22 Unusual Ways To Earn Money Through The Internet

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Unusual Ways To Earn Money Through The Internet

If you are looking for how to earn money through the internet, then you need to pay attention to what I am about to reveal in the post. Your options to earn cash on the internet is as wide as the widest ocean you can imagine. That shows that you have limitless opportunities to earn a living on the internet. Some of the companies here will give you a bonus to sign up and you do simple tasks. In some, you just use your smartphones to make purchases on the internet and get charge backs that swell your account. There is nothing like making money for doing nothing. At least you registered for a free offer and do a few things to earn.

The best part is that you don’t pay any money to sign up. Apart from Companies that give you a registration bonus, others ask for you to take a survey, use a product and shop online to get paid.

Unusual Ways Of How To Earn Money Through The Internet

  1. Get paid to take selfies

If you love taking photos of yourself learn how to earn money for taking selfies. This may sound funny but the truth is that there is a company Payyourselfie.com that will pay you to take pictures of yourself in many locations.

They collect this information for companies to use for marketing in different parts of the country. Also, the data is demographic and include age, gender, race, and so on. When you take the first picture of yourself you will get $1. Use these selfies to rack up some earnings.

  1. Micro investing apps

If you want to know how to earn cash through the internet, then try these Mico investing apps. Do you think it is only when you invest money that you make money? No. There are apps that will pay you cash to sign up?  Yes, when you sign up for stash invest and acorns you get a welcome bonus of $5 dollars each.

  1. Get a bank bonus

Another way to earn money online is by starting a relationship with your bank. There are many bank bonuses that you can get just for signing up for a direct deposit and for putting a specific amount of cash on deposit.

The bonuses will keep accumulating from one bank to the other.  But you should confirm what obtains in your local area and read the fine prints before you deposit your money.

For example, Some of the best offers include the following banks. Chase Bank gives $100 to all new customers, Bank of America gives $100 if you create a direct deposit for your account. Citibank will give you a bonus of $400 for $5k and Discover gives you $150 for depositing $15k and $200 for a 20k deposit. You can also get a bank bonus when you set up a high yielding savings account.

  1. Get paid to make a budget

Another way to earn cash through the internet is by making a budget.

Budgeting has suddenly become lucrative. And if you are the type that always puts getting your finances in order off, then listen up. There are companies that will pay you if you let them help you manage your finances. These companies include MeetCleo and Digit that will give you a $5 welcome bonus. So what are you waiting for? You can start today.

  1. Take Surveys Online

You can visit various online platforms and start taking surveys. But Survey Junkie is one of the best ways to make extra money. Then go ahead and calculate how long it takes to do a survey and check how much they will pay you.

Also, in Survey Junkie, you could make up to $45 per survey in 20 minutes. You should note that most of these survey websites will pay from $.50 to $3. So check the return on investment of your time. And note that there are many online survey websites that are not trustworthy.

  1. Vindale Research

Another method on how to earn money through the internet is by going to Vindale Research. But Vindale Research will show how much you will earn in cash and not points. And that makes it easy for you to calculate the amount you will make.

You can make between $0.25 to $50 for any paid surveys you complete. And it also depends on the time you need to finish the paid survey, the demography, and the topic. Also, at Vindale research you have other ways to earn money.

  1. Download Ibotta For free and Make $20

You can make money on Ibotta by shopping for things you normally buy online. To make more money you can sign up now, and get a bonus of $20. Ibotta is a cashback reward app. Ibotta started by serving in the grocery business sector but now it gives rewards to you for other things.

Unlike other companies, at Ibotta, you will get a reward for shopping online or in-store. This is easier for groceries and local shopping.

  1. Deliver for Postmates, Doordash or Amazon

This is another good way to earn cash through the internet. As you are aware, the delivery business is booming and if you live in a city join a program and make money out of the boom. Also, your spare time or Lunch Break is enough for you to this job. And earn money quickly anytime you deliver food for Postmates.

Also, if you are able to complete up to 50 deliveries for Postmates, you can make up to $500 in a week. For DoorDash, all you need to do is drive to the restaurant, pick up food and deliver it to their customer and then you will be paid. But, taking this opportunity will depend on your location. Whereas, Amazon Flex lets you earn $18 to $25 delivering groceries for it.

  1. Host OnAirBNB

Host OnAirBNB is another make money program people are taking advantage of today. So, if you have a guest room that is empty, or acts as a Junk room, clean it up and rent it out. You can rent a spare room all year round, or your whole house for one week when there is a big event in your town.

Besides, you can rent a room for $125 or $425 per month. So use Airbnb to connect your listing to the renter. This website also takes care of scheduling and payment processing. And it enables you to build your credibility through Reviews. You are also protected with a $1 million property damage insurance and they also verify your guests and the bookings.

  1. Teach

You can think about this method of earning cash through the internet by teaching others what you know that they don’t. There are many things that you can teach people. They include how to play the guitar, make a design, do a craft and even fitness routines. Just use an online platform like Teachable.com to create an interactive course and start earning passive income. You could earn passive income from this online for months and make over $500 weekly.

  1. Sell Products Or Goods Online

If you have a passion or hobby for making things, use the Etsy platform to connect your product with likely buyers. And if you do Quilting, Jewelry, and SurfBoards you can sell your goods by opening your own Etsy shop. Selling products or Goods online is part of the easy ways to make extra money that you can consider.

  1. Review Websites

Reviewing websites is also a way of earning through the internet. You can do a review of a website and make money quickly. There are many websites you can review but the most trusted ones are few. UserTesting is recommended, try it.

  1. Rent out Your parking spot

You can rent your parking Lot if you live in an expensive city. You can rent your parking lot for up to $300 per month. If you drive out with your car on weekends, you can advertise this parking space too.

  1. Sell Unwanted Things

Selling unwanted things is a good way to earn cash through the internet. Sell items you have that you do not want any more online, using websites like Gazelle.com. You can sell things like old cell phones and trade it-in for $100. Also, you will be given a $5 first time trade-in Bonus.

You may also decide to do Garage sales. So, post flyers in town, share it in Facebook Groups and tell your friends about it to sell to make money fast.

  1. Walk Dogs in your Neighborhood

You can walk dogs and play with them to start making money. Go to Rover. Moreover, at Rovers, you can set the prices you will charge per session. You can even start providing doggy daycare and house sitting plus boarding. Try one of these businesses at a time. Walking dogs can be lucrative if you love dogs.

  1. Earn a free $5 Signing up for Inbox Dollars

If you like to try another way on how to earn money through the internet, try signing up for inbox dollars. Inbox Dollars pays you dollars for doing simple tasks on their website. it is so simple you wonder why they do it. These tasks include using their website to play games, completing surveys or questionnaires, and printing grocery coupons.

And you can earn additional $20 to $30 each month if you use their website regularly. And when you sign up you will get $5 dollars for it. Get your free money right away.

  1. Get easy $10 from Ebates

Ebates formerly Rakuten is a gold mine for doing different types of online tasks. You get a welcome bonus of $10 when you sign up and make a $25 purchase. To earn just open an account and spend $25 at a participating online store like walmart.com, kohls.com, groupon.com or amazon.com, and get the $10 bonus.

Also, when you continue to use ebates you keep earning as you shop online. In some shops, you could earn up to 40 percent cash back.

  1. SwagBucks

It is easy to earn in Swagbucks. This opportunity is part of this list because it really works. This website will pay you money to shop online, watch videos, surf the internet and answer survey questions.

The best part is that you can redeem your earnings easily through different kinds of gift cards or turn your points into PayPal cash. To experience the easy earning from this website, Signup free and surf the internet but this time, get paid for surfing the internet

  1. Rakuten

Rakuten is among the highest-rated cashback apps that you can download for your iOS and Android devices. You can earn up to 40% cashback both in-store and online when you shop at over 2,500 partner stores.

Also, when you shop online and buy through the link provided by Rakuten, the company will share its referral commission with you.

But to earn money with in-store purchases you have to link your card inside the Rakuten app, to make sure you earn cashback automatically each time you shop at participating stores. And each quarter, you will receive a check from Rakuten with your cash-back balance.

And when you signup and make your first purchase you get a bonus of $10. The app is rated 4.5 out of 5 at the app store and it has over 21,200 reviews. So, visit the app store and download the app for your iOS and Android devices.

  1. Mistplay

Mistplay is in this list of how to earn cash through the internet. The app is tagged “the loyalty program for gamers,” Mistplay rewards you with points for playing video games on your smartphone. Also, you can cash points for gift cards through major retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, and the Nintendo store.

The app has a Google Play rating of 4.4 over 5 and has over 53,000 reviews. So, visit the app store and download the app for your Android devices.

  1. S’more

The S’ more app is available only for Android devices and still rates high as one of the most popular lock screen apps at the moment. It is also one of the best money making apps too. You can earn free gift cards when you let ads show on your phone’s home screen. And if you like the add, you can swipe on it to learn more. If not, just open your phone as you normally do and receive a reward from S’more.

Also, you can get gift cards to use at major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks. Just use your phone the normal way you use it daily. The app store rating is 3.3 out of 5 and has over 21,800 reviews. So, visit the app store and download the app for your Android devices.

  1. ShopKick

ShopKick is another one of the ways on how to earn money through the internet. This app gives you rewards for visiting stores, and sometimes you don’t even have to buy anything. You are rewarded for signing in, earn points for scanning certain items that you don’t need to buy.

But the sad part is that you cannot exchange your points for cash. You have options to redeem points using gift cards at Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The app is rated 4.7 over 5 at the app store and has over 49, 300 reviews. So, visit the app store and download the app for your iOS and Android devices.


In this article, I gave you 22 different ways of how to earn money through the internet. In some methods, you just register and get a bonus and in some, you answer simple questionnaire and surveys. While others pay you just to buy things you normally use online and get cash back. The fact is that you can get some money using any of these strategies and increase your savings account deposit because they work. Try any of them and share your user experience.


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