reached in 2019.

Over the years UNICEF has shown passionate support for out-of-school students and has been documented to have provided for over 48 million out-of-school students, with over 49% of male and 51 female, with access to quality and high education.

 So is the UNICEF scholarship fake? The answer is NO, it is real as you are reading this article. The organization has partnered with other organizations, governments, schools at different levels as well as universities.

 And they also provide scholarships in all fields of studies, such as medicine, political science, information technology, Economics, Agriculture, computer, law, geography, Philosophy, Mathematics, French, English, and many more subjects and courses not mentioned here. 

Here are some qualifications needed By African students to Apply for UNICEF scholarship. 

This program is a student aid program done by UNICEF organizations, the organization has different dedicated and passionate partners to ensure the sure delivery of educational aid, which might be financial or educational

Material. And in Africa, UNICEF and its partners aim to reduce the high rate of illiteracy and poor educational experience of African students, by providing different scholarship schemes and programs. Some of these programs are funded and some are partially funded. 

Here are some of the qualifications for the University scholarship for UNICEF and SPIC for undergraduate students. 

This scholarship is funded by the SPIC (Special Petroleum Intervention Corporation) and The United Nations Children Fund in collaboration with UNICEF. 

The collaborating partners have awarded several scholarships to qualified undergraduate full-time African students in Nigeria, to study in various fields of their choice.

Some of these courses include: a full-time program in Agriculture, a full-time program in Arts and Humanities, Basic Medical Science, a full-time program to study Education, a full-time program to study information and communication technology, a fully funded scholarship in Engineering as well as medicine, pharmacy, social science, and even veterinary medicine are not left behind, they are fully funded scholarships for African students. These amazing organizations have helped in closing the gap, by providing educational material and access to education. 

For full-time African students, in their first and second year, which could also be referred to as their 100 and 200 levels, these degree students of the above departments have the qualifications to apply to Nigerian Universities.

It is also pertinent to know that in the student’s second year, the first student much have the minimum CGPA of 2.25 before a student 

How to Apply for UNICEF Scholarships in Nigeria 2022. 

UNICEF has granted scholarships in different parts of Africa and has partnered with several African Universities to provide African Students with the opportunity to experience the walls of education. 

However, this will be narrating how to Apply for a UNICEF scholarship in Nigeria for 2022. With a step-by-step process to apply for a UNICEF scholarship, in Nigeria. 

Step 1: Ensure to have clear, very feasible, photocopies of the following beneficial student documents. these documents include:

  • Some passport copies, with either a red or white background, for easy facial identification of the applicant. 
  • National identity or the school identity card is essential to keep track of the applicant’s nationality and to keep track of their identification. 
  • Have an original copy as well as a photocopy of your Admission letter and your birth certificate. 
  • To apply for this scholarship your O’Level(s) results will be necessary and useful to further the scholarship process. 
  • The Scholarship will require the applicant’s jamb result, this is a necessary document to further the scholarship process. 

Step 2: Ensure the validity of the information on the documents, any false information will automatically terminate your scholarship application and that is not what they want for you. 

Step 3: Ensure to properly name and scan those documents appropriately to the email organization’s email address: unicefinterventionschorship@gmail.com

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