5 Things To Consider When Applying For University Scholarship To Study Abroad

admin May 8, 2018
Updated 2019/12/02 at 12:32 AM
5 Things To Consider When Applying For University Scholarship

Talking recently with a friend who won a foreign scholarship deal, he shared some insights he learned that helped him along the way. Pay close attention as I share with you 5 important things to consider before applying for university scholarships abroad

Things To Consider When Applying For University Scholarships Abroad

  1. Look Before You Leap

Do little Research about the Institution. Don’t be carried away with the university scholarship advert. There is no alternative to this phase, where you must find out everything you need to know about the school. A trip to the school’s website might help. Gather information on things like your accommodation, your course of study, the administration, the academic structure.

  1. Writing A Winning Application

After you’ve gotten a better picture  of where you are going for study, the next step is to tailor your application letter around the opportunity description. Many  candidates fail because they go off the rail, by not letting their letter dance around the required information by the scholarship body.  It’ll be simpler if you look at it this way; every University Scholarships Abroad Scheme has guidelines for submission. Your job is to take your time to analyze, understand and let them guide you as you write your winning application letter.

  1. Be Unique and Genuine

Let me tell you a little secret. Immediately the school announces the University scholarship program, hundreds of thousands of candidates will start flooding in their documents and application letters. However, here’s the good news: You have your own voice. And you must not try to be anybody else by using templates you find online. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Again, when it comes to scholarship application, don’t send the same letter to different bodies. I will always tell you, tailor each scholarship application around their criteria. Be genuine! And, mind you, that’s not all. The next step is as important as this.

  1. Hone Your Writing

How do you feel when you read materials full of typos, punctuation and other errors? Awful, you bet. That’s exactly how you make the endorsing panel feel when you apply for university scholarship with letters and CVs full of errors.

As one writing genius wrote, “The first draft of anything is draft”. He should know more.  There are no  great writers in the world, we only have great re-writers. What I am talking about here is editing, proofreading and honing your application materials to perfection. Most scholarship applicants neglect this aspect of the application process.

Writing and not proofreading is as good as not writing at all. In fact, I always advise people to take it to another level, by letting someone check your grammar, spelling and punctuation errors after you have done it twice. Doing that also with your scholarship application will give you too, an edge. You can be rest assured you have done your part.

  1. Send Your Application as soon as you hear

My friend told me he sent his application on the bullet catch. Since schools and funding bodies don’t have the luxury of cash to fund all the less privileged candidates around the world.

The rule of thumb is: The earlier the better. Hesitation is fatal.  They usually have a set amount for the program. So, why doubt yourself and wait for another seconds when you can simply grab the opportunity of university scholarships abroad.


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